Lower body of a naked woman with her legs and waist tied up with ropes lying on the floor. Black and white filter.
3 months ago

I Wanted To Be Dominated

Summary: My boyfriend loves dominating me! And I was right to think that getting a bondage kit would help us spice things up even more in the bedroom.
Reading time: 5 min

The kit arrived late Friday afternoon. My boyfriend and I talked about getting more adventurous in the bedroom, so I decided to order a ‘Bondage for beginners’ package online. He was still at work then, giving me some time to go through the whole kit. The one I ordered had everything you’d need: leather straps, a sex collar, a big red ball gag, two latex outfits, rope, you name it. 

I decided to put on the latex maid outfit, with the help of a bit of talcum powder, of course. It fit so tight around my curves, and the mini skirt only barely covered my arse. My tits were fighting to not burst out completely. Jason was going to love this. 

I put my long blonde hair in a ponytail and fastened the ball gag in place before fastening both wrists in the black fluffy handcuffs. I sat on my knees, waiting for him to get home. I wanted him to walk in to the sight of me waiting for him to dominate me and make me his little slave. 

When he walked in a while later, his jaw dropped to the floor, and he had to adjust his crotch from the instant boner it gave him to see me like this. He remained there for a moment, completely stunned, before walking over to me. He stood right in front of me, his growing bulge by my face as I looked up at him with desire in my eyes.

He looked over to the bondage kit, where the spank pedals caught his eye, and a naughty smile crossed his face. He kept me cuffed and gagged on the floor and took my face in his hands. 

“Are you really ready for this?”, He asked. To which I nodded a firm yes. 

Grabbing the chain that linked the two handcuffs, he dragged me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I fell on my back, and he unzipped the front of my latex top just enough for my nipples to be exposed. I gasped when I felt his warm breath on my tits, followed by his tongue on my left nipple. He tweaked and sucked and nibbled at my nipples which started getting me so wet. Nipple play was always one of his best talents. 

He moved his way down my body, his hands and tongue working in unison over my erogenous zones. My body tingled with pleasure. I moaned as he reached my pussy which was practically soaking already. Oh, but he didn’t stop there. He moved down further and kissed and licked my thighs. It teased me to no end, having his mouth so close to my sweet oasis. I wanted him to fuck me hard, but I was entirely at his mercy. 

I reached my hands down to my wanting pussy and started fingering myself as he kissed up and down my thighs. He got more aggressive when he noticed what I was doing. He was so rough with me now that he left at least four thigh hickeys on my skin. He ripped my hands away from my pink palace and slowly licked my engorged clit. Then stopped. Oh god, he was teasing me so. 

I wanted him inside me so much, and him toying with me like this just put me over the edge. He held my cuffed hands above my head so only he would have any power over my pleasure. I could see just how much he loved being in charge. 

If I was able to finger myself while he went down on me, I’d have orgasmed at least twice by now, and this orgasm denial was making me hornier than ever. 

“Get up”

Without hesitation, and like a good submissive sex slave, I stood up and awaited my next order. But there was no order. There didn’t need to be one as he turned me around and pinned me against the wall. He spread my legs and started eating me out again. This time even more aggressive than before. A mix of my juices and his spit was dripping down my leg. 

He licked up every last drop that ran from my calve to my pussy, then stood up, parted my cheeks with his hands, and slowly stretched my lips open as his rock-hard cock slipped inside. I could feel how every inch of his throbbing cock entered me. Slowly at first, but as soon as he was balls deep he started pounding me hard. The room filled with sex sounds as I moaned and whimpered from sheer pleasure. He started grunting as I pushed back so he could get as deep as possible inside me. He grabbed my ponytail and rammed harder and deeper. 

He had me pinned down the entire time we had sex against the wall. I couldn’t even turn my head around to try and kiss him. But I loved being his slave. Slave sex was just so carnal, and my body reacted in ways I’d never expected. I fucking yearned for more. I would be his little bitch forever after this. 

“Get on your knees and suck my cock bitch.”

Was he reading my mind, then? I didn’t ask. I only obeyed. He took the ball gag off as I knelt down to start sucking his cock. I was still against the wall, and as I took his cock in my mouth, so he started face fucking me. I had to relax my jaw and throat to let him all the way in. I gagged from how deep he went, but I could tell that he loved it. He eased off a bit, just enough for me to speak. My makeup was a mess, I had spit dripping down my chin, and my eyes were watering from how rough he was. 

“I want you to cum in my mouth and fill me up, babe.” 

I didn’t even need to tell him because that was his plan and exactly why he eased off. He was ready to shoot his warm load on my face, and before the last word even left my lips, he was spurting his jizz all over me. I stuck my tongue out so I could catch as much of every spurt. While licking my lips to enjoy the taste of him, I smiled at him. 

“You know, there are still a bunch of toys in that bondage kit that we still need to try out.”

“Round 2?” He asked.

“Oh yes!”