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2 months ago

Apparently Things Like "Chastity Cages" Exist

Summary: My wife became a mistress for the night and introduced me to a chastity cage. The night ended with me being punished for not satisfying her enough.
Reading time: 6 min

"Tonight, I'm your mistress, and you'll do as I say." My wife said.

After a hard day's work, I'd just got out of the shower and joined my wife in the bedroom, in just my towel.

"What is that you have in your hands?"

"Put this on now." She said while slipping it on me before I could stop her.

"What the hell is this?" I asked nervously.

"A cage for your cock, a chastity cage…" She said with a smile on her face. 

I'd never seen one of these things before, and it felt uncomfortable, so I tried to take it off but couldn't.

"What are you playing at? Take it off me now!" I shouted.

"No! Only your mistress has the key. It's here. I'm keeping you locked up for tonight. Now put this blindfold on, these handcuffs too, and lay down on the bed."

I felt a bit weird about what was going on, but I kind of liked the way my partner was being this dominating. Usually, she is submissive, so I reluctantly went along with it. I laid down and then felt her climb above me, squatting a few inches from my face.

‘’Tongue out!’’ She demanded.

With my tongue out, I began to feel splashes of what felt like water hitting my tongue and face. Once I had to swallow, it was a salty but sweet taste, and as soon as she started to moan a little, I knew it was her pussy juice.

"Mistress, that tastes good. Give me more of it."

"Shut up! That's just a taster, mistress is now going to sit next to you and fuck herself with this big girthy dildo, and you can listen to her moan your name."

"No, don't tease me like this!" I begged.

"Mmmm, this dildo is bigger than your pathetic lazy cock! Fuck it feels good!" She giggled.


I begged and begged, but she continued to tease me. Now, leaning over me just enough for me to feel her breathing down my body.

"I'm going to make myself cum…" She whispered in my ear.

"Let me help you!"

"Help me? When we fucked two days ago, I had to finish myself off when you fell asleep from too many whiskeys! Help me? Pfft…!’’

"You are still mad at me for that? Let me make it up to you now!"

"Nope! If only you were capable of what this dildo is capable of, then I'd let you out of your cage, but unfortunately, you aren't. This dildo won't fall asleep on me mid-orgasm…! Let me take your blindfold off so you can watch me fuck myself!"

She then sat in front of me with her legs spread wide open, slowly pushing the dildo in and out while keeping eye contact with me. Then pulling it out and running her tongue around it, looking at me, imitating like it was my cock. Then she pushed it back inside herself.

"Oh fuck! Release me now!" I moaned.

"Shut up so I can enjoy my orgasms!" She said while slapping me round the face with her big wet dildo.

I could feel my dick trying to get hard. I felt helpless, with no room to grow. I just wanted to slide my cock inside her, but she wouldn't release me.

"I'm going to squirt over your chest! She said while standing above me, fucking herself with the dildo, and splashing it towards me as she pulled it out each time.

She started to get loud, moaning my name, while the wet squelching sounds got louder. I couldn't help but beg. I needed that release as my balls were aching.

"Mistress, please unlock me and ride my cock!"

"Begging makes you sound like a right sissy, pathetic, just like your performance the other night! Suck this dildo clean now. Show me how you'd like your cock sucked, you little bitch!"

Although feeling embarrassed, I thought if I did as she asked, she might unlock me and finally let me fuck her. So I wrapped my lips around the dildo and licked around it, sucking off the excess juices while she started pushing it to the back of my throat.

‘’Wait… STOP!" I said while gagging on it.

"Stop? You didn't stop when I gave you a deep throat the other day and gagged, did you?"

"No, but…" Before I could finish, she pushed further, making me gag again.

"Exactly, you pushed more, like this…"

"I'm sorry, mistress!"

"It's too late for sorry! Now turn onto your front!"

I rolled over, face pushed down into the pillow. I waited nervously as to what was going to come next. Suddenly I felt a cold liquid drip down onto my arse cheeks and then her hands massaging it around my entrance.

‘’Now take a big deep breath… Your final punishment awaits!’’

Just as I breathed in, I felt like someone was stretching my arse hole open. It was painful and uncomfortable.

"A nice thick butt plug for you to keep in overnight, with your chastity cage. I might release you in the morning if I hear no moaning."

My wife went straight to sleep, leaving me handcuffed, locked up, and with an uncomfortable plug-in. On top of that, she was lying there with her naked boobs out, I wanted to suck them, but I had to behave. I couldn't get any sleep, so I just laid back and thought about what other BDSM stuff my wife might be into.

Finally, 6 hours later, she woke up. Thankfully, in a better mood.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, mistress, the hard way!"

"Okay, I'm releasing you now, but on one condition…"

"What's that?"

"You fuck my pussy right away and don't stop until I've cum."

"I promise! Unlock me now!"

She unlocked the chastity cage and then released my hands. She started to wank me off, and within seconds I was rock hard. I then grabbed her ankles, pushing her legs back. While licking around her nipple piercing, I pushed my hard cock inside her as deep as I could get, then pulled out and wiped it around her swollen clitoris before pushing back in again.

"Yes! Right there, fuck me faster, or I'll put the cage back on!" She moaned.

I started to pound her pussy, in and out, in circular motions and pushing against her clit with my hand. Her eyes began to roll back, her mouth wide open, and her body started to shake intensely.

"I'm cumming! Don't stop!"

I felt her cum spurt out all over my cock and balls. She pulled me out and immediately sucked my cock to finish me off. It only took a minute for me to cum in her mouth.

As we laid back, both out of breath, I had to ask her…

"So, what other toys or BDSM kinks do you have that I don't know about?"

"Fall asleep on me again, and you might just find out. For now though, it's a secret."