Two brunette short-haired women in bed kissing while holding each others' hands.
4 months ago

Movie Night With My Roommate

Summary: I agreed to a movie night to cheer my roommate up after a breakup. But we all know the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else…
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“Perfect. U order the pizza, I’ll bring some wine. See u later!” I texted my roommate, Ari, to confirm our plans for the evening. She’d just broken up with her girlfriend, so I’d agreed to a movie night to distract her from her lack of other suitors.

Ari had moved in 6 months earlier, and I’d been enjoying having her in the apartment. She was tidy and not too loud, but always down for a party or a game night. We bonded over both being in the tech industry and managed to calmly deal with any conflict that arose.

The girlfriend hadn’t been around for long, she’d started coming over about 3 months ago… I think her name was Rose. Rose’s best feature was that she loved cooking, and they’d always invite me to join them for dinner. But it had ended last week, and I figured Ari would appreciate a night in.

I stopped by the grocery store, then made my way back to the apartment and got to the top of the stairs right as the pizza guy was turning to leave. I nodded to him and went inside, greeting Ari with a hug.

“Hey dude, didn’t know what you liked so I got red and white.” I announced, pulling the bottles out of the bag.

“Awesome, one for you and one for me.” She said, sweeping the bottle of white wine out of my hand and heading to the sofa. “I found this movie; it’s got pretty good ratings.” She continued.

“I’m easy, I’ll watch anything as long as the dog doesn’t die.” I said, heading to my room and changing into sweatpants and a vest. Once I was changed, I headed back to the lounge and almost walked into Ari, who was carrying plates and two wine glasses.

“That was a close one! That would’ve been your fault…. I can’t break another one of your glasses!” She laughed. Since moving in, she’d directly or indirectly broken five wine glasses. I didn’t mind, but she was pretty clumsy.

She settled on the couch and hit play on the remote. We watched in comfortable silence, eating pizza and drinking wine. The movie was about a couple who were having marital problems and figuring out how to fix it. It turned out, the solution was a lesbian affair. There had been a few sex scenes so far, it was a very steamy movie.

I’d already started getting turned on by the previous sex scenes when the two women started kissing on the screen. They frantically undressed each other, wasting no time in getting down and dirty. I was fascinated, watching as they fetched a strap on dildo and the wife started fucking the mistress with it. The cinematography was almost porn-like, switching from showing the dildo up close, to the girls kissing.

I shifted and adjusted my sweatpants to hide my growing boner and glanced at Ari. She seemed to absent-mindedly be tracing around her nipple as she watched, her mouth slightly open. Her nipples were both hard and straining against her white vest, and I wondered if she was getting horny too.

Suddenly, she pinched her nipple and her hand slipped into her shorts. I was shocked, and when I looked at her face, she had a mischievous smirk. She’d seen me watching her.

“I can see what you’re hiding there, Joe.” She said, reaching across with her foot and poking my hard-on, which wasn’t as well hidden as I’d thought.

“Give me a break, this lesbian shit is really hot.” I exclaimed, gesturing at the screen where the women were now scissoring.

“You’re preaching to the choir.” Ari smirked as she came in real close and kissed me, her hand coming down to start playing with my cock. I kissed her back and manoeuvred so that we fell back on the couch, her on her back. I pulled off her vest, running my hands over her naked boobs and repeating her earlier motions, circling and twisting and then bending down to suck on her breasts.

I kissed down her stomach and started stimulating her small clitoris, feeling it getting engorged as my lips worked their magic. I started tongue fucking her, tasting her wetness, and trying to get as deep inside her as I could. She moaned and threw her head back, rewarding me with gushing cum.

I straightened up and wiped my mouth, going to her lips again and letting my hands do the talking, fingering vagina like a pro.

“Oh my god, this feels so good… but I need to feel you inside me.” Ari moaned sensually, and I was only too happy to obey.

I lined my hard cock up, and slowly inserted my length into her, gasping because she was so tight. I started thrusting, slowly pulling out, and then pushing myself right in as deep as I could. I moved to start playing with her clit and ramped up the intensity. I thrust faster, hearing her moans getting louder and louder.

I watched her body move, and sensing she was close to cumming, started thrusting a little faster. She screamed, and her creamy squirt coated my balls in her liquids, which set me off. I grunted and spent my seed inside her, feeling her pussy walls tightening with her orgasm. I pulled out of her and watched the creampie oozing out of her, and she stretched her legs in pleasure.


A wine glass fell to the floor. We looked at it, and both burst out laughing.

“This one was NOT my fault.” She yelled, hitting my arm.

“I don’t make the rules Ari, you were the one who touched it.” I teased her, pulling her close into a hug.

“You can pay me back by always supplying the pizza, next time we have a movie night.” I suggested.

“We’re going to have to rewatch this one until we make it to the end.” She said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Sounds good.” I said, knowing that we had many fun nights ahead of us before that would happen.