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1 year ago

Movie Dates With Sex Toys At My Place

Summary: Her boyfriend was coming over for a movie night! She had other plans for how their night would progress though!
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Date Night is my favorite night—a night for fun and pleasure with my favorite boys. When I say my boys, I mean my sexy boyfriend, George, and my sex toy, ‘Brad .’ One of my favorite anal sex toys, and ‘Tom’ is one of the best sex toys for couples I have ever bought in the amazon sex toys section.

My date night ritual is always the same. Run a bath, shave my legs, break out the excellent moisturizer, and wear something really sexy. It works like a charm every time.


I think tonight will be more of a Netflix and chill scenario. So, I draw the curtains. Sorry, Doris from Neighbourhood Watch; you can watch next time if you are lucky, haha.


I put on one of Johnny’s movies and get out my favorite sex toys. I decided on Brad the Impaler (a seven-function Booty Buddy) and Tom Hard-y (a vibrator with an anal attachment and prostate massager). You better bring your ‘A’ game tonight, boys; I am really in the mood. I do have other toys, specific sex toys for women, but I am not in a selfish mood tonight. I have never had to show my boyfriend George how to use sex toys either, and I guess when you know, you know. I am a lucky girl. So definitely not being selfish later.

Sexy undies on, check. Movie on, check. A glass of wine for the lady, don’t mind if I do. I am tingling at the thought of what it is to cum, and I feel juicy already. Just waiting for my boyfriend to arrive now.


There’s a knock, I answer the door, and he says, ‘wow .’ The tight pencil dress I am wearing, with a zip right down the back, has worked its magic. I wiggle towards the sofa. I know he is watching. I told him to ‘Get yourself a drink, babe,’ and let’s watch the movie. ‘George, look next to the beer while you are in the kitchen. I bought you a pressie’.


What I didn’t say earlier is I had been mooching about in an online sex toy store and had bought George a little present.


‘Pop it in, babe. You will love it.’ I had bought him a bullet sex toy ‘it vibrates, and I have an app to control it. ‘I think you will love it.’


George comes in with his beer and sits down, albeit very slowly. I can tell by his face it is already driving him crazy.


It may be the Essex girl in me, but I am drinking white wine with a straw. To tease him even further, my fingers are going up and down the straw, and the sucking when I drink my wine is turning him on to the max. My cunning plan is working.


‘I bought these stockings for you too .” I am all about the giving, aren’t I .” I couldn’t find any matching knickers though’. ‘I hope you don’t mind me not wearing any .’ He cannot resist; his hands pull up my dress and work their way up my thigh. ‘oh my sexy girl, you are so naughty.’


His fingers eagerly find my wet pussy. He is not hanging around tonight. ‘You are so wet.’ I really am too. ‘I have been looking forward to this all day.’ I soon found out his fingers were on a fact-finding mission. George places ‘Tom’ on my clit, which drives me wild. ‘Slow down’ I will cum if you don’t. I am moaning so loud; Doris doesn’t need the curtains to be open to know what is happening. The top of my legs is already moist, so moist, in fact, Torvill and Dean could go skating on them.


I said to George, ‘How is the butt plug working out for you?’ ‘I can bloody see-through time.’ ‘I need to fuck you now; I can’t take any more. I show mercy on him and turn the vibrations down.


‘If you pop Brad inside of me, you can fuck me now.’ I don’t call this toy ‘Brad the Impaler’ for nothing. It isn’t big, but if you like anal, the vibrations take you to another level of ecstasy. If you haven’t found religion yet, you will.


George is well endowed, and I cannot wait for his 8-inch cock to drive hard inside me. He starts moaning, ‘I didn’t think you could get any hotter.’ We are fucking hard on the floor. He squeezes my nipples; he knows I love that. We are both literally on the edge of cumming. ‘Hold it .’ I kiss him deeply. Our tongues are thrashing, and we are both filled with lust.


George said, ‘I can’t hold on, I need to cum’; I looked him right in the eyes, ‘cum baby.’ His mad thrusts made me cum in a second, my body and pussy convulsing. He came a minute after me, so hard, he looked like he would pass out. It took a couple of minutes for his cock to stop cumming.


We are both deep breathing, lying on the floor. Wow, ‘fuck me, that was insane .’ He was right. It was the best yet. The toys were crazy good tonight, literally the best sex toys ever!


I tried to get up, but my legs were like jelly. When I did eventually get up, I cleaned myself in the bathroom and came through. We sat for a bit, in recovery, I think, watching a bit of the now almost-finished movie we were supposed to be watching.


I fancied another drink, so I got up and went into the kitchen. George said, ‘while you are up can you get me a beer’ ‘Oh, and look next to the wine in the fridge. I have bought you a little vibrating present’.

Bloody hell, fuck me, I have unleashed a monster. Help me, ‘Jeepers’!