Blonde skinny woman in black lingerie standing by a bed and looking out the window through see-through curtains.
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Whoever Said Blondes Were Dumb

Summary: Previous experiences with blondes made me think they were all dumb until I met this one. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it.
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"You have the new receptionist starting today, Dave. Be nice to her." My boss said. 

"Okay, what is she like?"

"I think you will like her. She is young, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name is Ami."

"Blonde? Remember the last two blondes we had? They didn't know their left from right." I joked.

"Come on now, Dave, not all blondes are dumb." He laughed.

"I know. I just mean we don't have the best track record."

"Well, she will be here in a bit. You can take her out for lunch to get to know her, and then you can start the training tomorrow."

I went off to get myself a coffee from the staff room, and by the time I came out, she was already waiting at my desk.

"So, you must be Ami?" I said.

"Hi, yes. I'm Ami. Nice to meet you. Are you Dave?" She said while shaking my hand.

"Yes, I'm Dave. I've heard good things about you already, Ami, so training you will be pretty easy." I laughed.

"Good things? Well, I will do anything to make your job easier." She giggled.


"Well, within reason!"

"Sounds good to me. Before we start training, I'm going to take you out for some food and a welcome drink. Then we can start the basic training this afternoon. Sound good?"

"Sounds great. I didn't have time to eat. I was worried about being punctual on my first day!"

"Okay, let's go then. I need to pop into mine to change into something more comfortable. Is that okay?"

"Yes, that's fine."

So we took a walk to my place, and on the way, Ami was being rather flirty.

"So you prefer blondes or brunettes?"


"Big bouncy tits or a nice bum?"


"So, are mine big enough?"

"I've not seen them."

"I'll show you once we get to yours." She laughed.

"I know you're just teasing me."

We got to the front door of mine, and as I opened the door, she pushed through and closed the door.

"Are these good enough?" She took her top off sensually.

"Erm, yes, they look good…"

"Better now?" Her bra dropped to the floor, almost like she was doing a strip tease for me.

"They are perfect!" I said nervously as she moved closer to me.

She ripped open my shirt and undid my jeans, yanking them down with my pants. I pulled her closer towards my hard dick, and our lips locked. As we began kissing, her hand grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, then gently brushed around the tip of it.

"Just fuck me now! Sit on the sofa and let me slide onto your cock!" She said while pulling her skirt and thong off, happily showing off her naked hot body.

I sat down on the sofa, and inch by inch, I watched my cock being eaten away by her tight pussy. She was very tight, but she eventually took it all in. She was in reverse cowgirl position, so I could watch her ass moving up and down.

"Now, get off and bend over. I want you in doggy!" I said while lifting her off and bending her over.

Her hands were placed on the sofa, her head pushed down into the pillow, and her pussy glistening and waiting. I grabbed hold of her hips, pushed straight back in, and began fucking her hard.

"Fuck yes! Don't stop!" She screamed.

I reached around with one hand and rubbed her clit, and with the other hand, I yanked on her blonde hair again.

"Be rougher with me! Spank me!"

I slapped her a couple of times. Pushing in deeper, harder, and faster. 

"Don't cum inside me. I love cum facials, do it over my pretty face!"

"Okay, push back into me, show me you can take it!" I said.

She began pushing back at the same time as I was plunging into her, and with each big push, the wet squelching sounds began to get louder.

"Fuck I think I'm about to cum. Go faster!" She screamed again.

I pushed harder with everything I had, and with one final push, her legs buckled, and she began to squirt all over my cock and onto the floor.

"Oh fuck sorry, I forgot to warn you, I'm a squirter!" She said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Why the sorry? I love it when a woman squirts over me!"

"You haven't cum yet, have you? Remember, I want it over my face. Bring it here." She said while on her knees in front of me.

I pushed my cock back into her mouth and began to fuck it. She kept pulling away and then wanking my cock faster. With a few more strokes up and down my cock, I could feel the tension in my balls as they tightened up.

"I'm close. Go faster with your hand!" I moaned.

As I tensed my arse, she sucked the tip once more, and I couldn't hold it in. I then started to release a big creamy load all over her face.

"Oh fuck, that was good!" I let out a big sigh of relief while watching her wipe the cum from her eyes.

"I'm not wasting this. You taste too good!" She began to lap it up from her face using her fingers.

"Well, work tomorrow will be rather interesting now!" I laughed.

"Nobody will know about this, will they? I'll be known as the office slut from day 1!" She giggled.

"No. The boss is a little funny with work romances."

"I mean... We didn't fuck 'in' the office. Although we could work do with some 'late' nights." She joked.

"You over my desk? Now that's a nice sight!"

You may be lucky enough to see that. I am hungry now. Let's order some food!"

We ordered takeaway and spent the rest of the evening watching a few movies together. She told me she wasn't looking for anything serious but was happy to keep fucking, which I agreed. Things might get complicated, but I'll cross that bridge if or when it happens.

We turned up to work the next day and began training. She kept whispering dirty things in my ear, so at lunchtime, I took her back to my place for a quickie. Then we came back to finish training. It was satisfying, but I now want more.