Brunette woman in orange lingerie straddling a shirtless man lying on a bed wearing jeans, touching his ear with her hand.
10 months ago

My Childhood Bully Hadn't Changed At All

Summary: An unexpected encounter with my bully brought back memories of the past. Apparently, she hadn't changed at all... but I didn't mind it this time.
Reading time: 5 min

I did a double-take when I noticed the name of my next appointment was Madisynn. I've only ever known of one person who spelt their name that way, and I would be lying if I said it brought up fond memories of the past. The Madi that I knew was, for the lack of a better word, a bitch. 

"Fuck this." I sighed to myself.

I tried to convince myself that it might not be the same person who bullied me in school who would now be coming for a 45-minute session with me. It might be another Madisynn, after all. Maybe a Madi who never sent her jock friends to beat me up for being a nerd. Yes, it would be someone else whose humiliation didn't cause me so much trauma that I found it hard to trust women. I never married and felt it necessary to become a psychologist so I could help anyone who went through the same kind of torment.

It wasn't the most professional thing to do, but I took a giant swig of vodka before buzzing my secretary over the intercom.

"Dolly, I'm ready for my next appointment."

The door opened, and who stepped in but the very same red-headed Madisynn that I went to school with. It was unmistakably her, even though her breast were much more prominent now.

"Good afternoon. Please, take a seat. I'm doctor…"

"Jason," She said with a smile on her face. "... hi."

"Hi, Madisynn, so you remember me?"

"Yes, that's sort of why I made an appointment with you today."

"I see. And you came alone. You didn't bring your bully friends this time?" I said very jokingly.

"Oh, no, just me." She was just as confident as ever. My comment clearly didn't hit a single nerve as I secretly hoped it might.

"Actually, all that stuff from the past has taught me a lot about myself. We technically have client-patient confidentiality here, right, so I can be completely honest with you?"

"Of course."

"Good, because it turns out I have quite the fetish for inflicting humiliation on men. And whenever I do, my mind always brings me back to you. I guess you were the source of all this for me. I hope I'm not being too direct, but I think honesty is important here."

I was shocked and at a loss for words at the moment. But it all made sense. As a teenager, she probably never understood how to express herself and resorted to channelling that energy through bullying. Now that she is older, it's translated into a rather demeaning kink that gets her off during sex. I didn't tell her any of this, though. She clearly knew exactly what she was talking about.

"So, what exactly does this mean for me?"

"You are going to lock your office door and crawl back to me on the ground while I get comfortable on your couch. Be a good little bitch for me, Jason."

The tone of her voice rocketed me back to the days when I was being bullied, and like it was a natural instinct or muscle memory, my body reacted and followed her orders. A similar childhood fear overcame me, but this time it was mixed with an indescribable amount of excitement.

She was sitting on the couch, legs spread open as I made my way crawling back from the door.

"That's a good little piggy. You are just as worthless as ever. Now stop being such a shy little boy, I'm horny, and my wet pussy isn't going to eat itself out."

I hesitated for a second and considered what was happening, then dove my face between her legs. She let out a soft moan as my tongue did somersaults around her clit.

"Is that all you got, sweetie? I came here for a rough fucking and not just to be teased. Do better."

I would never just let anyone talk to me like this. But the continued degrading dirty talk made me want to fuck her like never before. I was more motivated than ever to prove myself to someone.

I stood up, unzipped my pants, and dropped them on the floor, showing my 6,5 inches in all its glory for her to witness. But all she did was giggle at it.

"Do you think that little dick of yours is going to do any damage?"

Fuck I was going to show her just how much damage I could do. I flipped her around and started pounding her from behind. My dick was clearly good enough for a hardcore doggy style by the way she couldn't help herself from moaning now. I gripped a chunk of her ponytail in one hand and thrust harder and harder.

"Don't fucking pull my hair, stupid. Who gave you permission, you worthless fat fuck?"

Never have I been turned on more by someone's rejection. This was such a sudden blow to my ego, but I couldn't get enough of it. I was putty in her hands and would do whatever it took to make her want me and win her approval.

"And don't you dare cum inside me. You are going to finish off in your own hands. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I replied instinctively. 

She was right, though. I was getting very close. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and continued to jack myself off under her diligent gaze.

"What a good little piggy." She muttered when I finally shot my cum all over my office carpet. This was going to be a bitch to clean up, but the rush of endorphins was worth it.

"I'll have to make another appointment soon. I think our little erotic humiliation fetish will need some more working on, or what is your professional opinion?"

"I'm at your service whenever you need."