Short-haired naked woman with her back towards the camera facing a bed. Her hands are behind her head.
1 month ago

The Right Girl For The Part

Summary: Casting directors are no strangers to beautiful women. However, only one can be the right girl for the part.
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I used to have a “regular” day job, but I quit after I had an epiphany. I’ve always been interested in videography and love sex, so I figured it would be a good idea to enjoy the best of both worlds. Now I work in the adult entertainment industry as a porn casting director.

It’s my dream job, and the best part about it is the beautiful girls I get to see every day. I’ve worked with women of different races, sizes, and backgrounds, but my favourite type of woman is a BBW. No one can turn me on faster than a curvy woman who knows how to get down and dirty.

This was the type of woman I wanted to work with next, so I uploaded an ad on my professional site. It said:

“Looking to cast a curvy adult model for a future scene. Must be between the ages of 18 and 30, personable, open-minded, and willing to film with the director on set. $250 per hour. Amateurs welcome.”

The next day, I woke up to messages from all sorts of interested women. My assistant and I combed the list thoroughly, but there was only one woman who caught my eye.

Her name was Bethany, and she checked all my boxes. She was 23 years old, cute, and thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. She had glowing olive skin, long, wavy black hair, hazel eyes, and curves in all the right places. For reference, her measurements were 44D, 38, and 52.

I had also asked the applicants to include a short video in their submission. Based on hers, I could tell that she was sweet, fun, and confident. This was the girl I wanted to work with. So, I reached out and let her know that I liked her submission.

“Hello?” She said when she picked up the phone.

“Hi, Bethany. This is Tim from BangingBooties, and I’m calling to let you know that I was pleased with your submission. Can you audition this Saturday at noon?”

“Wow, this is amazing! I’ll be there!” She responded in an enthusiastic tone.

“Awesome. I’ll send the address of the studio. I’m looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you can do. See you soon.”

Typically, I’m happy whenever I meet new talent, but with Bethany, things were different. I wasn’t just happy. I was excited and eager to see her up close and personal.

Saturday came, and I went to the studio early to do prep work. The door buzzed at 11:30 AM, and it was Bethany. I let her in, and boy, oh boy, was I lost for words. 

She was even more beautiful in person. She had perky boobs that sat nicely in a pink crop, and her ass practically ate up her denim shorts.

“Thank you for coming, Bethany! I’m Tim, and we will be working together today.”

“Wait, is this the same Tim I spoke to on the phone?”

“Yes, why?”

“You’re hotter than I expected you to be.”

“Haha, a girl with looks and humour. I like that. Today is going to be very interesting.”

I led her to the black leather couch and got behind the camera. I made sure she was OK with having sex on film and asked her a few questions about her life. 

“I’m a nursing student but do erotic dancing on the side. However, I want to try my hand at more serious adult work if you get what I’m saying.” She winked playfully. 

“Alright, strip your clothes and show me your sexiest dance.” I challenged.

Without hesitation, she began taking off her clothes. She started with her top. Her big, perky boobs bounced out like springs. She shook them and squeezed them together. Her flirty smile never left her face. This made my cock hard as a rock.

She took off her shorts and revealed a leopard thong. Her ass was ginormous, and her thong was practically invisible. She seductively rocked her wide hips from side to side. Then she bent over, put her hands on her knees, and began shaking her big ass.

“Wow, you’re a pro at this, aren’t you? Do you mind if I stroke my cock while I watch you?”

“I would love it if you did that.”

I pulled down my pants and rubbed my wet, hard cock while she twerked her ass in a circle. Her ass cheeks were so big they made clapping sounds while she shook them. At that point, I realized her thong was still on, as her fat pussy was hanging out.  

“Take off your thong. I want to see your naked body.” She took off her thong, and I moved closer with my camera. “Lay down and show me that pretty little pussy.” She laid on the couch and began rubbing circles around her clit. 

“That’s right, baby. Rub that pussy for me.” I said as I picked up the pace on my cock.

Her sexy moaning was so hot. She played with her clit until she came, then licked her juices off her hand. I didn’t even have to ask her for a blowjob. She just got on her knees, approached me and began sucking my dick. She was a sloppy sucker too. Saliva dripped down my balls while she furiously bobbed her head up and down my thick shaft.

“You love sucking dick, don’t you? You’re definitely going to get the part after this.”

Now I’m a pro at getting my dick sucked and filming it, but it was hard to focus this time. That’s how good her mouth felt. So, I set the camera on the table facing us and told her to ride my dick.

She climbed on top and bounced her fat ass on my cock. She maintained that motion for a while before leaning forward and grinding her hips back and forth. I squeezed her ass cheeks and put my thumb in her asshole.

“Hmm, you slutty girl. Make me cum.”

She began grinding harder and faster. Her tits were smashed against my chest, and her face was buried in the crook of my neck. As soon as my cock started twitching, I knew I was about to cum. I pulled out and came all over her ass cheeks.

“You did really well today, Bethany. I’m really impressed, and I’ve decided that you’d be a perfect fit for the role. Look out for a call from me.”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity, Tim!” She exclaimed.

She packed up her clothes, and I gave her a pat on the ass as she left. I really love my job.