Brunette woman in office attire being pinned down on a desk with her shirt open showing her black bra by a man in a suit.
3 months ago

A Secret Between The Boss And His Secretary

Summary: My new secretary wasn't doing a great job until one Friday evening, she decided to stay late to help me finish the work. She took her role to a new level.
Reading time: 5 min

"Amber, you have done enough for me today. You can go home early with the rest of the team if you want to?" I sighed while I rested my head in my palm.

"Well, I can help you finish everything before we head off for the weekend. I saw you were stressed earlier."

Amber was my new secretary, and for her first week in the role, she didn't have the best start. She made plenty of mistakes, and if it wasn't for how good she looked and her enthusiasm toward the job, I would have replaced her already. Nonetheless, I was willing to give her a fair chance. 

"I do appreciate your help, Amber. I have a bottle of wine in my office. Would you like a glass or two of that if you aren't too tired?"

"That depends, red or white wine?" She asked.

"Red wine."

"Oh god!"

"You don't like red wine?"

"Yes, but I get horny on red wine!" She blushed while placing her hand on my leg.

"Well, I am an old man and your new boss. I think you might be able to resist!" I joked.

"Well, I have always had a thing for older men too!"

"Sharing the bottle of red will help me learn more about you. We can treat it as a way of introducing you to your new role under me."

"Sounds good to me!" She said while I walked over to the fridge.

Amber was a stunning girl, quite petite, with long blonde hair, but today she had it tied up in a knot and black glasses on. Today, unintentionally, she was dressed quite sexually. She had a tight red skirt on, hugging her arse perfectly, about knee height, with a white blouse, two buttons undone, which put her big bouncy tits on display nicely.

When I walked back into her office, her skirt was so tight that I noticed it crept up a little, showing more of her bare-toned legs off.

"Are you doing that on purpose? Showing more of your perfect legs off to me?" I laughed.

"I would be going higher if I was doing it on purpose." She hitched her skirt up higher.

"Wait, do you have no panties on?" I asked while smiling and edging closer.

"Well, I slipped my thong off when you went to get the red wine!" She pulled me in closer, grabbing my hand and placing it between her legs.

"Oh fuck, you are already wet! Should we be doing this?" I asked as I began to run my fingers across her lips, feeling the moistness, then rubbing her clitoris, and finally sliding a finger inside her.

"I tried to warn you, but you insisted on red wine, which made me realize you wanted me!" She said while undoing my belt and trousers.

She took complete control, dropping my trousers to the floor and pulling my pants down. My erection immediately flung towards her face, and she began admiring it, sizing it up with her hands by stroking it up and down. I just wanted to fuck her mouth now!

"Watch me deepthroat this for you!"

Looking up at me, she slowly took inch by inch inside her mouth while smiling as I began to hit the back of her throat.

"How good is my blowjob, boss?"

"So good! Don't tell anyone in the office about this!" I said, with my hand on the back of her head, guiding my cock in and out of her mouth.

"Stop worrying! It can be our secret!"

"I want to fuck you now!"

"Okay, you want me like this? Or like this?" She asked, firstly bending over the desk in the doggy position and then turning around, sitting on the desk with her legs spread wide open.

"Doggy now! I want that peachy arse of yours!"

She then bent over the desk, placing her hands on it, looking back at me seductively, biting her lip.

"What are you waiting for? Fuck me now!" She said, grabbing my hard cock and pulling me closer.

‘’Condom?’’ I asked.

"No, I'm on the pill." She breathed out.

That was my green light to slide straight inside her, placing my hands on her hips, pushing straight in, and going as deep as I could. I pulled her hair and spanked her to show I was the boss and still in control. 

I could feel her body tensing up, and her light moans turned into loud sexy moans. I could tell she was close.

"Do you want me to squirt for you, boss?"

"Fuck yes, squirt all over my cock!"

Her vagina muscles began clenching tightly around my hard cock, her hips lifting, and her eyes rolling back. A few strokes of her swollen clitoris at the same time as our bodies moving in sync, and her body began shaking intensely.

"I can't stop!" She screamed while her warm juices began to gush out all over my cock and balls.

Her legs buckled, collapsing her to the floor while letting out a loud sigh of relief. I went to pick her up, but she insisted on staying down there to clean me up properly first.

"I am going to finish you off with my mouth!" She said while guiding my cock back into her mouth and giving me an extreme deepthroat.

She quickened the pace this time, her mouth and hand sliding up and down my cock. I could feel my balls tightening up, my legs shaking a little.

"You are going to make me cum already!" I moaned.

She then pulled away slightly and began wanking me off faster.

"Don't cum in my mouth, cum over my face!"

One more pull, sliding my foreskin down, and that was it. I released a huge load all over her face. Instead of wiping it off right away, she let it drip down her face and onto her tongue, swallowing as much as she could.

"I think you picked the right secretary!" She giggled.

"100%! We could make Fridays our new late shift?"

"Maybe we can share a few lunch breaks too! Here, keep this for when you miss me!" She giggled and handed me her wet thong.

"Sounds good to me. I will keep those in my work locker!"

"You might have a collection from me soon!" She said while giving me one final kiss.

"I hope so! Now it is home time. See you Monday!" 

Over the weekend, we spoke a little over text messages, and she sent me a few naughty photos. I do have a partner, but she works away a lot. I do not know whether to tell Amber the truth or to keep it discreet. I am still fucking her whenever we get the chance, but the more we do it, the more guilty I feel. 

I should probably tell her eventually…