Big tits in black lace lingerie being pushed in together by hands of a woman with red nail polish.
1 month ago

My FWB Said 'Motorboating' Seemed Like Fun

Summary: When my FWB suggested motorboating, I quickly realised she didn't mean the speed boat or sailing variety…
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I had known my friend with benefits, Lyn, for 10 years. We had an on-and-off casual relationship for all of that time.

Our sexual friendship was very relaxed and a lot of fun. She was really into trying new things, and she also liked to experiment. Lyn had suggested BDSM a while ago, and while it did surprise me a bit, we tried that, and it was fun. One of her most recent ideas at the time was anal, as she wanted to see what it was like. We did it, and she loved it.

The latest thing (she read about it online) was motorboating. I wasn't really sure what it was. Lyn explained it entailed me putting my head between her big tits, moving my head from side to side, and making a noise like a motorboat or raspberry. I thought if she wanted that, then okay.

Lyn came over on our pre-agreed night, we had a drink, and she told me she was wearing some slutty lingerie. That turned me on so much. Lyn touched my hard dick, and it had already started to leak pre-cum. I undid her top and saw she was wearing a black, lacey, see-through number. Her boobs were poking out over the top; they were huge, which was normal for her.

We started kissing deeply and ravenously. Our tongues were thrashing around eagerly, so I knew it would be a good session. Lyn said:

"Take my knickers off and touch my tight pussy, I feel so horny."

I peeled her knickers off and pulled her legs apart. I slowly licked all the way up the inside of her legs and then moved over to her sweet pussy. I slid my tongue inside of her, and she let out a moan. I lapped up her juices. She tasted so good.

"Edge me, darling. I don't want to cum yet!" She said.

I stopped licking her pussy and started kissing her instead. I bit her lip gently (she loved that), looked into her eyes and asked what position she wanted to try.

Without saying a word, she turned over, got onto her knees, and thrust her pussy towards me.

"Doggy it is, then." I said.

I was so aroused the blood had rushed right to my head and, of course, my dick. I had to take a moment to steady myself. Lyn was one sexy woman. With pre-cum already coming out of my dick, I was hoping I could last long enough to satisfy this insatiable woman.

My fingers slid into her pussy. I wanted to see how wet she had gotten, and she was absolutely soaking. I pulled them out, and she licked each finger sexily, making a squelchy noise as she did so. This was not helping my overstimulated predicament.

I wanted to resist the urge to fuck her hard since she wanted us to edge. So, I slid my dick slowly into her soaking wet pussy. As I did so, Lyn let out a loud moan. I loved that she was enjoying it so much.

I kept at a steady pace, and every time it felt like either of us wanted to cum, I pulled out. I so wanted to empty my balls into her. Still, I started counting to ten so I could delay the inevitable explosion. I pulled out again just as we were both about to cum.

I started kissing Lyn again and playing with her tits. Her tits were absolutely massive, her nipples rock hard, like bullets.

"Want to have a go at motorboating me?" Lyn said while letting out a soft breath. "I think we should try it." She continued.

The next thing I knew, she had pulled her tits up and pushed them together.

"Stick your head in there, rock your head from side to side, and blow a raspberry."

I muttered a quick "Okay." and dug my face between her big boobs.

I think she got off on the vibration of it. I must admit I didn't, but I loved seeing how happy it made her, so we carried on doing it. We also indulged in a bit of nipple play. I nibbled and sucked on her nipples gently before sticking my head in between them again.

Lyn obviously loved it as she moved her hand down to her pussy and started playing with herself. I could see drips of her cum dripping down the inside of her legs. The more I nibbled and sucked, the louder she started moaning, furiously playing with her pussy.

I knelt down in front of her and started licking the drips of cum from her legs and up into her pussy again. I could feel she was on the verge of cumming. We were both pretty breathless at this point, and both were also desperate to cum.

"Why don't we just fuck and cum now". I said. Lyn agreed. No way we could hold this off any longer.

Lyn pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me, her legs straddling me. Her hand grabbed my cock, and she pushed it inside of her.

This time, I moaned loudly. I could feel her wetness all over me. It drove me crazy. I sat up a little so I could kiss her while she was vigorously riding me. It meant that I could also stick my head between her tits again, as she seemed to really love it. I started blowing raspberries again, and the vibration made us both a little crazy.

"I am going to cum baby." She said.

"Oh God, me too! I cannot hold it any longer." I told her, picking up my pace.

I then exploded full force into her like a cannon. I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock. I had never cum so hard or for so long. There was so much cum, it was already starting to drip out of her.

Lyn got off of me and lay next to me. We smiled at each other and agreed this was the best session we had ever had.

Once we had agreed on the day for our next session, we got cleaned up, and Lyn left. 

If someone offers you a chance to motorboat the sexy way. I would definitely say do not knock it until you've tried it.