Brunette naked woman wearing purple eye shadow with her face and chest covered in white liquid.
1 year ago

They Gave Me A Mouthful Because I Talked Too Much

Summary: My partner and I love to do kinky things, and we especially love playing with other people. Our sex life took an exciting turn the day we decided to have a bukkake party with me against 21 other guys.
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I was married at some point, but our sex life was nonexistent, so we decided to go our separate ways. A year later, I started dating again and met my sweetheart – Callum. The difference between him and my ex is like day and night. I was lucky if my ex banged me once a month, whereas Callum has a high sex drive and can easily make love to me every day.

What I like the most about our relationship is that it’s unconventional. We’re not monogamous, and we enjoy experimenting with other people. We’ve had threesomes, went to swinger clubs, heck – we’ve even had orgies!

As you can see, we have a very wild sex life, so naturally, I was over the moon when Callum suggested that we try a bukkake orgy. That had been on my sexual bucket list for quite a while, and I was going to bring it up, but he beat me to it. Horny minds think alike!


Luckily, Callum and I have friends with similar interests, so it wasn’t hard to organize this at all. He phoned ten of his mates, and they were all on board with the plan. He also told them that it would be okay if each of them invited one person, which brought the total count to 21, including Callum. Twenty-one guys against little old me. I was dripping with excitement!


The night before our bukkake party, we were lying in bed before Callum turned over and said to me, “Are you sure you can handle this?”. The look of concern in his eyes was evident, and I knew why he was so worried. Yes, we like to experiment and do kinky things, but this was slightly different. This time, I was going to be the main star of the show while he and twenty other men had their dirty way with me.


“Of course, darling – I’ve been wanting to get bukkaked for quite some time now; I just never told you,” I said.

He smiled and chuckled a bit before saying, “I love you, darling.”

I leaned forward and kissed him before replying, “And I love you too, sweetheart,” and with that, we went to sleep.


The next day rolled around quite quickly, and I was busy running around all afternoon trying to get things sorted out for our blowjob bukkake event. I bought alcohol, sheets, a pillow, and a new lingerie set. By the time I came back home, our guests had already started trickling in. I greeted them as I rushed past them, and Callum gave me a little wink as I ran upstairs to get changed. I put on my lingerie and for makeup, I opted for black eyeliner with a sexy shade of red on my lips.


By the time I came downstairs, I had heard Callum giving them a speech. He slammed his drink down and shouted at them, “Alright, you filthy bastards, listen up. My lady here is going to be our dirty cum bucket for the evening. There will be absolutely NO penetration; she’s going to suck our cocks while we wank in her mouth and give her real messy bukkake. We want this whore’s face to look like a sloppy mess by the time we’re done”.


Just hearing him say this made my mouth water, so I rushed out there and asked them all, “Are you ready, boys?”. They all shouted “hell yeah” in unison then the party began.


Slowly and seductively, I set the sheets and pillow down, then got on my knees. Callum put on some bukkake porn in the background to set the atmosphere.


“Who’s going to be the first person to fill my slutty mouth with cum?” I asked, but Callum quickly answered and said, “Hush darling, cum buckets don’t talk.” Hearing this made my clit tingle!


Callum came forward first and whipped out his already hard cock. I gripped his shaft with both hands and started sucking it. Slowly pumping his length with my mouth while looking up into his eyes.

“Mmm, you’re doing great, baby,” he said as he grabbed a fistful of my hair while I bobbed my head up and down. He started banging my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, and making me gag on his cock.

Three more guys circled me, and I sucked their cocks, too, while wanking Callum’s wet sloppy shaft. By this time, my mascara was already draining down my face, and saliva was dripping down the corners of my mouth, smudging my once-perfect red lips. I had already sucked four cocks, and there were seventeen more to go!


More guys surrounded me, and I just kept sucking and wanking. They took turns squeezing my tits and rubbing my pussy too. I wasn’t even looking at their faces. All I saw were hard, wet cocks.


“Suck my balls, you cock loving slut” one said, so I gently sucked his balls into my mouth like a vacuum while stroking his cock.

“Ahhh, yes,” he grunted before holding my head back and wanking over it. I knew what was coming, so I opened my mouth, and before I knew it, he blasted his hot cum all over my face.


All it took was that one guy to get the ball rolling because shortly after, I had guys crowding me from every single angle. Callum stood behind me and rubbed my tits as they all took turns filling my mouth with their sweet loads.

Cum was flying everywhere; it was in my hair, and my eyes burned because there were thick drops of white cream dripping down my eyelids. I even had cum dripping down my cheeks and on top of my breasts, but the majority of it was slowly but surely filling my mouth.


Callum started scooping the cum from the sides of my face and pushing it toward my mouth, filling it even more.


“Keep your mouth open, darling – it’s not time to swallow yet,” he whispered seductively into my ear before standing in front of me. The sight of my cum painted face turned him on like never before. He wanked his cock furiously before dumping the final layer of cum in my mouth and all over my face.


Seeing that all of them had already coated my face, I swallowed the cum concoction in one gulp. It didn’t taste very well, but I thoroughly enjoyed being their cum slut for the evening.


They all cheered and thanked Callum and me for a wonderful evening. After they left, we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up.


“I can’t believe you just did your first massive bukkake – you were brilliant out there, darling,” Callum said as he moved forward to hold me.


“Thank you, sweetheart,” I replied before asking, “I suppose a creampie gangbang is next on the list?”.


Callum looked impressed and said, “Oh, you dirty girl, I love you.”


“And I love you,” I answered while thinking about our next hot adventure!