Torso of a woman in black kinky lingerie holding a BDSM whip and stretching it between her hands.
7 months ago

I Loved The Way She Cracked Her Whip

Summary: My life was good. I had a great job, lots of friends, and a fulfilling sex life. I thought I had everything, that was until I met my Bondage Queen…
Reading time: 5 min

I am very lucky to have some wonderful friends. My best mate John likes to think he is funny. We were sitting in our usual bar one night having a drink, and he announced he had bought us tickets to a sex dungeon the following night. I remember laughing in disbelief, thinking he was joking; he wasn’t.

I was told I was too uptight and that a night of fun in the dungeon would loosen me up a bit. I felt both nervous and excited.

The night arrived, and when we got there, I was surprised that the place looked like any other club. We were ushered downstairs by a hostess, and what we saw was incredible.

Men and women dressed in bondage gear. There were lots of rooms with big windows next to each other, and most doors to the rooms were open. It was quite loud; there were people screaming, moaning, and begging. It obviously turned me on as I had a lump in my trousers as soon as I saw it.

All of a sudden, a woman in a latex catsuit walked up to me, took me by the hand, and led me into one of the rooms.

The woman looked me right in the eye and said:

 “The ‘safe’ word is Stop. I am a dominatrix; you will call me ‘Mistress’ from now on. The outfit you will wear is over there in the corner, and I expect complete obedience. Are you compliant or not?”

I agreed and got changed into some bondage gear that consisted of latex shorts and a vest.

It did feel a bit weird, but it was also exhilarating. I was told to get on my knees. The fact that I didn’t know what was going to happen next was a huge turn-on. My cock was so hard already.

My Mistress had a zip in her crotch area, and she unzipped it, and the flap opened. Her hot pussy was revealed. I felt like I would cum when I saw it. I tried to think unsexy thoughts. No cumming. I wanted to make the most of this experience.

I heard my Mistress whisper in my ear:

“Lick my pussy. I want you to cum without touching yourself.”

I shuffled over to her on my knees, raised my head, and pushed my face in between her legs. My face was wet instantly. I slid my tongue inside of her; she tasted so sweet. 

I was in absolute heaven. I moved my tongue up to her clit; it was rock hard. I flicked it quickly; I was told to stop and slow down and show some restraint. I could feel her muscles tighten and then stop; she was edging herself.

It was at this point she started cracking the whip. I felt a sting on my arse; I was being whipped. I hadn’t realised how close pain was to pleasure. I was licking her hard as I was being whipped. I came in my latex shorts. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. It just happened, but I did come without touching myself. So technically, I had followed my Mistress’ orders.

Instead of Mistress being happy, she was upset I came so quickly, but she said I would learn with her guidance. I would not be punished this time.

“As my sub, I want you to fuck my girl here and cum wherever she tells you to.” 

Mistress then pointed to the girl.

With that, I was told to crawl over to the bed on my knees. I was then stripped and told to lie on the bed. The girl tied my arms to the bed head with bondage rope; she straddled me and started riding me hard. I was in ecstasy; all I could think about was exploding.

The girl slid off my cock and then started sucking me; she looked me right in the eye, licked up and down my shaft, and slid her mouth up and down my cock. At the point I thought I would cum, she stopped and then started again. I had never felt anything like it.

The girl said:

“I want you to fuck me. I am going to untie you now. Mistress said it has to be doggy style.”

Once I was untied, the girl pulled up her latex dress to reveal her naked pussy. Her fingers were sliding in and out, and she was moaning.

Mistress shouted over:

 “Get on with it, fuck each other now.” 

 “Yes, Mistress.”

We both said in tandem.

Once the girl was on her knees, I knelt behind her.

My rock-hard cock slid into her so easily, she was so wet, and her thighs were glistening. I watched as my cock slid in and out. 

I became aware there were other people in the room. Some were watching us; some were fucking, and others were playing with themselves. It looked like a full-on orgy.

I carried on fucking her really fast and really hard, I was moaning, and my balls were slapping her pussy. 

The girl said quietly:

 “I want you to cum inside of me.” 

I was so relieved as I didn’t know how much longer I would have lasted. I felt her pussy convulsing on my cock as she came hard. That made me explode. I came so hard I felt dizzy.

Mistress didn’t give me time to recover; She made me kneel in front of her again. I was still semi-hard, covered in cum, and panting hard. I had just had the time of my life.

“This was a gentle introduction to your new sub life. I expect better from you next time, understand? You may leave now.” 

I nodded and said:

 “Yes, Mistress.”

I left the room exhilarated, shaking and excited.

John had already left, so I grabbed a drink to calm down and got a cab home. I thought about what had happened and how much I loved it. So, I plucked up the courage to join the club as a member. After all, I was told by my Mistress she expected better of me next time, and I know my Bondage Queen will soon whip me into shape…