Brunette shirtless woman arching her head backwards and moaning while holding her tits with both hands.
5 months ago

We Found Out What It Takes To Make Her Squirt

Summary: I went for drinks with my trainer, and she brought her good friend along. Her friend and I introduced her to squirting.
Reading time: 5 min

My trainer, Beth, and I had decided to go out for a few drinks after our session for the first time. I was quite excited as she was my type. Her body was incredible. Full of curves, thick thighs, a nice pair of tits and an incredible arse. So far, though, it had always been strictly business for her, even though I did try my best to flirt during our 1 to 1 sessions.

"I hope you don't mind, but my friend Amy is going to meet us at the bar too!"

"Of course not. Is she as hot as you, though?" I laughed.

"Hotter… and she is single too."


Anyway, we got showered at the gym, not together, unfortunately. Once we were ready, we jumped into a taxi and headed straight for the bar. I was in a casual top and a pair of tight jeans. Beth, though, always dressed to impress, in a sexy tight black dress, short and hugging her ass perfectly.

"Jamie, this is Amy!" Beth introduced us.

"Wow, you weren't wrong!"

"Weren't wrong about what?" Amy asked.

"That you were hotter than me!" Beth replied.

 "Don't be silly! Well, we're both hot!" She joked.

"That's true. Let's grab a table and some drinks then!" I said.

Once we sat down, Amy started talking to Beth about a guy she had been seeing and how good the sex was.

"Our connection is good. He is the first guy to make me squirt multiple times through oral sex!"

"Lucky you! I've never squirted before, and I don't think I can!"

"Oh, come on. I'm pretty sure most can squirt with the right man. You just need a real man like me!" I laughed.

"I'm your PT, remember!"

"Sex is the best workout! If I were his PT, I wouldn't be saying no to him." Amy said.

"Thanks, Amy, you tell her!"

The drinks continued to flow, and the more drunk we got, the subject of sex just kept coming up. Amy was mainly the instigator, though, continuously asking us sexual stuff. Beth then needed the toilet, so she left me and Amy alone for a moment.

"Would you ever be up for a threesome?" She asked.

"Depends who with!"

"What about me and Beth?"

"Oh, 100%! You are both sexy as hell!"

Beth came back to see us both smiling.

"Right, I think we should take this back to mine. I only live five minutes down the road; we can walk back, and I have a bottle of wine waiting." Amy said.

"Sounds good to me!" Beth said.

I wasn't going to disagree with that, especially after the question Amy just asked me. It almost felt like a hint. So we all took a stroll back to Amy's. Once we arrived, Beth and I sat on the sofa while Amy poured the drinks.

"Outside of business, you two look like the perfect couple." Amy said.

"Stop trying to set us up!"

"I have to agree with you, Amy." I laughed.

"I think you should kiss now to test the connection."

I took it as an opportunity to lean in towards Beth. She hesitated at first, but then she leaned in, and we locked lips. While we continued to kiss, Amy came over and joined in. We were now 3-way french kissing while Amy helped Beth out of her dress and dropped her bra to the floor. They both started to unbutton my jeans, taking them off and pulling my pants down, releasing my erection.

Amy immediately caressed my balls as Beth wanked me off. I slid my hand down Beth's thong and, with the other hand, began to rub Amy too. They felt wet already, so I began fingering them both, sliding a finger into each, then a second finger, too.

"Lay down on the floor, Jamie. Let Beth sit on your face and lick her clit! I'll be back in a minute."

She returned to see Beth grinding her pussy all over my face. She had a vibrator in her hand and some nipple clamps, too. Placing them immediately on Beth's nipples and passing me the vibrator to hold against her clit.

‘’Ohhhh… Fuck, I love nipple play too!" Beth moaned.

Amy then grabbed hold of Beth's arse, spreading her cheeks and running her tongue around the entrance, rimming her, then pushing a finger inside it.

"Fuck! I've never had my arse licked or fingered. I'm about to orgasm already!"

I felt her pussy contracting, releasing small bursts of salty juices. I knew she was close already.

"Sit on his cock now and ride him!" Amy demanded.

She moved down onto my cock, sliding straight onto it. Leaning down so she could kiss me at the same time, Amy walked off again and came back with a small dildo, pushing it straight inside Beth's arse. Both holes were now filled, and she began to scream louder. Amy didn't stop there, though, she gave her a few hard spanks while continuously fucking her arse with the dildo, and that's when she started to squirt.

"Fuck... I'm going to squirt!"

Streams of juices flowed out all over my cock and body, and her squirting pussy covered me. Beth rolled off onto the floor, almost like she had collapsed, but giggling too.

"Wow! Just wow!"

"We did say you needed a real man!" Amy laughed.

"Maybe I need both, a man and a woman now."

"Not sure a 3-way relationship would work, babes!" I joked.

"Count me out anyway. This was a one-off. I just wanted to show you that you can squirt with the right guy, babe, and now you two can enjoy your time together."

We got cleaned up and dressed. Enjoyed a few more drinks before I left them to it. The next morning, I messaged Beth.

"Does this change our PT relationship?"

"No. But we should have more private PT lessons outside of the gym."

"Sounds perfect to me!"

Later that evening, I had a session scheduled with her. I turned up at the gym, and Beth was the only one at reception.

"The male changing rooms are under maintenance. I'll show you where you can get changed. Follow me."

She walked me up the stairs to a private yoga room and locked the door behind us. She pulled her gym shorts and knickers down and bent over with her hands against the mirror.

"Fuck me hard quickly!"

I dropped my pants and pushed straight inside her. She pushed back as I pushed in, and although it only lasted approximately 3 minutes, we both came simultaneously. It was short but sweet. We returned downstairs for our PT session and acted like nothing happened. 

This has now continued to be a thing, us fucking in random places, all around the gym, and outdoors, all whilst she continues to be my 'professional' trainer, and a very good one too.