View of a woman in beige lingerie and g-string holding a condom behind her back while approaching a couch.
8 months ago

The Moment She Turned Around, I Fell In Love

Summary: I never expected that my new business partner’s way of welcoming someone to the company was to have a threesome with a sexy big assed escort. But what a good surprise that was.
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Joining a new company meant smooching up to new business partners. I knew this would be the territory when I joined. I was in this very same situation with my previous company, too. But while some executives liked their golfing getaways, others seemed to have a more eclectic mix of interests transcending well-manicured greens.

John, my new managing director, insisted I join him on an evening out just for us to get better acquainted. The ‘event’ in question was being held at a rather massive multi-storey mansion. God alone knows how many rooms that place must have had. 

As we entered, there could easily have been at least 100 or so guests filling the place. The venue was lit by an abundance of strobe lights that danced with the tempo of the loud music. Bottles were popping, and you could almost smell the sin in the air.

“What place is this, John?”

“This is where boys become men, my friend. Here, let’s get some shots.”

Curvy women wearing nothing but sexy lingerie and high heels glided around with trays of alcohol. John caught one’s attention with the snap of his fingers.

“Two shots of Don Julio 1942, please. We’re celebrating tonight.”

She smiled to acknowledge him and turned around. Her eyes might have been nice enough, but her big ass was truly magical. My heart skipped a few beats as my jaw dropped.

“I knew you would like it here.”

“I’ve never seen anyone with as fuckable an ass as hers, I swear to God. Are these women sent from heaven?”

“Haha, they just might be. They’re all escorts.”

“Oh, that explains it. How much do you think it will cost for a strip tease with…”

I stopped talking when the girl with the sexy ass was back with our tequila shots.

“You boys seemed thirsty. I got double shots for you both.” She said with a sexy smile and sultry East European accent.

John and I downed our drink, and he smacked a wad of cash onto her tray. My eyes widened, exposing my obvious shock at his blatancy.

“Will 600 be enough, my dear?” John asked.

“For one of you, yes.” She replied, clearly unfazed by his actions.

He reached into his jacket pocket and placed another pile of cash next to the first. His other hand reached down to squeeze her ass tightly.

“Here’s 1500 total. Let’s go have a good time.”

She led us up a marble staircase and past several rooms where pleasurable screams could be heard through closed doors. I was a bit nervous, but I’d follow that big ass of hers just about anywhere.

As we were about to enter what seemed to be the only empty room at the very end of the hallway, she stopped us to lay down some ground rules.

“You boys won’t spank me too hard. I don’t want marks. There will be no kissing and no piss play. Do you have any questions?”

“No.” John and I said in unison.


I walked in before John so she could blow me first, but his cock was already out even before the door closed behind us. The room was dimly lit, and the only decoration was a bowl of condoms and lube on the dresser.

I watched as she took to her knees and started sucking John off. His cock was bigger than mine, and she took every last inch in her mouth without gagging. My hand was in my pants, rubbing my balls and working to get myself hard. It didn’t take long for me to be ready.

Now standing next to John, both our cocks were at her face level, and she continued to suck his cock, before taking all of my hard cock in her mouth too.

Her hands played with my balls while her supple lips wrapped tight around my girth. She masterfully worked my cock like never before. Slow long sucks, then licking the base while jacking me off. She surprised me when she licked my perineum and then went directly to devour my entire length.

“Oh my God. Fuck that’s so good.”

“I told you that you would enjoy tonight.”

We were so lost in the moment and wanted to help each other out that when she wasn’t sucking John’s cock I was giving him a handjob, and he returned the favour for me.

“I just want to fuck her brains right out of her scull.”

I held her head in place and told John to start throat fucking her. He rammed his cock so hard in her that I was amazed how she still never gagged even once. John’s moans kept getting louder and louder. I wondered if he was going to cum in her mouth right there and then.

But he let go, letting her catch her breath.

“Your time is running out, boys, and I want all my holes filled before you go.”

“Do you want the back or the front?” John asked me.

“You know I love that big ass of hers, mate.”


John lay on his back with his knees over the edge of the bed. She pulled off her panties, climbed on top and slid his cock between her wet and naked pussy flaps as she straddled him.

I had a great view of her juicy ass and didn’t hesitate to lather my cock in lube before slowly pushing myself into her tight puckering hole. I could feel the resistance let go the deeper I went.

We both fucked her rough and hard. Her screams joined the cacophony of moans we heard from the hallway.

“Yeah, bitch, take that cock.”

With two last deep thrusts, I reached my edge. I pulled out and shot my warm spunk all over her, covering her back with every spurt. I slapped my dick on her big ass one last time, signalling the end of the best business event I’ve ever attended.