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1 year ago

It All Started When I Found That The Cashier At M&S Was My Girlfriend's Ex

Summary: While out shopping for some party food, we ran into my girlfriend’s ex and for the first time, I saw how lucky I was to be dating someone who was bisexual!
Reading time: 6 min

Snow was falling outside the window as we browsed the aisles of M&S, looking for some party snacks. It was my girlfriend’s birthday this coming weekend, and we were having a small get-together with some friends. I wasn’t much of a party animal, but the lockdown had just ended, and she was dying to see everyone again. The things you do for love, eh? As we were walking down the cereal aisle, she suddenly grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

“Look! Over there behind the counter. My ex. I never knew she worked here!”

I looked to where she was pointing, and a tall, attractive brunette with a short pixie cut was helping an elderly couple to pay. I knew that my girlfriend was bisexual and had dated a woman before me, but we never really spoke about our exes. 

“She’s quite pretty. Do you want to say hi or avoid her? Why did you guys break up anyway?”

She sighed and kept walking, “Long story short, she wanted to move to the countryside and settle down. I wasn’t ready for that, and we decided to part ways. There’s no bad blood or anything, but sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had said yes. I would have had a lot more of her mind-blowing sex for sure!”

I looked at her and saw that she was smiling with a naughty glint in her eye. Having a bi-girlfriend was a new experience for me. I’d always loved the idea of two women kissing and doing other things but never got to experience it firsthand. Something about the look in her eye told me that she knew that she was teasing me, and she liked it. Just thinking about it was starting to make my pants feel tight.

“Well, what are we doing over there then? We have pretty much everything we need. Let’s go say hi and see what happens.”

Her eyes lit up at the suggestion, and we walked over to the counter. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. They were like two best friends who hadn’t seen each other in ages, which I suppose was true, in a way. I zoned out a bit as they lowered their voices, excitedly discussing something. Their laughter broke me from my trance, and I saw them both looking at me and smiling.

“Okay. So we were talking, and I know that you’ve never had a threesome before, but what would you say if tonight you could change that? We’re the last people here, and she’s just about to close up. Are you in?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was this really happening? My fantasy was about to become a reality. I was tongue-tied and lost for words.

“Maybe this will help you decide.” 

My girlfriend pushed me closer to the counter, and her ex grabbed my shirt, pulling me towards her and kissing me deeply. She tasted like cherries and mint. Now I know why my girlfriend was such an amazing kisser!

My girlfriend leaned in and joined us, giving me my first experience of a three-way kiss. I was in heaven, and my cock was hard as a rock. I reached down and undid my fly, pulling my cock out, and began to rub myself as we all made out.

“Get over on this side so we can enjoy a taste of that big cock of yours,” her ex commanded as she started to undress, revealing a pair of pale and large tits underneath her uniform. 

We clambered over the counter, and they were both on their knees immediately. Their lips wrapped around my throbbing hard cock, and their double-barrel blowjob almost made me cum immediately. It was so intense. Having their mouths and tongues slobbering all over my cock felt amazing, and seeing their tits rubbing against each other was driving me wild!

I watched as they took off their underwear, still sucking hungrily at my cock. Once they were completely naked started playing with their wet pink pussies. Seeing the girls fingering each other was almost too much for me, and I wanted nothing more than to fuck them.

My girlfriend caught the look on my face and, as if on cue, got on all fours so that I could take her from behind. Her ex moved around in front of her and pushed my girlfriend’s mouth onto her wet love hole. I could have just enjoyed the show and jacked myself then and there. But the way her ass was in the air, and she was making her pussy stick out, was irresistible. Her body language was screaming, ‘put your dick in my pussy,’ and I was only too happy to oblige!

I entered her, shivering with pleasure, and my cock slid past her warm wet lips. She let out a moan as I reached all the way to her magic spot. I began to pump her, long and deep thrusts at first but slowly picking up the pace. Her ex was now sitting down in front of her, fingering herself furiously and moaning loudly while my girlfriend started sucking her tits.

Then it suddenly hit me. We were having sex behind the counter at M&S! Moments before, the elderly couple was buying their groceries, and now my girlfriend was getting pounded while her ex played with herself. I almost laughed out loud at how surreal it was! My thoughts were interrupted by a loud moan from my girlfriend.

“Fuck me harder! Oh my fucking god, I’m getting so close! Don’t stop, babe!”

I picked up the pace even more, and I could feel myself getting close too. My girlfriend had started eating her ex’s pussy again, and from the sound of her moans, the deep tongue fucking she was getting was bringing her to the edge as well.

My whole body tensed up at the same time as I felt my girlfriend’s pussy contract around me. With a scream, her ex squirted all over her face as we both orgasmed so hard I nearly collapsed on top of my girlfriend. My cum dribbled out of her pussy, and her warm squirt ran down my legs. As the contractions slowed and weakened in intensity, my girlfriend pulled me out of her and made out with her ex again, beckoning me to join in.

As she pulled away from us, the taste of her ex lingering on our mouths, she smiled and looked at her ex.


“You know, I’m having a birthday party this weekend. You should come. This was a good warm-up present, but I have some other things in mind for next time. What do you say?”

Her ex laughed and licked her lips. Pushing her short hair out of her eyes, she replied, “To that, I say, why has it taken you so long to invite me over? I’ll be there to give you an extra special present!”