Brunette girls in the 69 position licking each other's stomachs wearing black panties and white crop tops.
1 year ago

Just Two Girls Who Want To Have Fun

Summary: My wife’s old college friend came to visit us the weekend before my birthday - little did I know that they both had a very messy surprise in store for me!
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Beth was in town. The dreaded, loud, chatty, and obnoxious Beth. I loved my wife and everything about her, and unfortunately, that happened to include her oldest and best friend from college. Beth was nice enough, but she could talk the back legs off of a horse (and probably a millipede as well!).

She and my wife hadn’t seen each other for a while, so I knew a visit was long overdue - it was just a shame that it coincided with the weekend before my 40th birthday. So instead of a romantic sex-filled weekend away with my wife, I would be stuck at home listening to Beth’s stories about her kids, how her boss was a monster, and how she couldn’t find a man. Needless to say, I was counting the days until she took off again.

For some reason, whenever we had company over for a few days, my wife would get incredibly horny. I think it’s the idea of knowing that we can’t fool around that makes her want it more. This weekend was completely different, however. She was a lot more physical than normal, even with Beth around. A hand on the inside of my leg, walking past me and brushing her hand against my cock through my pants, bending over in front of me to pick something up.

There was definitely something in the air. And her clothes didn’t help me behave. She had a great body and could pull anything off, but this weekend, she stuck to short-cut-off jeans and a tight tank top that showed off her firm and ample breasts. Beth seemed to be following the dress code as well, and she was flaunting her body just as much. I’d always thought Beth was attractive but never had any sort of carnal thought about her. But seeing her and my wife sitting close together on our couch, wearing sexy skimpy outfits, was enough to have me cross my legs and constantly need to readjust my growing cock.

While they talked about their usual girly topics, I sat there not listening, and imagined how their bodies would look naked and oiled up, writhing all over each other while they kissed. I was so lost in thought I didn’t even notice they had stopped talking and were both staring at me with a smile.

“Are you having fun over there, big boy?” Beth said to me with a wink.

I looked down and saw that I was rock hard, my cock poking straight up in my sweatpants. My daydream had been so good I’d completely forgotten to cover myself up. With my face bright red and warm, I crossed my legs and gave her an embarrassed smile.

“Oh, come on, babe, it’s perfectly natural. I mean, we didn’t wear these outfits for no reason! We’re only surprised that it’s taken you this long to react to them!” My wife smiled at me and put her leg on Beth’s inner thigh. I could see both of their nipples were rock hard through their tank tops.

“I invited Beth here for your pre-birthday weekend so we could give you a little surprise. You don’t know this, but we used to do more than just play hockey in college! Do you want to see it?”

My mouth was dry, but my cock was leaking precum, causing a dark grey spot to appear in my pants. I nodded and slowly reached down to start rubbing myself.

Beth looked over at my wife and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. Her hand reached over and rubbed her nipple through the material of her shirt, causing my wife to moan softly. I never thought my wife had lesbian tendencies, but I suppose everyone has to have those crazy college years!

I slipped my pants down and continued playing with myself, squeezing my balls while I watched the two girls kissing on the couch across from me. My wife undid her shorts and slid them to the ground, exposing her pussy and showing me how wet she was. She opened her legs to give me a better view, and Beth kissed her way down my wife’s body until she was between her legs. Her tongue darted out and licked my wife’s smooth pink swollen clit. My wife was extremely into clit play, and from what Beth was doing to her, I could see where she learned to love getting a good tongue fuck so much.

Before getting too carried away, my wife leaned over and took off Beth’s top for her, revealing two round and firm breasts. Beth leaned back and took off her shorts while my wife started sucking on her big rose-colored nipples. Beth’s pussy was completely hairless, and she was just as wet and glistening as my wife. While my wife was sucking her nipples, Beth spread out her moist pussy flaps with her fingers and, with the other hand, slowly started fingering herself.

I was getting close to blowing my load at this point. Sweat was beading on my forehead as I vigorously pumped at my cock, breathing heavily and loving the sound of my moans mixing in with theirs.

My wife was the last to get completely naked, and after removing her top, she pushed Beth back on the couch and kissed her again. Seeing pussy grinding on pussy and hearing the wet sounds from all their juices mixing together was sending me over the edge.

When I felt I could not hold it any longer, I got up and walked over to the two naked girls on my couch, fingering and kissing each other. My wife looked up at me and turned her head with her mouth open, waiting for me to shoot my load in her face. Beth followed her example, and as they both fingered each other’s pussies, I shot load after load on their faces. It went in their mouths, on their cheeks, and in their hair. I don’t think I’d ever come as much as I did then! And just when I thought it was done, I heard the sound of a double wet orgasm as they each brought the other to climax while kissing and licking my cum off their faces.

With all of us sweaty and panting, covered in cum I couldn’t help but smile. Having Beth around might just turn this into one of the most memorable birthday weekends I’ve ever had… I guess girls really do just want to have fun!