Man in white shirt and lowered jeans hugging brunette woman who is sitting on a desk with spread legs.
1 year ago

I Told My Wife I Would Be Late Because Something Came Up At Work

Summary: Having it all can become boring after a while. That’s when my sexy personal assistant, Diana, came to revive me from my successful but dull life. One hot look for her eyes, and I felt my desire ignite.
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There’s a particular time in your life when all your dreams and hard work become a reality. You got a beautiful wife with a kid at home. Your mortgage payments are a breeze because you got the Directorial Promotion a couple of years ago, and everything has just fallen into place.


I was at this period of my life, but instead of feeling the exaltation from my success, I was mostly bored. I guess that’s what society calls the critical age. The age when you realize that you want ‘more.’ And my ‘more’ was my sexy personal assistant, Diana. Dressed in a tight, high-waisted pencil skirt that was wrapped around her loose blouse, she kept me horny in the office all day, every day.


Our secret affair started two months ago. Diana was ten years younger than me, and she was the only excitement in my life at the moment. Before her, I have never had an affair. I never really cared about other women because my wife was stunning. However, Diana’s sexy cleavage and seductive looks had enthralled me, and I had become a cheating husband.


So, here I was, sitting at my desk instead of going home, daydreaming all kinds of affair sex stories with my beautiful and desirable personal assistant.


I could see her typing something on the computer from the small window next to the door. As if she knew I was staring at her, she turned around. Her inquisitive look quickly turned into a seductive one. She knew exactly what I wanted, and that was her spread wide for me to feast on her delicious pink pussy.


That’s how I took her the first time. On a late night at the office, after a long and stressful project, she came around the table and offered me a drink. Instead of the liquid in the glass, I opened her legs, placed them on the armrests of my chair, and buried my face in her sweet essence. She screamed in ecstasy for me that night. She was wild and beautiful. In between her little moans and cries, I could hear her pleas to make her come.


It was getting late, and I needed to get home. My wife told me that my parents were coming over for dinner. I needed to clear my thoughts, but I couldn’t think straight with my cock pointing directly at Diana’s back.


I picked up the phone and called my wife.


“Hey honey, are you on your way home?” asked my wife, “Can you pick up two bottles of wine from the store on your way?


“Hi, darling. I’m sorry, but something came up at work. I will be a little late,” I lied to my wife, “But yes, I’ll grab some wine on the way back.”


“Is it going to take long? Should I cancel the dinner?” she asked worryingly.


“No, no, darling. I’ll be home soon. I just need to take care of some business,” What I didn’t tell her was that the business involved Diana’s tight little pussy wrapped around my raging erection.


“Okay, honey,” she said, “Call me when you leave the office, and please don’t take too long, okay?”


I reassured my wife and hung up on her.


Now, it was time to get Diana in here and release some tension.


I called her on the intercom and asked her to come into my office.


She walked in with a smile and asked: “Is it time to go home now?” Her flirty eyes were roaming my body, “I rather enjoy feeling your burning stare on the back of my skull.”


“Has everyone left the office already?” I asked her, ignoring her question.


“Yes, it’s just you… and… me,” she said, taking her time with every word and sauntering towards me.


She put her hands on my desk right in front of me and asked: “Do you want to bend me over the desk, love?”


Oh, God, she was hot, and she was driving me crazy. Just the thought of pounding her pussy was making my precum wet my pants.


“Are you propositioning sex at work, Diana?” I flirted back, “What a naughty, naughty assistant you are. Maybe, I should teach you a lesson?”


She visibly shuttered at my words, and her eyes got a little hazy. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one affected by all the lust in the room.


Diana rose and started raising her skirt. I watched curiously, wondering what she’d do next. She turned her back to me and sat on my desk. In the next moment, she raised her legs and swung around to face me, trapping me between her legs.


“How are you going to make me cum today? With your mouth? With your fingers? Or with your cock?”


“Maybe, I’ll just watch you today,” I teased her.


“Let’s see if you’ll resist the sight,” she said with a wink and spread her legs, resting them on my armrests.


I had a front seat to the most erotic show of my life. She moved her panties aside and caressed her clit. Then, her fingers dipped low, and one disappeared inside her wet pussy. She moaned and threw her head back. Another finger joined in, and her pace sped up. Her whole body was trembling.


I couldn’t take it anymore, so I unbuttoned my pants and took out my cock. My sudden move drew Diana’s attention. Holding my dick in one hand, I caressed her pussy with its head. And then, I dipped my head in her opening until it disappeared inside of her.


I laid her on the desk and started pounding her sweet pussy. She moaned and asked me to go faster. She was very close to climaxing, and her little show made me ready to explode without even touching her. The sounds coming from her lips were pure ecstasy.


It didn’t take us long to scream out our release.


Laying on top of her, sweaty and panting, I had to admit that having my secret affair with Diana had ignited my passion for life again.