Shirtless man on top of women in red lingerie. She moans while he kisses her neck. She cups his ass and hugs his neck.
4 months ago

His Pants Couldn't Contain His Glory

Summary: I just went to the gym to get a workout in. The hottie that wore a pair of grey sweatpants that could hardly hide his big dick definitely gave me a workout to remember.
Reading time: 5 min

My New Year's resolutions had me back at the gym again. I didn't have much weight to lose, but I promised myself that this year, I'd fit into my little black dress again. So here I was. Stuck in a room full of sweaty men until I reached that goal.

I was still not too comfortable in the weight section, so I always went at night when it was a bit more quiet. That night, in particular, there were only three other people around. Mister grey sweatpants doing bicep curls was looking rather tasty over in the corner. Not only for how his big sweaty muscles were working out, but the massive cock bulge in his pants wasn't leaving much to the imagination. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

My insecurities got the best of me, though. So instead of asking him to spot me so I could flirt my ass off, I just finished the rest of my hour-long workout, showered, and left.

To my surprise, mister grey sweatpants with the big dick was right behind me when I got on the bus. I sat down at the very back, and he took the empty seat to my left. I flashed a quick smile his way and disappeared behind my phone screen.

"You've been getting a lot fitter since you started."

"What?" I asked, not thinking that he was actually talking to me.

"Yeah, I've noticed you for a while now, actually."

"Oh, thanks." I blushed bright red. "I'm just putting in the work."

"It's paying off." He said as he put his hand on my leg, slowly trailing his finger over my inner thigh.

My heart rate increased from his touch, and I could feel my pussy reacting. I didn't think twice and coerced his hand higher up between my legs. Fingering in public was a bit of a kink of mine, but I've only ever done it to myself. I never had a hot guy do it for me.

His finger slipped behind the material of my panties and slowly slid inside my wet hole. I was about to let out a moan. But without warning, he kissed me to stop me from making a noise and attracting any attention. Unfortunately, giving him a handjob would be out of the question, no matter how much I wanted to return the favour.

"My place is not far from the next stop if you want to keep this going."

I didn't even know who this guy was. But he was so fucking sexy, and my stretched pussy wanted more of him.

We got off together when we reached the next bus stop. It wasn't a far walk, and all I could think about was that big dick of his.

"This is me." He said as he unlocked the front door.

Just like a scene out of a movie, he wrapped an arm around my back and started french kissing me. Our lips never parted as we made our way into his place. I threw my gym bag to the ground and started undressing him. First, I took off his shirt, showing his god-like chiselled body. And next, it was his pants that dropped to the floor.

My hand wrapped around his hard cock to give him that handjob I owed him. He must have been sporting 9 inches at the very least, his dick was that big. I could feel it throbbing in my hand.

I had to let go of his cock so he could use his mouth to remove my panties. He took his time taking my dripping wet panties off. But he made sure to give my soaking pussy a good lick while doing it. He paid special attention to my engorged clit. My back arched from sheer pleasure as he worked his magic on me.

"Fuck you are so good. I could do this forever, but I want your dick inside me now."

"Are you sure you can handle it? Tell me how much you want it."

"Please fuck me, Daddy, I want it so bad." I said kneeling in front of him to beg.

"Dear god, that's so hot."

He sat on the edge of his bed, looking like a marble sculpture that's come to life. His muscles rippled as he lifted one hand and beckoned me closer with just a finger.

"Get on and ride me like you've never fucked anyone before."

"Oh, I'll give you the best dick ride of your life, babe."

I straddled him and, with my tits in his face, lowered myself onto his big dick. My pussy stretched with every inch of him that I took.

"I think you might be too big for me to handle."

"Just relax on it and have fun."

I did just that, and it felt like I took it all in. I started riding it like a champion. The expression on his face showed just how much he loved it. He licked and sucked on my tits as I bounced on his dick. It felt so good to have my insides rearranged by his massive cock.

He laid back on the bed and started thrusting his dick hard and fast into my wet pussy. My nectar was dripping out all over him. He reached to finger and rub my clit while I was still sliding every inch of him inside me. My loud moaning only grew louder. I was lost in pure ecstasy.

"I'm so close to orgasming, keep rubbing my clit just like that."

"Cum for me. I want you to finish off before I do."

"Aaaah, fuck, yeah, that's it right there. Oh my god, yes!"

My entire body convulsed as the sensation of the orgasm shot up in waves from head to toe. I kept riding him until he shot his cum inside me. I collapsed on top of him, and he held me for a moment.

"Who even needs to go to the gym when we could just fuck like this?"