Blonde woman in black lingerie lying face down on bed with hands and legs tied together with leather cuffs. Spanking paddle.
10 months ago

New Experiences Keep The Passion Alive

Summary: A sexy weekend away turns out to be just the cure for when it seems like their sex life is heading into a stale period. His wife finds herself all tired out but the passion is alive and well!
Reading time: 6 min

I’ve always been told that things tend to get a bit stale after being married for a while. There is apparently a rut that everyone goes through where either the sex just doesn’t hit the same spot as it used to, or things dry up entirely. I never thought that would happen to us. To me, it was all just scaremongering from unhappy older couples.


My wife and I had been married for about 15 years now and the sex was as regular as ever. But at the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something off. Our sex was still good but for some reason, after every time we had sex it seem to last shorter and shorter and she would be less engaging.


Was this our rut? Was I doing something wrong? We weren't old by any measure and we used to make love like two teenagers exploring each other from the very first time - even when we did missionary sex! But lately, it felt more routine and almost like a chore that we had to do. I knew that if I wasn’t enjoying it as much, there is no way that she would be enjoying it, so something needed to be done.


There was a long weekend coming up and I planned a special trip for us away - I felt like we both needed this. Apart from the usual things to bring on a weekend away, I hid some bondage ropes at the bottom of my bag. My wife had always wanted to try tied up sex but somehow we never got around to it. Maybe this was our golden ticket to getting things back on track!


The big weekend was finally here and as soon as we got to the resort we both instantly felt more at ease. It felt great to be flirty and excited again and things were looking up for us. That first night, I ordered some expensive champagne to be delivered to our room and had a surprise waiting for when she got back from the spa treatment. The bedroom was dimly lit, rose petals scattered on the bed, and I was holding the bright red rope in my hand as she entered the room.


Without a word, she crossed the room and kissed me passionately. I was only wearing a black silk robe and nothing underneath so when her hands ran down my body she could feel me growing underneath the silky material. I was an amateur when it came to bondage but I had watched a few tutorials and had a rough idea of what to do.


Kissing my way down her neck, I slowly stripped her and let my fingers lightly brush down her body. Her nipples stood erect and I gave them a pinch before moving my way down to her skirt. She moaned softly and directed my head to her crotch. I slipped her skirt off and buried my face deep inside her soft pussy, already wet from the excitement. I gave her a teasing lick before standing up and turning her around to face the other way.


I gently tied the rope around her neck and then around her big supple tits, making each one look even more perky than normal. Reaching behind her I tied her hands together and fastened the rope around her waist so that she could not move. I turned her back to face me and pushed her back on the bed so that she had her arms pinned against the bed underneath her. I got on my knees to lick her again, teasing and sucking her throbbing wet clit and making her moan softly. I was very tempted to make her squirt, but I was just getting started.


Reaching over to the bedside table, I picked up a blindfold and slid it over her head. My mouth went to each of her rock-hard nipples and I sucked and nibbled them while fingering her wet hole with one hand and stroking my throbbing cock with the other. As I fingered her, her legs opened wider and I could feel her hips grinding against me. Her body was asking me to fuck her brains out and I was only too happy to oblige.


I took my swollen cock and teased her soft velvety lips with it, spreading her wetness around and mixing it with my precum. Eased my head gently and she moaned loudly but before she could enjoy it properly, I pulled out again and rubbed her clit with my cock. I was going to make her really want me inside her. I loved seeing her blindfolded and tied up, not being able to do anything unless I was in charge of it.


I repeated the process of inserting just the tip of my cock in her wet warm pussy and removing it again. Her moans got louder and louder and I could hear she was getting frustrated - she would need to release soon. Finally, even I couldn't resist it and I slipped the full length of my thick and veiny cock inside her, gasping as I felt her warm wetness envelop me. She squeezed down hard on me with her pussy as if to keep me from pulling out again and it only made her feel tighter.


I began thrusting and pumping at her fuck hole and her moans got louder and louder. We were both covered in sweat from all of the foreplay and I leaned down to kiss her glistening nipples while I pounded her. I fucked her as I have never fucked before and this sight of her big tits bouncing around and her moans filling the air was getting me closer and closer to the edge of cumming.


Suddenly she arched her back and bit her lip and I could feel her contract around me. With a loud scream, she squirted as I fucked her, her juices running down my legs and making loud splashing noises. Fucking her as she was squirting was too much for me and I released my cum inside her in eight long and powerful squirts.


I collapsed on top of her, both of us still breathing loudly and me still deep inside her. I could feel our cum running down my leg and reached down with a hand to wipe some of it up. Sliding my wet fingers in her mouth, she hungrily licked and sucked them clean and I kissed her deeply, tasting both of us on her lips.


I smiled to myself as I thought of the strap-on hidden between my shirts in my bag. This was only the first night of our long weekend away and there were some things that I wanted to try as well! If this was what a sexual rut in marriage was like then it’s really not as bad as everyone made it out to be!