Black and white image of a woman moaning while a man holds her head and leans in closer to her.
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Stuck In An Elevator

Summary: The hottest girl in the office, four guys that have always wanted to fuck her, and an elevator. What could possibly go wrong? This is all about the story of when fantasy became a planned reality...
Reading time: 5 min

Suited and booted. I was ready to set off this morning, making my way to the usual office job I had come to know for the past few years. People had come and gone within the prestigious company, but there was always one person who had stayed. The office slut...

Wearing a short, tight, black pencil skirt wrapped around her curvaceous peachy ass, she made sure she had all eyes on her. Plus, being tall and busty with long blonde hair, she was hard to miss. Especially when her white blouse looked like it was trying to burst open...

"Damn, it never gets old seeing her strut her stuff through the office, eh!" Said my coworker Sam as I sat down beside him, pulling up a chair to my desk.

"You can say that again! And it's always the regulars that are itching to fuck her right." I replied, noticing Sams's eyes watching her walk away down the hallway.

"Oh, come on, wouldn't you want to fuck her as well if you had the chance to?" Sam enticed, shrugging his shoulders.

"Now that I think about it, I certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity...." I trailed off in thought as I imagined what it could be like to fuck her hard.

As the day went on, me and Sam would discuss more ideas and feelings about the hottest woman in the office. Occasionally, some of our other coworkers would overhear us, chiming in with their opinions.

"It turns out there's four of us in total who would love to have a piece of the pie! I wonder who will end up taking the first bite then?" Sam pondered, looking at the other two guys in the distance.

"Why not eat the whole pie, all at the same time?" A sultry, smooth voice echoed behind us.

It was none other than Jasmine, the office secretary we had been speaking about the entire time! She stood there, looking at us, smiling. Did she totally understand the innuendo?

"Do you think you could handle that then, Jasmine?" I asked, testing to see if she was on the same page as us.

"Oh definitely, I can handle a lot more than you guys realize..." She asserted as she briskly left us in her wake, chuckling to herself.

The day was over, and everyone started packing up their things to go home. It was Jasmine who had the keys to the office, so she would always leave last. Grabbing my stuff, I headed down the hallway with Sam towards the elevator.

Out of nowhere, the other two guys we had spoken with earlier appeared from the other hallway, also heading towards the lift. As the four of us entered, with the doors about to close, Jasmine entered.

"Whew! Made it just in time. I hope nothing happens to this lift as we're all in here together..." She spoke with mischief in her voice, facing away from all of us, looking at the doors.

Just as fast as she had entered the elevator, it came to an immediate halt moments into its descent. She then zipped around, with a wide grin on her face, and dropped a pencil on the floor.

"Whoops!" She said as she dropped to her knees to grab it. But she didn't stand back up. Instead, she looked around at all of us with an innocent look on her face.

We all looked around at one another, thinking and imagining similar things at that very moment. Our cocks in our trousers starting to wake up. This could only escalate one way.

"Being stuck in an elevator isn't so bad! How about that pie, boys, hm?" She spoke to us, beaming from ear to ear. Her long, wet tongue then hung out from her mouth.

"Hell yes, I'm in!" One of the two guys we spoke to earlier blurted out. He unzipped his trousers at the same time as the other guy, and they both walked towards Jasmine. Flopping out both of their semi-hard cocks.

Without hesitation, she took both into her mouth in a sort of double blowjob. Sucking and licking them both together, they reacted with moans of pleasure to her every oral movement. While she was doing this, she started fingering herself under her raised skirt.

It was like I was watching a porno. My cock was rock hard from witnessing what was happening, so I, too, took my cock out and started stroking it. Sam soon followed suit.

"Oh, I've wanted this for so long, you dirty boys!" Jasmine choked as she came up for air from sucking the other two guys' cocks. It's like they had been ready for this moment for a long time.

After a while of Jasmine being busy with her mouth and Sam watching in absolute pleasure, she broke away from them. Beckoning me to lay on the floor, she then stood up and lifted her skirt right around her waist, revealing her moist, wet pussy.

Laying on the floor with my hard cock pointing towards the ceiling, she then squatted down onto it, swallowing up every inch into her pussy. It felt like pure heaven. She was incredible at riding cock. Like she was made for it.

"Look at you three men jerking off. You're loving this, huh! How about you all cum on my face after I've cum hard on this cock?" She suggested as she started grinding me harder and faster. The other three guys moan in agreement.

Feeling like pure ecstasy, her hands were on my chest while her delectable pussy ground on my cock in circles. Pressing boobs together as she moaned to the ceiling, I could feel her cum erupt all over my pulsating dick.

"Holy shit, you amazing slut, I need to cum so bad." I pleaded with her as she slowly got off from my cock.

Kneeling on her knees again, looking up at all four of us with her tongue sticking out, we all stood inches away from her face. Stroking our cocks fast, the other two guys unleashed their loads first with grunts of relief. Spurting out hot cum all over her hair.

Moments later, with one final stroke of my wrist, electricity rushed through my body as I emptied my balls, shooting spunk all over her tongue. Finally, Sam followed, landing his shot over her huge tits.

"Wow, that was amazing! It's almost as if someone had broken the lift on purpose..." She smirked, whipping out her elevator card and pressing it against the reader. It continued to descend.