Brunette woman pinned again a bathroom wall, while brunette shirtless man kisses her neck seductively.
11 months ago

Her Husband Was Gonna Be Late And My Wife Was On A Business Trip

Summary: The power she had over me was crazy. When we started this affair, I had no idea how hot and incredibly risky it would be. Until one night, it became apparent just how risky it all was…
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Whenever she called me, my body felt alive. Jodie was the hot and sexy girl I had been having an affair with for the last 5 years.

We were work colleagues and both married. So, it was doubly forbidden.

There was something special about me and Jodie. The electricity was off the charts. Even when we were at opposite ends of the room, I felt a magnetic pull towards her.

All the guys in the office fancied her, and some of the girls too. Jodie was tall, blonde, curvy and bubbly, the total package. So, of course, they fancied her.

I didn't even know she liked me until we both went to our work Christmas Party.

Jodie wore a tight red dress that night, and she looked fantastic. After a few hours of being there, she got a bit tipsy, singing and dancing. She was in great form. 

I was sitting in a dark corner on my own. I had an early start in the morning. So, I was amusing myself watching the few people that were left stagger around on the dance floor.

I remember she tried to walk seductively over to me, but she was swaying a little. Her hands grabbed my jacket, she pulled me forward, and she said:

“I want you; do you want to eat my pussy?”

I felt butterflies in my stomach, but I said:

“Ha ha, you will regret this in the morning?”

Jodie looked me right in the eye and said:

“I want you to fuck me hard. I think you are sooooo fucking sexy.”

I looked around to see if people were looking at us and laughing, thinking it was some kind of joke. I told her to sit down, drink some water, and we would chat for a bit.

It turned out she had always fancied me. We both had boring marriages where our partners were usually away on business, and the sex was non-existent.

This was where our sexual cheating began. Jodie leaned into me and kissed me. Luckily, where we were sitting was very dark. It was a deep, lustful kiss. I could feel my cock harden, and she put her hand right on it and started rubbing.

“We shouldn't.” I said in between moans.

“We absolutely should!” She mused in my ear.

There was a table in front of me, so no one would see that my trousers were now around my ankles and Jodie's mouth around my cock. I was speechless. Her tongue started licking my balls, right down to my asshole, and her mouth slid right down onto my cock making her gag.

“Your cock is big; I cannot wait to ride it.” She said.

And then carried on with my slurpy, sloppy blowjob. I had never felt anything like it. It was a mixture of licking, hard sucking, and gagging. I shot my load all over her boobs.

I grabbed a napkin and cleaned her off. I pulled up my trousers and had just sat down again when her husband came in. He had come to pick her up. We were so lucky he hadn't seen anything.

I didn't see her again until a few days after. I thought it would be awkward, but it wasn't. I was doing a stock take in the stationery cupboard, and she followed me in and pulled up her dress, no panties.

I pushed her against the wall, had a bit of a boob grope, and slid my cock right inside of her. She was so wet and juicy. Even if people had walked in and seen us, we wouldn't have cared.

Every chance we got, we fucked.

One night Jodie called and told me her husband was away and not coming back until late. My wife was away at work for a week, so I drove over.

I went to the back door as agreed, and she opened it naked. I couldn't undress quickly enough.

“If I recall, you asked me to eat your pussy?” I asked with a raised brow.

“I did, now hurry up!” She demanded.

My tongue found her clit easily, my tongue moving in circles, and her body writhed in ecstasy. I could taste her cum on my tongue.

Jodie moved us to another room and made me sit on a dining room chair, and she straddled me. Just the tip went into her pussy at first. I teased her, not letting her sit down until I succumbed, and she slid her pussy right down onto me. I wanted to burst.

I licked her nipples as she rode my cock, her juices dripping everywhere. I came pretty quickly but was hard instantly again and ready for another ride.

We heard the door go…

“Fuck, he's home! You need to get dressed!” She rushed into her dressing gown while looking at me with panic in her eyes.

I frantically picked up my clothes and ran into the laundry room. I heard her husband say he wanted to surprise her by coming home early. I still had a massive hard-on, the thrill of nearly being caught cheating, I guess.

Her husband went upstairs to unpack and have a bath. Jodie came into the laundry room and jumped up onto the washing machine, and opened her legs.

“You know we could get caught.” I hesitated.

“I know, exciting, isn't it?” I went down on her, and her pussy was so wet and glistening, my tongue slipping in and out of her tasty hole.

“Just fuck me now. I want to feel your cock again!” She pleaded while her hips started grinding against me.

My cock slid inside of her so easily. Knowing her husband could come downstairs at any time was a huge turn-on. I felt her cumming. Her pussy was in full spasm. My cock then burst into her.

 We both came so hard, we were both shaking, and my legs felt like jelly.

“I have to go upstairs before he notices I'm not up there. If your wife is still away, we could do your place next time.” She said before she pushed me out of the back door half-naked.

“Until next time, then.” I whispered.