Two girls lying in bed together wearing raunchy lingerie and touching each other while smiling.
7 months ago

I Though I Was Bi-Curious, Turns Out I'm More Into Girls Than I Thought

Summary: They say curiosity killed the cat, but in Lisa's case, it helped her unlock a hidden part of herself. A part that changed her life forever.
Reading time: 5 min

All of my firsts were with guys. My first kiss, date, heartbreak, sexual encounter, and marriage were all with men. My entire life, the "outside" me has only ever expressed a desire for men. However, the "inside" me has always been a little bi curious.

My curiosity about women became apparent during my marriage. Whenever my ex and I would go out, I'd always secretly admire the women I saw. To say I admired them is a modest way of putting it. I gawked at them and had naughty thoughts about them.

Late at night, when my husband would fall asleep, I'd watch lesbian porn. Watching women kissing women was a big turn on for me, and it still is. I'd touch myself underneath the blanket and cum hard. I always wondered what it would be like if I were the star in those videos.

I even had to cut one of my best friends off because I was afraid of hitting on her. I had always found her beautiful but in a friendly way. I can't remember when it happened, but I started lusting after her at some point. That's when I knew it was time to end our friendship.

So, the signs of my attraction to women were always there, but I never considered myself bisexual. Curiosity is what it was, but I never acted on my desires out of respect for my then husband.

Eventually, we got a divorce. I was sad about the collapse of our marriage at first, but then I realized I was free. Free to finally explore my secret desires.

The only problem was that I had no idea how to do that. I spent my whole adult life socializing with traditional, heterosexual women. How do I find women like me? I was clueless until I remembered there was a gay club downtown.

So, one Saturday night, I put on my Sunday best and went there. I had on a mini red leather dress with black high heels. I painted my nails red, curled my hair, and applied light makeup.

When I first walked in, I was in shock. There were blinding neon lights, male and female pole dancers, and people smoking out of pretty rainbow-colored hookah glasses. The bartenders were shirtless, the bottle girls wore bright orange spandex shorts, and everyone just looked super happy and quirky. While there were some people who were dancing on the dance floor, there were also some who were making out.

I had never been in an environment like this before, so I supposed I looked visibly shy and nervous. So, I got a drink to loosen up and sat on the couch.

Out of nowhere, a beautiful woman approached me. She had long, blonde hair, hazel eyes, and small perky tits that sat comfortably in a white crop top. She was "slim-thick" and about 5'6" if I had to guess.

"Hi, my name is Brandy! What's yours?" She asked.

"I'm Lisa. It's nice to meet you, Brandy." I shyly replied.

"First time here, huh?"

"Yeah, how'd you know? Do I stick out like a sore thumb?"

"Haha, yeah, you do, but that's OK… I can help you warm up." She said with a coy smile on her face.

Brandy was a pleasant girl. We ended up talking for an hour. She told me that she was bisexual but was a little more attracted to women than men. She said that she frequented this club often, but I was the first woman she felt drawn to.

I explained to her that I was recently divorced and in the process of finding myself and exploring my secret, bi curious desires.

"Do you want to go upstairs? They have private rooms up there. It might be better to have our conversation there." She suggested.

I hesitated at first but eventually agreed. She led me to a small bedroom upstairs. It was clean and thoughtfully decorated. We sat on the bed and continued talking for a bit. All of a sudden, Brandy kissed me, and I kissed her back. That was the first time I kissed a girl, and it was electrifying.

Our tongues battled for dominance while we touched each other all over. We were both out of breath when we broke the kiss.

"That was hot!" I exclaimed.

"Haha, totally. Do you want to suck my nipples now?"


I took off her crop top and bra and cupped her small boobs in my hands. I was a little nervous, but then I just went in for the kill. I began sucking her nipples. I started with the right one. I sucked, nibbled, and licked around it while I fondled the right one between my thumb and index finger. Then, I switched to the other side and sucked that one too.

"Hmm, that's it. Just like that." Brandy moaned.

I sucked her boobs like a ravenous beast. I didn't know I had that in me. By the time I was done, they were red and sensitive.

"Can I return the favor by eating your pussy?" She asked.

I obliged and laid back on the bed with my legs spread. She put her head between my legs and began licking my pussy lips. She swirled her tongue around them and sucked my clit. I threw my head back and moaned in ecstasy.

"That feels so good… Don't stop."

She continued licking my clit in short flicks. Like me, she was also moaning and breathing hard. At one point, she began tongue fucking my tight hole while rubbing my clit with the right amount of pressure. That's when I came, but we weren't done yet.

We started scissoring each other. Brandy bumped and grinded her clit against mine. Feeling her wet pussy rub against mine was incredible. Our pussies were slippery, and the pressure was intense. Soon, she came, and I came a second time.

She collapsed next to me, and we cuddled for what seemed like ages.

"So, how was it?" She asked.

"I think it's safe to say that I'm officially bisexual."

Since then, I've been proudly living my life as a bisexual woman. My divorce may have been devastating, but being able to live in my truth has been nothing short of amazing.