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9 months ago

My Friend Recommended Using "Marital Aids"

Summary: I ordered some marital aids and got caught using them by my wife. She didn't mind, though. She got involved and took our sex to a new level.
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It was a Friday night, so I met my best friend Danny at our local pub. We both worked pretty stressful jobs, so having a few beers together at the end of the week was always something we did. 

"So, how are things with the Mrs, Jon?" He asked me.

"Well, honestly, things are boring physically. The sex is vanilla, and I rarely finish." I laughed.

"When my relationship got like that, we got some marital aids in." Danny said.

"Marital aids?" I asked while feeling confused.

"Yes! Sex toys! It seemed to spice things up and kept things exciting!"

"Really? What kind of toys are you talking about, though?"

"A cock ring for you might help, or if you can't finish, just order a fleshlight. It's better than wanking!"

"I guess I need to do some online shopping then!" I laughed.

I had never been one to think about sex toys. I always thought that was for someone single or not getting any sex. So as soon as I got home from the pub, I went online and began browsing.

As suggested, I ordered a fleshlight, a cock ring, a vibrator, and some nipple clamps for my wife. It was express delivery, so it said they should arrive on Monday. I was excited but didn't want to tell my wife yet.

Anyway, Monday came around, and while I was on my lunch break, my wife called.

"You had a delivery. Is it for me?" She asked.

"No, do not open it. It is just a few things for work!" I said nervously.

"Oh, okay then, tonight I am going around Emma's. We are getting some takeaway."

"I will probably be back late anyway!"

The excitement increased now that I knew my wife was going to be out for most of the night. It meant I could try the toys out before telling her about them. So I rushed home from work, jumped in the shower, and then lay on the bed, opening the parcels up.

The fleshlight was the first thing I opened, I was surprised as it looked and felt exactly like a vagina, and it even included some lube! I squirted a little inside it, then put some over my cock, and began rubbing myself. Once I was hard, I slowly pushed inside the fleshlight, and I couldn't believe how good it felt, so tight and surprisingly warm. 

I didn't want to stop there. I originally got the vibrator for my wife but thought I would try it out on myself. I grabbed the vibrator and held it against my balls as I began thrusting in and out of the fleshlight. It released a tingling sensation through my balls. I probably could have cum immediately, but I stopped to grab the cock ring. 

Just as I went to put the cock ring on, grabbing the vibrator, my wife suddenly pushed open the bedroom door.

"What are you doing home already?!" I said in shock as I tried pushing the fleshlight off the bed.

"Well, I forgot my purse, but now I am glad I came home to catch you in the act. What was that, a fake vagina?" She asked in what seemed like an angry voice.

"Erm.. erm... I wanted to spice up our sex life." I said embarrassingly. 

"And what is that on your cock? A cock ring?"

"Yes, I thought it might help us have longer sessions!"

"A vibrator as well? God! You must have spent a fortune! Wait, let me look at that vibrator!" She said, with a smile on her face.

"Careful, it is quite powerful!" I said in a joking way while handing it to her.

"Oh my... It is! Wait, let me lie down and use it on my clit for me!" She giggled while lying on the bed, lifting her dress, and sliding her thong to one side.

I was surprised, as I thought she would have taken it as an insult, maybe that she couldn't satisfy me, but she seemed more excited than me.

Anyway, I didn't hesitate. I just got between her legs, slowly spreading them open, and began holding the vibrator up against her enlarged clitoris.

"Fuck! Fuck! That feels good!" She wriggled about.

"I told you, how nice does that feel? What about my tongue with it?" I said while slowly running my tongue up the inside of her lips.

"Do not stop!" She screamed and held my head there.

I did as she said and kept running my tongue up and down the inside of her pussy lips, holding the vibrator up against her clit, making her body shake intensely.

"Try fucking me now, using the vibrator still, though, too!" She said while throwing her dress and bra onto the floor.

"Fuck, give me the vibrator! Then you concentrate on fucking me!"

She took the vibrator and pulled me on top, pushing my cock straight inside her. I had her legs spread open, resting them on my shoulders as I began to suck her small boobs and thrust.

"Oh fuck! I think I am going to squirt!" She screamed!

My wife had never squirted before. It was one of my fantasies. So I leaned over and grabbed the nipple clamps as I thought they might help finish her off.

"Put these on now!"

"Whatever, just don't stop!"

Just as I finished placing them on her nipples, a few more hard thrusts and she began screaming with pleasure, streams of her juices squirting out all over my cock and balls.

"Cum on my tits!" She moaned while pulling me up onto her stomach.

She pushed her tits together, and I began thrusting between them, two big pushes, and I began to cum immediately.

Usually, my wife never liked having cum anywhere on her, only in her mouth, but this time I ended up firing my creamy load all over her tits and some over her face.

"Wow, where has that side been before this?"

"That vibrator, wow! I hope you do more shopping!" She giggled as she walked into the bathroom to clean herself up.

"Well, what other toys do you want?"

I thought she was joking, but she got into bed, and we spent the night online shopping together. We spoke openly about what we wanted to try, and now our sex life has taken a turn for the best.

Our next delivery of toys comes this weekend, and we can't wait!