Brunette shirtless man and woman pinned against the shower door with their faces close together.
4 months ago

Caught My Best Friend In The Shower

Summary: My boss let me home early on a Friday evening, and I came home to a nice surprise of catching my best friend in the shower. She ended up asking me to join.
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My best friend Lily and I had been sharing our apartment for over a year. Although we didn't see much of each other at home, as we worked different hours, the time we did spend together was well-spent, usually getting takeaways and having movie nights together.

I'd describe our relationship as just excellent friends with a lot in common. We liked the same music, enjoyed a good night out with friends, and were both pretty laid back when it came to relationships in general.

So, it was a Friday evening. Usually, I had work until midnight, but this Friday, my boss let me go home early because I'd recently been doing a lot of hours for him. I was pretty happy with that, as I was in that Friday night party mood. So I drove home to Lily, thinking I'd ask if she wanted to join me on a rare night out together.

As I walked in, I heard the shower going, with a bit of low-key moaning and wet sounds in the mix. Curiosity got the best of me, so I sneakily peeked through the slightly open door. Lily was standing there showering and fingering herself. I stayed and watched for a minute until she suddenly noticed me.

"OH MY GOD! Why are you home already?!" Lily screamed.

"Oh shit! Sorry, well, my boss let me come home early. I was going to ask if you wanted to go out for drinks, but I can see you are a little busy." I smiled while trying not to look at her hot body.

"I was nearly finished. Now I'm just embarrassed!"

"Well, maybe you can watch me jerk off too, then we'll be even?" I joked.

"Actually, it might help. At least we have both seen each other do it then. Go on, get it out and join me in here."

I felt really turned on seeing her shaven pussy and tits out, so I stripped off and joined her in the shower. She then slid her fingers back in and began biting down on her lip, watching me wank at the same time.

"Mmmm, why don't you come closer to me?" She moaned.

I then moved closer, pushing my body up against hers, with my throbbing cock brushing up against the inside of her leg. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her tits. Her erect nipples looked so nice. I just had to wrap my mouth around them and leaned towards her. Before I could suck them, she used her hand to push my head down towards her pussy.

‘’Taste me…’’

Without thinking about the consequences of our friendship, I flicked her clitoris with my tongue, licking all around it and gently sucking on it. She let out a few louder moans and then pulled me up again, grabbing hold of my cock, and putting it into her mouth.

"You never told me you were this good at sucking cock!" I said while fucking her mouth.

The way she looked up at me was so hot, keeping eye contact as she licked and sucked my helmet and then down the full length of my cock. It didn't feel like a friend was sucking my cock, it felt like we had been in a relationship for years, and that's why I just had to fuck her now.

"Let me fuck you!" I said while pulling my dripping cock out of her mouth. 

"Will it ruin our friendship though?" She wiped her mouth.

"No, well, not any more than this would have done already. But for me, nothing will change."

"Okay, let me get on top, though. Sit on the floor."

Lily climbed up on top of me and began riding dick like she'd not had it for months. Wildly dancing on my cock, pushing her bouncing boobs into my face, and rubbing her nipples around my lips. I tried to calm her down so I wouldn't cum so quickly, but she was in full control, and I knew I just had to go with it.

"I never thought I'd be having sex in the shower with you!"

"Me neither, wait, let me fuck you from behind now!" I said while standing up and turning her around.

Placing her hands against the wall and mine on her waist, gently sliding my cock back inside her from behind. I kissed her neck, and then pulling on her hair gently, I started to pound her pussy, harder with every thrust.

"God, your pussy feels so tight!"

"Do it harder!"

Now pushing harder and faster, feeling my hips slap against her arse, and at this point, I just wanted to cum inside her. I was able to control myself for a short while, but then she started to push back into me, and that's when I couldn't stop myself. I began to release the longest cumshot inside her, and even when I pulled out, a load of it went over her arse too. 

"Did you just cum in me?" She said in a shocked voice.

"I couldn't hold it in, why?"

"I'm not on the pill!"

"Oh fuck, why didn't you grab a condom then?"

"I don't know, you had me too horny to think! I'll just take the morning-after pill then!" She said while showering herself off.

I went into the lounge and put a movie on, and once she was finished showering, she came and sat down next to me. At first, it was a bit awkward. Neither of us said a word, but then she cuddled up to me, and things felt pretty natural.

We spent the night sleeping in the same bed, and to my surprise, she woke me up in the morning for sex. Again, she was in charge, riding me until I released another cumshot, but this time she made me wear a condom.

We discussed everything that happened over the next few days, and we decided that because we were single, we'd just continue to satisfy each other's needs by having sex when we both needed it. If either of us found a partner, we agreed that things would just stop and that we'd go back to having our best-friend-type relationship rather than this friends-with-benefits situation that we have now.