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9 months ago

He Never Said He Had A Boyfriend

Summary: Being cheated on is an unpleasant experience, but how many people have been able to turn their pain into thrill and excitement? Katie was able to, as she gained far more than she lost.
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My name is Katie, and I have quite the story to tell. I had been seeing this guy for a few months, and he was really nice. He took me on dates, bought me gifts, and we had deep conversations. The sex was really good too. He was the whole package. We weren’t official, but that’s the direction we were headed. At least, that’s what I thought until I discovered the unthinkable. 

I thought he was always open and honest with me. When I first met him, I was under the impression that he was single. That’s what he told me, and I had no reason to think otherwise. That is until I found out that he was bisexual and had a boyfriend the whole time.

It all happened when I went out with my girlfriends one night. We were at a bar, and I was having the time of my life until I spotted two men kissing in the corner. One of their faces was familiar to me, and, lo and behold, he was the guy I was dating! 

I was fuming, and I walked over to that corner with smoke blowing out of my ears. 

“What the hell is going on?!” 

My guy friend held up his hands. “I can explain!”

“Well, explain!” 

His kissing buddy seemed bored and uninterested. Eventually, I found out why.

He took a deep breath. “I should’ve been honest with you from the beginning, but I’m coming clean now. I’m bisexual, and so is he. He’s my boyfriend, and he gave me a hall pass to see other people as long it wasn’t another guy. I’m sorry for lying.”

“Seriously?! So, you’ve been stringing me along this entire time?!”

“No, it’s not like that!”

“Save your breath! Goodbye!”

I stormed off and let my girlfriends know that I would be catching a cab home. I got in bed and couldn’t hold my tears back anymore. I was rightfully hurt.  

“Why does this keep happening to me? I thought I finally found a genuine guy.”

Sleep took over, and I woke up the next morning feeling like a sack of potatoes. Things continued like that for a few weeks until there was a sudden switch. Anger and pain turned into curiosity and desire. I started thinking about what it would be like to have a bisexual threesome. I had threesomes with men before, but they were MFM. I had never experienced bisexual men, and I wanted to know what that would be like. 

So, I put my pride to the side, and I called that lying bastard up. I told him that we would never be an item again, but I was interested in having a bisexual threesome. He was apprehensive at first but eventually agreed. 

The plan was for me to visit the place he shared with his boyfriend the following day. I did and had tea with them. They were hospitable, especially his boyfriend. The resentment I felt faded away.

Then, we all went to the master bedroom and began making out on the bed. He kissed his boyfriend, and then he kissed me. I gripped his firm ass, and he took that as a signal to get undressed. Soon, we were all naked. My guy friend’s nude body was no shock to me, as we had slept together multiple times. However, I had no idea how attractive his boyfriend’s body was. 

I took one look at his boyfriend. “Wow, that’s a huge cock,” I commented. 

What happened next was shocking. My ex was normally dominant in bed. He’d grab my hair and fuck the hell out of me. He was a completely different lover with his boyfriend, though. He dropped to his knees and started sucking his fat cock.

“Hmm, that’s right, suck daddy’s cock.” His boyfriend moaned. 

He bobbed his head up and down. His saliva dripped down his balls as he gave him a sloppy deepthroat. He swallowed his entire cock without gagging and fondled his balls at the same time. Then I joined him. We took turns sucking his cock. Sometimes, my boyfriend would blow him while I sucked on his wet, swollen balls. Other times, I would be the one sucking while my boyfriend juggled his balls in his mouth.

“It’s time for you horny blokes to fuck my cunt.” 

“Have you ever tried double penetration?” 

“No, but there’s a first time for everything.”

Soon, I was on all fours with my ass hoisted in the air. They both ate my tight, little pussy from behind. His boyfriend even stuck his tongue in my ass and tongue fucked my ass hole.

“Mhm, just like that,” I moaned. 

Once my pussy was coated in my juices, I felt someone rub lube on my asshole. 

“Are you ready?” My ex asked. 

“Ready as can be.”

His boyfriend laid on his back, and I climbed on top. His cock was huge, and it hurt a little even though my hole was slick. Then, my ex hovered above my hips and slowly pushed his cock into my asshole. That hurt even more, but they were gentle. They held their positions until I was fully adjusted to their sizes. Once I gave the signal that I was ready, they started fucking me simultaneously. 

His boyfriend thrust into my pussy from below while my ex drilled my asshole. 

“Fuck, that feels so good.”

I made out with his boyfriend while he fucked me, and my ex fucked my asshole. 

“Hot damn, you’re taking our cocks so good.” My ex commented. 

I certainly was. Having all of my holes filled at once was an odd yet pleasurable feeling. I urged them to fuck me harder and faster. Of course, they obliged until they filled my pussy and ass with their hot cum. When they pulled out, cum droplets fell out of my holes and onto the sheets. 

“Damn, that was hot!” I said.

“Does that mean that I’m fully forgiven now?” My ex replied.

“Yes, as long as this happens again, we should be good!”

Since then, I’ve met up with them regularly for bisexual threesomes. It’s safe to say that my ex and I will never be a “thing” anymore, but at least I got two fuck buddies out of the deal. There truly is a silver lining in every cloud!