Opened mouth of a woman with her tongue out while white liquid is being dripped down onto her tongue.
8 days ago

A Blessing In Disguise

Summary: A man and a woman get naughty in the back seat of the car and while the sun is setting her tits get covered in cum.
Reading time: 4 min

It was a little after 8 o'clock, and the sun had just begun to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the beach by the hill. The sound of waves crashing against the shore and the gentle breeze that rustled the leaves of the nearby trees created a serene atmosphere that was both calming and invigorating. It was the perfect setting for what I had in mind.

I glanced over at her, my companion for the evening, a woman of stunning beauty with an insatiable appetite for pleasure. Her long, wavy hair cascaded down her back, framing her face and drawing attention to her big, round tits that threatened to spill out of her low-cut top. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

As if sensing my gaze, she turned to me, her eyes sparkling with desire. "What are you waiting for?" she asked, her voice sultry and inviting. "Let's make the most of this beautiful scenery."

Without a word, I leaned in and captured her lips with mine, our tongues dancing together in a passionate kiss that made my cock twitch with anticipation. She responded eagerly, her hands exploring my body as we shed our clothes, leaving us both naked and breathless in the backseat of the car.

Her tits were even more magnificent than I had imagined, and I couldn't resist the temptation to touch them, to feel their weight in my hands and the warmth of her skin against my fingertips. She moaned softly as I teased her nipples, rolling them between my fingers and tweaking them gently.

"Fuck, you're hot," I murmured, my voice husky with desire. "I can't wait to cover your tits with my cum."

She gasped at my words, her eyes widening with excitement. "Yes," she whispered, her voice dripping with need. "I want to feel your cum on my tits, covering every inch of them."

I couldn't wait any longer. I slid my hand down her body, feeling the softness of her skin beneath my fingertips, and slipped my fingers between her legs. She was already wet, her pussy slick and swollen with desire. I teased her clit, feeling it harden beneath my fingers, as I slid first one, then two fingers inside her.

She moaned louder now, her hips bucking against my hand as I fucked her with my fingers, each thrust driving her closer to the edge. I could feel her muscles clenching around me, her pussy tightening as she neared her climax.

"Come for me, baby," I whispered, my voice barely audible over the sound of our heavy breathing. "I want to feel you come all over my fingers."

With a loud cry, she shattered around me, her orgasm rippling through her body like a wave. I continued to fuck her with my fingers, drawing out every last shiver of pleasure, until she begged me to stop.

"Please, I can't take any more," she panted, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. "I need you inside me."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I positioned myself between her legs, my cock hard and ready, and slid inside her. She was so wet, so tight, that I could feel every inch of her as I filled her completely.

We moved together, our bodies moving in a rhythm that was both primal and instinctual. I could feel myself getting closer to the edge, my balls tightening as I prepared to unleash my load.

"Cum on my tits," she whispered. "I want to feel you cover me with your cum."

With a final, powerful thrust, I came, my cum shooting out of my cock and onto her tits. I watched as it dripped down her skin, coating her nipples and running down the valley between her breasts. She moaned with pleasure, her hands coming up to cup her tits, smearing my cum all over them.

"Yes," she cried, her voice filled with satisfaction. "That's it, baby. Cover me with your cum."

I collapsed onto her, our bodies slick with sweat and cum, our hearts pounding in unison. We lay there for a moment, our breaths slowly returning to normal, as we basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"That was amazing," she whispered, her voice filled with wonder.

"Yes, it was," I agreed, kissing her gently.

She smiled, her eyes shining with happiness. And with that, we got dressed, our bodies still humming with pleasure, and drove away from the beach, our minds filled with memories of our passionate encounter that we would cherish forever.