Lower body of a blonde woman wearing a black thong sitting on the legs of a man who seems to be completely naked.
8 months ago

Thongs Were Flying

Summary: What is it like when a fantasy literally comes to life before your very eyes? This is all about the story of when trying to hook up with one woman turned into five. Which then turned into a monthly occurrence...
Reading time: 5 min

"So let me get this straight, you're pansexual, which means you're sexually attracted to anyone then?" I said to a beautiful brunette in a drunken stupor.

I had ended up going to a bar by myself one night as my friends were sick, so enjoying myself was still a priority. And this, in turn, opened up a can of worms. A can of spicy worms.

"Yes, that's right! I find attraction in any personality, whether you're a woman, man, or even an alien, haha." She chuckled, then took a sip from her drink.

Hours passed where we conversed, flirted, and laughed the night away. I felt like it was due time for me to make the next move, and as I pulled my phone out, she interjected...

"Just so you know, I'm not one for having one-on-one sex. I'm more of a group sex sort of gal. Because sex with friends, and I mean multiple friends, is always more exciting for me." She announced. My jaw dropped in pleasant surprise.

"Wow, you must have quite the sex drive then! Do you have these group sessions often?" I replied as I pulled myself together.

"I guess you could say I do, and we have them about once a month, actually! You're more than welcome to join us sometime. We need a guy." She disclosed with a playful look.

"How interesting, I'd certainly love to join in sometime! But you're saying that you normally have these sessions with women only?" I inquired, not quite believing what I was hearing.

"Well, from how much I've got to know of you tonight, I think you would make a good fit! That's right, there's normally a small group of us women..." She answered, taking her phone out at the same time.

She proceeded to give me an address, a date, and a time but never gave me a number to message her on. She said she wanted to see if I could pass a "test", and then she would consider giving me her number. Shortly after, the bar closed up, and we parted ways...

"Well, here goes nothing..." I thought to myself, with some uncertainty. I had arrived at the house she instructed, on the right day, at the right time, during the evening.

I clasped a hand around a side gate handle of the 2-story house and pushed forward. What lay in front of me was a dimly lit path, twisting and turning. After shortly reaching the end of it, I arrived at a big garden, where five beautiful, slim, naked horny women stood before me. Wearing nothing but thongs.

"You arrived! If you have some nerves, you can watch us first." The girl from the bar advised.

"Sure!" I mumbled back, not knowing what was about to happen.

Now I had a thing for girls fucking each other, but I wasn't prepared for so many of them to be doing it right in front of me! Within seconds, thongs were flying across the sky, to their delight, and they began a session of mutual masturbation.

"Oh my, look at him standing there, staring at us!" One of the women whispered with a smile as her moist pussy was being stroked by another woman.

"Gosh, he's already getting so big! I wonder if he can handle us?" Another woman teased as she, too, was being pleasured whilst looking at me.

Not able to take another moment, with a tent in my shorts, I slid my trousers off. As soon as I did, the women cheered, so I continued to strip.

"Who wants to give me the first erotic blowjob then?" I inquired to them, standing there nude, as my cock vibrated.

"I think that would have to be a team effort, babe." The bar girl affirmed with a smile as she and the rest of the women started to crawl towards me on all fours.

Before I knew it, I had two women in front of me sucking and slurping on my cock, taking turns to share. At the same time, another woman was massaging my balls, and another was rubbing and squeezing my ass. Then the bar girl started kissing me. It was pure heaven.

"Oh hell, you women can keep me in the club!" I gasped as I felt electric ecstasy run through my body. My cock felt amazing down their throats.

"We need to see if you can make us all cum first! That's the test, babe." The bar girl revealed.

"Challenge accepted!" I boomed, followed by a surge of confidence running through my veins.

The women then let go of me and crawled away on all fours in the doggy-style position. They had positioned themselves in a line, with their backs arched and moist pussies in the air. They all turned their heads to look at me, each with a sultry smile.

"Oh, honey! Let them all watch you fuck me hard!" The first woman moaned as I pumped her soaking wet pussy hard whilst pulling her hair.

As the other women cheered me on, I managed to control myself and save myself from exploding with cum. However, I managed to get her to orgasm, and she came all over my cock.

"Me next!" The next woman in line pleaded, still bent over.

One by one, I successfully made every other woman cum all over my cock, in the same doggy-style position. But by the time I had got to the bar girl, who was the last one in line, the ecstasy was reaching bursting point...

"Think you can handle it, hm?" She chuckled as I slipped my cock into her tight, wet, shaved pussy.

"Just about!" I muttered as I started fucking her fast and deep.

I knew I needed to make this count to pass their test, meaning I ended up giving it my all. The other women cheered me on as I fucked the bar girl like I'd never fucked anyone in my life. Just as her body shook and pussy clenched my cock in orgasm, I had to pull out...

"Cum on my tits!" She begged whilst on her knees.

"Fuck!" I panted as I took one final stroke of my cock, and ejaculated a large load of cum all over her boobs. The women clapped with sounds of joy.

"You passed the test, babe! Since you made all of us cum, you can now join our club. But you'll have to do this again next month, then I'll give you my number." She confirmed.