Shirtless brunette man and woman in bed, hugging each other and kissing passionately.
3 months ago

Cheated On My Wife With Our Babysitter

Summary: His son ended up being asleep by the time he went to pick him up from the babysitter. Luckily she has an idea on how to keep him occupied!
Reading time: 5 min

I pulled up to the babysitter's house, my heart heavy with the weight of my marriage troubles. I had been fighting with my wife for weeks, and I felt like I needed to get away. As I walked up to the door, I noticed that the lights were still on inside. I rang the bell, and after a moment, the door swung open to reveal our babysitter, Emily.

Emily was a petite woman, with short, dark hair and piercing green eyes. She had small tits that I had always found incredibly sexy, despite my wife's larger bust. I could see the outline of her bra through her thin t-shirt, and I felt my cock start to stir in my pants.

"Hey, Mr. Thompson," Emily said, smiling up at me. "Your son is fast asleep in his bedroom. I was just about to turn in myself."

"Oh, okay," I said, trying to push down my growing arousal. "I guess I'll just go in and get him then."

Emily stepped aside to let me in, and I couldn't help but notice the way her jeans hugged her ass as she walked. I followed her into the living room, my eyes fixated on her curves.

"Can I get you something to drink before you go?" Emily asked, turning to face me.

I hesitated for a moment, torn between my desire to get out of there as quickly as possible and my desire to spend more time with Emily. In the end, I decided to stay for a drink.

"Sure, that would be great," I said, trying to sound casual.

Emily nodded and headed into the kitchen. I followed her, my eyes glued to her ass. As she reached up into the cabinet for a glass, I couldn't help but notice the way her t-shirt rode up, revealing a hint of her smooth, pale skin.

I felt my cock start to harden again, and I quickly looked away, trying to focus on anything else. But it was no use. Emily was the only thing I could think about.

As she handed me my drink, our fingers brushed against each other, and I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body. I looked up into her eyes and saw that she was looking at me with a hungry gaze.

Without a word, she stepped closer to me, her body pressing up against mine. I could feel her nipples harden through her shirt, and I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

I leaned down and kissed her, our lips meeting in a passionate embrace. She moaned softly as I ran my hands over her body, feeling the heat of her skin through her clothes.

I reached down and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me and lifting her legs around my waist. I carried her over to the kitchen counter.

I set her down and started to undress her, my hands shaking with anticipation. She helped me, eagerly stripping off her clothes until she was standing before me in nothing but her bra and panties.

I took a moment to admire her small tits, her nipples hard and erect. I reached out and pinched them gently, causing her to moan and writhe beneath my touch.

I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it as she ran her fingers through my hair. I reached down and slipped my hand into her panties, feeling the wetness of her pussy.

I slid a finger inside of her, feeling her tight walls clench around me. She moaned louder, her hips grinding against my hand. I added a second finger, fucking her harder and faster as she begged for more.

I could feel my cock straining against my pants, desperate to be inside of her. I undressed quickly, my eyes never leaving hers.

As I stood before her, completely naked, she looked up at me with a hungry expression. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my hard cock, stroking it slowly as she leaned in to kiss me.

I moaned as she deep-throated me, her lips and tongue working their magic as I reached down and grabbed her, pulling her closer to me.

I picked her up once again and carried her over to the kitchen table, laying her down and spreading her legs. I leaned down and started to eat her out, my tongue exploring every inch of her wet pussy.

She moaned and writhed beneath me, her fingers digging into my hair as I licked and sucked on her clit. I could feel her getting closer to the edge, and I knew I had to be inside of her.

I stood up and positioned myself at her entrance, pushing inside of her slowly at first, then harder and faster as she begged for more. I fucked her deep and hard, our bodies slapping together as we both lost ourselves in the moment.

I reached down and grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples as I fucked her. She moaned louder, her pussy clenching around my cock as she came hard.

I pulled out and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders as I slid back inside of her. I fucked her deep and hard, our bodies slick with sweat as we both reached for our release.

I could feel myself about to cum, and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I reached down and started to play with her clit, rubbing it in slow circles as I fucked her harder and faster.

She moaned and came again, her pussy tightening around my cock as I finally let go, filling her with my seed.

We lay there for a moment, panting and gasping for breath. I pulled out of her and got dressed, my mind racing with guilt and shame.

I knew what I had done was wrong, but I couldn't help the way I felt. I wanted Emily, and I knew I would do anything to have her again.