Lips of a woman standing in front of white background with a while sticky liquid dripping from her mouth.
10 months ago

She Was Covered In It, And It Was Glorious

Summary: What started out as an innocent adventure between friends soon took the spiciest turn for the best. Sometimes the stickier it is, the better!
Reading time: 5 min

Having best friends that have stuck with me since school, college, and now adulthood has been a total blessing over the years. We did everything together, becoming total thrill seekers along the way. And now we were onto our next adventure...

"You know what? I think it's about time we go camping! Right, lads? It's one of those amazing things we have yet to do!" My best friend Chris announced to us as we were hanging out one evening.

"Sounds like a good idea to me, but I don't know any good spots, to be honest!" My other best friend Max replied.

"Neither do I, so how about we get ourselves a tour guide to come along with us? It'll be our first camping trip, after all. That way, we'll be better prepared and more experienced for the next time?" I suggested.

"Yeah, that's probably the best solution for our first trip; let's do that then!" Chris agreed.

"Perfect, I'm looking forward to it, lads!" Max nodded.

That week, we found a tour guide service, booked a date and a location, and got things underway. We were all so excited for the coming weekend.

"So, to remind me, we're going to meet the tour guide at the entrance of this forest, and they'll take us around to all the best bits?" Chris asked us.

"Yes, that's right, man, and then after that, they'll take us to the camping spot. We'll see the insane sunrise in the morning, too." Max answered. He was the one that booked the trip.

"That's sweet, Max! So have you found out who the tour guide is going to be yet?" I questioned, as we still didn't have a name.

"Um, not yet. They said it's potluck, so it could literally be anyone." He divulged, looking a bit crestfallen.

"Right, for all we know, it could be an old guy taking us around? And we'll be walking slowly behind him for hours..." I mocked, and Chris and I laughed together.

"Well, fingers crossed it's not! Either way, though, we'll have the best time, whatever happens." Max reassured us, bringing the conversation to a close...

The weekend quickly arrived, and we were soon in my car, driving towards the meeting location...

"This is it. We've arrived at the forest entrance, but no one else is here?" Chris stated, looking around with his tent bag, being the last one to get out of the car.

Suddenly, as we all turned around from hearing footsteps behind us, we saw the most beautiful, athletic-looking woman coming towards us. She was wearing leggings, had long brown hair that reached her peachy ass, and had humongous tits. Our jaws dropped.

"Have you guys seen a ghost?!" She chuckled at us, my cock immediately waking up...

As the day progressed, seeing all the best spots, the three of us took turns flirting with the tour guide. She seemed to really enjoy being in our company, flirting right back at us! Finally, reaching the campsite, we pitched up our tents and began drinking.

"Whew, what a day!" Max heaved as he sat down on the floor, sipping beer...

Hours went by. We all quickly became drunk whilst sharing bottles with the tour guide. It was clear to us she was way more intoxicated than we were...

"You know, boys, I'm really good at sucking dick! Who wants to see?" She said as she was crawling around on all fours.

"Sure, we'd like to see!" Chris grinned at her, as he then nodded at Max.

She crawled over to them and started undoing their shorts as they both sat on the floor next to one another. They must have both been turned on by all of the flirting. Their erect cocks both flopped out, to her pleasant surprise.

"Wow! It's like Christmas, so big and exciting!" She cheered as she then took off her top and unbuttoned her bra. Her huge breasts bounced from side to side, making my cock fully hard.

She then started giving head to Chris's fully erect cock, and stroking Max's cock at the same time. Not able to take another minute, I slid off my shorts and boxers and started stroking my cock as I watched.

"Mmm, you've got such a big dick, Max! Slide down my throat and make me choke on it!" She requested as she came up for air from Chris's cock.

Max then began to deepthroat her as he sat down, his balls swinging in the air. At the same time, Chris was groping tits with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. Meanwhile, I was still stroking, observing this porno in front of me.

"Don't mind me, boys; it's getting a bit hot out here." She declared to them both as she stopped sucking Max's cock. She then got to her feet and started removing the rest of her clothing.

"You are one hell of a goddess, babe!" I called over to her once she finished removing her shoes. Looking at me straight in the eyes, she dropped to her knees again and crawled towards me, grinning.

I stood up, looking at the naked woman before me, cock in hand, feeding her every single inch of it. It was heavenly! Fucking her throat and pulling her tight around my hand, my balls were hitting her face. My two friends then walked over to us, cocks in hand too.

“Ever had a bukkake sweety?” Chris breathed in a drunken stupor to her.

"Never! But I would love to! I wonder how much cum all three of you have, hm?" She teased him as she came up for air from my cock.

"Let's find out, babe!" Max chuckled. The three of us were close to exploding and stood side by side with each other in front of her as she was on her knees.

She looked up at us, taking turns to look us in the eyes as we stroked our cocks faster and faster. Licking her lips seductively and squeezing her huge tits, we all knew what to aim for. 

"Give it to me, boys!" She begged.

And in one fell swoop of our wrists, we all shot out huge cumshots in unison, flying directly all over her boobs. She was covered in it, and it was glorious!

"I think it's safe to say that we all want to do a camping trip again?" Max confidently said the next morning as we were all watching the magnificent sunrise.

"Yes!" The tour guide said, coming out of her tent, completely nude.