Brunette woman in white shirt and blue jacket and man in grey shirt kissing with airplane behind them.
1 month ago

Sex On Air, Literally

Summary: What happens when your relationship is on the brink of collapse, and you try to save it by joining the mile-high club?
Reading time: 5 min

The mile-high club. It was truly the final frontier in terms of trying to spice things up enough to save my stale relationship. Me and my partner had been together for years, but unfortunately, we had gotten to a stage where things had become rather... bland.

"Rough sex just doesn't feel like it used to, babe, I don't know... I feel like I need something more... Spontaneous." She told me, looking hopeless one evening as we were deep in chat again.

Having satiated our sex drives so much over the years, we were running out of things to get excited about. It was also becoming more difficult to make her wet...

"I know we've tried so many things over the last few months, but let's not get discouraged. I think I know how to reignite that spark in our bedroom. You'll see..." I grinned back, knowing full well that next week would be unforgettable.

Desperately wanting to find that spark of hope, she agreed a vacation away was the best thing for us. I didn't want this to be like any other trip, though. So, I made sure to arrange an exhilarating couple of days! 

"Hmm, I really hope this time is different. I feel like this is our last chance to make this work, babe..." She sighed as she stood up and went upstairs to our bedroom.

The departure day for our vacation soon arrived, and I could feel the anticipation building inside me. I'd drop hints throughout the week to prepare her for what was to come, especially as we were packing our suitcases...

"What happens when you have sex amongst the clouds, honey?" I quizzed her as I placed the last of my clothes in the suitcase.

"Um, I have no idea, babe. You feel like you're in heaven?" She pondered, looking at me with a puzzled look.

“You make cumdensation!” I answered, hoping she would get the hint.

"Hm, you've been telling me a lot of jokes lately that mix sex and flying... I guess this is a hint for your grand surprise, babe?" She smirked, hands on hips.

"It's possible, but you must promise me you trust me? And you'll be ready when the moment arrives?" I challenged her.

"Oh, I'll be more than ready, babe, considering your poor track record recently." She teased as she rolled her eyes at me.

Fast forward to later that day, as we were boarding the plane, we made our way to the back of the aisle and took our seats. Conveniently, it was an overnight flight, meaning we could do something we'd never done before.

"You'll be more than ready, huh? Let's put that to the test then missy. Toilet right behind us, in two minutes." I whispered in her ear as night was upon us whilst on the plane.

"Oh, you little...!" She whispered back, positively beaming from ear to ear as she watched me walk past her.

With all the flight attendees at the front of the plane, we had a window of opportunity waiting to unfold. Entering the toilet and closing the door behind me, I slipped my shorts halfway down my legs and took out my already semi-hard cock.

"Damn, I'm so hot for you right now, baby!" My partner said to me as she entered the small toilet two minutes later.

Moving in front of me, she went down on her knees, looking up at me with innocent, lusty eyes. I immediately rubbed the tip of my cock around her lips, then pushed it down her mouth in a forced deepthroat.

"Great minds think alike, honey!" I breathed as I began pumping my now fully erect cock faster and faster down her throat. My balls were slapping her chin with my thrusts.

Fingering her already moist pussy, she knelt there, gagging on my cock. It was pure bliss. But knowing our time was limited, she soon broke her mouth away and stood up, gasping for air.

"Come on, baby, spread my pussy and show me what you're made of!" She murmured, lifting a leg up onto the sink countertop and looking back at me.

Adrenaline coursing through our veins, I stood on my tiptoes, my cock reaching into her wet pussy. I began to fuck her hard, my balls slapping against her ass whilst I held her waist. There we were, having sex on air, literally!

"Spank my ass!" She asked, and I knew I needed to keep the pressure on and give her the most memorable moment ever.

Letting out innocent whimpers from my swift short spanks, I could feel her pussy dripping its juices all around my pulsating cock. I then lifted her leg off the countertop and brought it back down so we were in a standing doggy style position.

"Choke me, Daddy!" She requested in a sultry voice, holding my gaze. I could feel her pussy quivering and clenching tight on my cock. Her back arched. She was close to cumming.

Placing my hand around her neck, I lightly choked her as I pumped her heavenly pussy even faster and harder. My balls were swollen and hot. I could feel them cooking up a big load of steaming cum. She looked back at me, moaning ever so quietly, twisting her hard nipples.

"Give it to me, Daddy! Fill me up as I cum!" She gushed, holding her gaze with mine.

"You asked for it!" I stammered, holding her hips tightly, I felt my cock tremble.

In one final thrust, my cock unloaded its hot creamy cum deep into her sweet, drenched pussy. It was like a handgun firing! At exactly the same moment, her eyes rolled into her head with pleasure, and she came all over my cock. Our bodies shook with joy. We put a hand over each other's mouths to muffle our moans of euphoria.

"See you back at the seat in two minutes, babe." I whispered to her with a smile, pulling my shorts back up. I opened the toilet door feeling flustered, but luckily, we had been quick enough.

"You know, I was never going to break up with you in the first place, babe. I knew you were going to try and fuck me on this flight the whole time. And to be honest, I've been wanting it badly for ages! I just wanted to unlock that wild side of you again!" She snickered, sitting down next to me moments later.

"You can't be serious?!" I exclaimed, feeling slightly miffed but relieved at the same time.