ginger woman in glasses holding her hands to her mouth while looking forward and two men on each side grab her shoulders.
2 months ago

We Said We Wouldn't Do It Again But Oh Well…

Summary: We always thought we left our swinging days behind, but hey, sometimes you meet the right kind of people!
Reading time: 4 min

It had been years since my wife and I had swung with another couple. We had always been open-minded and experimental in our relationship, but after a few wild experiences, we had decided to settle down and focus on each other. That was until we met Clara and Jake at the bar last night.

My wife and I were having a drink, enjoying each other's company when I noticed Clara and Jake sitting a few stools down. Clara was a stunning woman with long, curly hair and a body that wouldn't quit. Jake was handsome, with piercing blue eyes and a muscular build. They were clearly interested in us, and after some flirty glances and smiles, my wife and I decided to introduce ourselves.

The four of us hit it off immediately, and soon we were laughing and joking like old friends. As the night went on, the conversation turned to our past experiences, and Clara and Jake confessed that they were swingers. My wife and I exchanged a glance, and I could tell she was tempted. We had always said we wouldn't do it again, but there was something about Clara and Jake that made us reconsider.

Before we knew it, we were back at their place, the four of us tangled up in each other's arms. My wife and Clara were kissing passionately, their hands exploring each other's bodies. Jake and I watched, our cocks already hard in our pants.

Clara broke the kiss and looked at Jake and me. "I want to taste you both," she said, her voice husky with desire.

Jake and I stripped off our clothes as Clara and my wife watched. Clara wrapped her lips around Jake's cock, taking him deep into her throat. My wife did the same to me, her tongue swirling around my shaft as she took me all the way in.

I groaned as she deepthroated me, my hands instinctively going to her hair. Clara was doing the same to Jake, pulling his hair as she fucked him with her mouth.

Jake and I looked at each other, our eyes filled with lust. "I want to fuck her mouth," he said, his voice strained.

Clara pulled back, her lips glistening with saliva. "Yes, fuck my mouth," she said, looking up at Jake.

Jake grabbed Clara's head and thrust his cock deep into her throat. She gagged but didn't resist, her eyes watering as he fucked her face. I did the same to my wife, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth as she moaned loudly.

Clara and my wife both reached down and started fingering each other's pussies as Jake and I fucked their mouths. They were moaning and writhing in pleasure, their bodies slick with sweat.

After a few minutes, Jake and I pulled out of their mouths, our cocks glistening with saliva. Clara and my wife looked up at us with expecting eyes.

"I want you to tie me up," Clara said, her voice breathless.

Jake grabbed a length of rope and bound Clara's hands and feet to the bed. My wife and I watched as he spanked her, leaving red handprints on her ass. Clara moaned with pleasure, her body writhing in the ropes.

I climbed onto the bed and spread Clara's legs. My wife grabbed a candle and dripped the wax onto Clara's nipples, making her gasp with pleasure. Jake and I took turns licking and fingering Clara's pussy, making her moan and beg for more.

Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I positioned my cock at Clara's entrance and thrust into her. She moaned loudly as I filled her up, her pussy tight and wet around my shaft.

My wife climbed onto the bed and started fingering Clara's clit as I fucked her. Jake joined in, his tongue swirling around Clara's nipples.

I grabbed Clara's hair and pulled her head back, kissing her deeply as I fucked her harder and harder. She moaned into my mouth, her pussy clenching around my cock.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm gonna cum," Clara moaned, her body shaking with pleasure.

My wife stopped playing with Clara’s clit and sent a look at Jake to let him know she also needed some attention. Jake took a step back from Clara’s nipples and she whined in frustration.

“How bad do you want this?” He asked while he began pumping his cock with his hand while looking at my wife’s naked pussy.

She approached him and pushed him down from his shoulder, straddling him quickly. She then turned to me with a mischievous smile.

“I hope you don’t mind honey, I’ll have some fun with Jake over here.” I felt a chuckle escape my lips. My wife’s so hot.

She began riding Jake’s dick like the sexy minx that she was, and it only made me want to fuck Clara harder.

Both ladies’ breaths started to hitch, and Jake also seemed to be getting closer and closer to the edge.

I felt Clara’s pussy clench around me as she came shortly after, her moans filling the room. My wife and Jake both came at the same time, their bodies shaking with pleasure.

I pulled out of Clara's pussy and came all over her stomach, my hot cum covering her skin.

We all collapsed onto the bed, panting and sweating.

"We said we wouldn't do it again," my wife said, looking at me with a sly smile.

"Oh well," I said, grinning.

We all laughed, already planning our next swinging adventure.