Blonde topless woman sitting on a work desk with a man standing in front of her in between her legs about to kiss.
8 months ago

How Could I Refuse The Two Hottest Guys In The Office?

Summary: When I was getting ready with the two hottest guys in the office to go out for drinks, they offered me something I couldn't refuse.
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It was a Friday afternoon, my colleagues and I had just finished a big project we were working on, and my manager Dennis asked everyone if they fancied going out for a meal and a few drinks.

"Guys, it has been a tough week for us all. I want to take you out for a few drinks!"

"You know me, Dennis, I can't turn down free drinks!" I said while laughing!

"If you are going, I am coming too!" Adam said.

Adam was probably the hottest guy in the office. He was six foot one with dark brown hair, and just my type! I am a petite girl, five foot four, to be exact. I do have pretty big boobs and a nice arse, though.

"Adam, I am coming, and I will book us a hotel down the road to stay in too!" Jamie laughed.

Jamie was another one I fancied. We went on a date before and shared a kiss. Nothing further came of it, though, as he is a bit of a player and prefers the single life.

"Okay, let's pack up and head to the bar down the road."

"I am going to jump in the work shower, so I will meet you there!" I said.

"You can use our hotel shower, Gemma. Me and Jamie are going to go check in before going."

"You sure?"

"Yes! We can meet Dennis and the rest at the bar!"

So we went to check into the hotel, and just as we stepped into the room, I began to strip down to my underwear to get changed.

"What are you both staring at?" I laughed.

"I didn't realize your body was that hot!" Adam said.

"If I had known that, I would have taken you on more dates!" Jamie laughed.

"You could have had a lot more than just a date if you followed up!" I smiled and walked off into the shower.

I was in nothing but a towel when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Mind if I come in?" Jamie said.

"No, what do you want?"


He was only in his boxers, and I could not stop looking at his big bulge.

"You see something you like?" He asked.

"Yes… and where is Adam anyway?"

"He went to grab a few drinks for us." He said while pulling my towel off and lifting me onto the sink area.

"Stop! Adam will be back soon!"

"He won't care."

He started running his tongue up the inside of my legs, then around my clit. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards my pussy. He then flicked my clit, and gently nibbled on it.

"You like to lick pussy don't you, you naughty boy!" Just then, I heard Adam come back into the room.

"Got your drinks!" Adam said as he heard sounds of pleasure come from the bathroom. "Everything okay?" He laughed.

"Yesss…!" I said at the top of my voice, trying to hide what was happening.

Adam opened the door and stood admiring me. I looked at him while Jamie pushed his index finger inside my pussy. He then walked over to me and pulled his shorts down, releasing his hard cock towards my face.

"Oh, you're big! What about you, Jamie? Get yours out, too and suck my nipples!"

I now had two hot naked men standing in front of me, sizing them up with my hands. Adam had more length, and although Jamie's was a medium dick, he made it up with the thickness. I started to wank them off, sliding my hands up and down, brushing over the top of their helmets.

"You sure you can handle both of us?" Jamie laughed and pushed towards my face.

I immediately opened my mouth and took him into the back of my throat. I then pulled away, moving towards Adam, taking his cock in too.

"Mmm, you both taste good! Go lie down on the bed Adam."

Adam then got on the bed, looking as fit as ever, with a raging hard-on. I walked over and squatted above him, slowly sliding down onto his cock and letting a gentle moan out.

"Yes! Stretch my pussy! Jamie, come put it in my arse too!"

He was never the type to turn down an offer like that. He always told me at work that anal was one of his favourite things to do. He placed both of his hands on my arse, and without using lube, he gently pushed it in. I let out a big gasp as he pushed more, it felt so tight and compact with them both inside, but it was a satisfying feeling.

"Go deeper, Jamie!"

With a few more forceful pushes, every inch was inside my arse. I could now feel a weird pleasurable pain run through my body as he started to plough harder but maintained a slow speed.

"I'm cumming inside you!" Adam moaned.

"I'll creampie her arse in a minute too!"

"Make me cum first!" I moaned.

As we continued to fuck, I could feel both their cocks tensing up, and after a couple more pumps, I felt them release their cum inside me. I hopped off and walked to the bathroom to wipe myself up. I was a bit disappointed as I thought they had finished.

"Give us 5 minutes of recovery! We want to switch. Adam wants your arse now!" Jamie laughed.

"If you are up for it, I need more too!"

So I immediately started to give them a double blowjob, alternating between the two, and within minutes they were back hard and ready. I didn't waste any time, I climbed on top of Jamie's cock, and Adam just pushed right into my arse. I could tell Adam wasn't experienced when it came to anal, he was too rough, and with his cock being bigger, it was just painful.

"Not so deep, Adam!" I screamed.

Trying to forget the pain, I started to rub my clit; it helped a little, but not much. What was worse, I could feel Adam's sweat dripping down onto my arse from where he was properly going for it, but it was too much.

"I'm going to cum!" I moaned.

It was a lie, though; I just wasn't enjoying it anymore. I let him push in another couple of times, and then I was done.

"I've cum!" I climbed off and went back into the bathroom. Jamie followed.

"You didn't cum did you?"

"No. Adam was too rough! You were perfect, though." I whispered.

All three of us got showered, and then we met the rest of our colleagues for drinks, acting like nothing had happened. Jamie did invite me back to the hotel with them after. I declined, though, and I went my separate way. We haven't had another encounter yet, but we have a work party coming up… and I might be tempted by more double penetration.