Lower body of a woman straddling a man wearing black lace lingerie with her hands behind help back in hand cuffs.
8 months ago

She Wanted To Play Cops And Robbers

Summary: It is said that one of the kinkiest things about having sex is being able to enjoy it in as many ways as possible. This is how a funny movie date turned into a very naughty sex scene where we acted out a really thrilling role-play of cops and robbers.
Reading time: 5 min

On a very rainy and quite windy evening, my girlfriend and I decided to watch a comedy because we were bored and bedtime was fast approaching. We decided to watch a movie called Stir Crazy, with the main actors being Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder.

We were in each other's arms as the movie started and even through the middle stages, where we were cracking up. Finally, an intense kissing scene came on, and as the actor pulled the actress close to him, who, by the way, was dressed in a very short skirt, gave me a very fast hard on.

My girlfriend noticed and then placed one of her hands inside of my pants and started playing with my throbbing, fat cock. I gasped for breath as her fingers went up and down my cock. All of a sudden, we were shocked as the police came and separated the man and woman who were kissing and placed them under arrest for a crime they did not commit.

At the moment, my girlfriend’s hand was still in my pants, and she could feel the sensation of my hard cock twitching, so she reached for the remote, paused the movie, and said:

 “I have an idea in mind. Let’s have sex, but we’re going to be doing a role play.“

She wanted us to play cops and robbers, with her being the cop and me being the robber. She then told me to go change while she did the same. I went and got a mask while she was putting on her outfit.

She came out of the room dressed up as a very sexy police woman, and I could barely keep my eyes off her. She had her fluffy handcuffs on her hip while her whip was in her hand. 

She came over to me and said:

"Put down that bag of money and take the mask off slowly”. I complied as she came towards me and gripped me tightly before reaching for my hands and putting the cuffs on me.

I tried to bribe her by saying:

“Officer, is there anything that I can do to not be punished?” She noticed the hardness of my cock that I had from looking at her big ass.

“Do you have a weapon on you, sir?”

"No, ma'am.” I replied. She came and started patting me down, making sure to brush her hand by my throbbing cock. 

She then unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees putting my cock into her mouth in a very fast motion while sucking it all the way down her throat. She then got up and went into the doggy style position before saying:

“I need a good ass fucking.”

Then she uncuffed me before I placed my wet, hard, throbbing cock into her ass and started to fuck her really hard while spanking her ass. This happened for a while, and I noticed that her ass got red from all the intense fucking. I turned her over, placed her feet on my shoulders, and then had my cock placed in her fat, juicy pussy before I started to pound her again.

“Don’t stop you, bad, bad man, because your freedom depends on it.“ She moaned loudly as I kept pounding her pussy.

"No madam, surely not!" I replied with a moan, touching her sensitive nipples with my hand.

She then took my cock out of her pussy and started to deepthroat it in such a sexy way that my legs were shaking. She pulled back, looked me in the eyes and then said:

“You are not going to be able to use this weapon against anyone, ever again you naughty man.“

Before slipping it back into her mouth, and then I started to face fuck her while holding her head. I was ramming my cock so much into her mouth that I felt it hitting her throat. We did this for a while, and she began gagging on my cock leaving it covered with a thick layer of saliva. Nonetheless, she still put it back into her mouth in a flash.

She pulled back once again and stood up to hand me the fluffy handcuffs she had on her hips.

"I want you to fuck my ass hard while my hands are tied up!"

I did as I was ordered and then placed my cock back in her ass before stroking her very hard with my huge cock and She began moaning even louder than before. I watched my cock go in and out of her ass while spanking it and leaving my hand prints. It was just so hot!

Eventually my legs started to give out from all the fucking I had been giving her, and I released my cum in her ass. I felt myself grit my teeth as I emptied my balls in her ass.

I pulled out slowly before taking the fluffy handcuffs off of her. She breathed out and smirked in my direction before saying:

“Very well, sir, you can be on your way. Don’t ever let me see you doing mischief again.“ 

I looked at her with a big smile on my face and left the crime scene empty handed. I didn't really mind that though.

At the end of the role play, my girlfriend approached me.

“We should do this again.“

"Most definitely!" I replied without missing a beat. We then went for a bath, where I sucked her pink, juicy nipples a lot, had her suck my cock, and then went back to bed, where we hugged and fell asleep.