Blonde woman dressed in red and blue stewardess clothes taking off her heels and stretching her leg out.
1 year ago

The Air Stewardess Was More Than Accommodating

Summary: This was it! My one chance to get into Harper & Calvin’s Law Firm. I couldn’t fuck it up, but the anxiety was eating me alive. Thank God for the sexy air stewardess Abby, who knew exactly how to take my mind off and get my head back in the game.
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I haven’t slept well in a week. I wasn’t a young lawyer, but the interview with Harper & Calvin’s Lawyers Firm made me uneasy. They were a prestigious place, and I wanted in.

I received their email last week with an invite for an upcoming interview. Harper & Calvin’s offered to fly me in on their private jet. It couldn’t get better than that. I was just hoping this trip would finally get me exactly where I knew I needed to be.

Entering the aircraft, I was greeted by the tiny heart-shaped ass of the flight attendant. She was trying to get something out of a small compartment at the bottom but jumped up and turned around when she sensed me behind her.

I smiled at her; she was cute when she was shocked.

“I’m so sorry, Sir. I wasn’t expecting you for another 20 minutes,” said the blond air stewardess, “My name’s Abby, and I’ll be the one assisting you today during the flight. Please come in and install yourself.”

“Thank you, Abby,” I replied with a grin.

She was embarrassed, but there was something more in her stare. It looked like Abby was intrigued by my short answer and grin.

I walked inside the aircraft and sat down in one of the empty seats. I chose a row with a pair of seats facing another pair that had no table in between. I needed the legroom, and I wasn’t planning on eating anything. I was too agitated, even though looking at Abby’s sexy legs helped calm my nerves.

The plane took off, and Abby came to ask if I needed anything. I wouldn’t have minded a quick handjob, but I didn’t think that was on the menu, so I asked for a whiskey on the rocks.

Abby walked away and started to prepare the drink at the small kitchenette. I craned my neck to see her better. I would’ve loved to bend her over the kitchenette counter and plunge my cock inside of her. I wondered if she knew how to give a handjob that would blow my mind.


She returned with the drink, and I invited her to keep me company. She looked at me intensely for a moment and then sat across on the facing seats.

“How long have you worked for Harper & Calvin’s?” I asked her.

“I started two years ago,” she replied and looked a bit unsure about how to continue. I waited silently, “It’s not often that they fly such a young and handsome professional. You must have impressed them.”

Her daring honesty was a turn-on, “Is that so? So, do you usually have to serve drinks to dirty old bastards?” I smirked.

She smiled, and her eyes were flirting with me, “Yes, that’s what I usually do.”

I decided to take a chance and said, “Take your top off!”

Her eyes grew bigger for a second as she registered my words. Did I fuck this up? Ah, who cares!

Then, she leaned forward and started unbuttoning her blouse. She had a white lacey bra underneath it, and I could see her nipples poking through the material. Fuck, she was turned on too!

I put a hand on my hard cock and started massaging myself through my pants. Abby’s eyes followed my movements, and I could see that she was contemplating something.

She looked me directly in the eyes and started raising her skirt. Then, she slowly opened her legs and introduced me to a scene from my wettest dreams. She wore stockings that were attached around her waist, and her panties were white and see-through.

She leaned back on the seat, and her hands started snaking down her torso towards her white panties. She flicked her clit a couple of times, and then, her fingers disappeared under the lacey material.

Oh, God! She was fingering herself, and I was going to explode in my pants!

I unfastened my pants and took out my cock. Abby’s movements stopped immediately, and she looked at me.


“Do you want to fuck my tits?” she said.

Her cheeks were rosy now, and she was breathing a little faster.

“Get over here and start cock milking me, Abby!” I said. I hoped I wasn’t too demanding, but the need to feel her sexy tits around my cock was turning me into a caveman.

She sprung from her seat and went down on her knees between my legs. While she was unfastening her bra, she looked at me and licked her lips, “I’d like to see your cum on my tits.”

I couldn’t hold myself back, so I bent down and I started kissing her. She was making my blood boil, and it was nice to think about something other than the interview for a change. This distraction will help me get clear-headed again, and I was welcoming it with all I’ve got.

Abby wrapped her tits around my cock and started sliding them around it. Her head bent down, and I could feel her hot tongue on the tip of my cock.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I was in heaven!

I was lost in the sensation of her mouth and tits when she surprised me further. She wrapped one hand around my hard cock and started pumping it faster. Her other hand started to massage my balls. The movements were bringing me close to the point of ultimate ecstasy.

She sped up, and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I came with a groan all over her beautiful tits. The sight was so erotic.

Air Stewardess Abby has just cleared my mind and got me back in my game. It took me a moment to stop seeing stars. Then, I bent down to her smiling face once again and kissed her. I’ve got this interview in my pocket.