Woman wearing black fishnet stockings and red high heels sitting on a beige couch holding a pink rabbit vibrator.
1 year ago

We Decided We Were Both Done With Men

Summary: My best friend and I had had enough of men and left the party earlier than expected. We then got carried away and created our own little party together with some extra toys involved.
Reading time: 5 min

My best friend Amy invited me to a party for the upcoming weekend. I wasn't really feeling it until she told me that my crush was going. I'd had a soft spot for this guy for roughly 2 years but never had the opportunity to jump on him. I thought this would be my chance, so I said I'd go.  

"Ella, let's go shopping, babe. We can get ourselves something sexy to wear for the party tonight."

"Good idea. I might need some new lingerie to impress him." I giggled.

I ended up getting a nice short dress, a new red silky thong, and a matching bra. Whenever I wore new underwear, it made me feel not just confident but sexy too. Amy also got herself a nice dress that showed off her figure perfectly.

Amy was quite petite, around 5 feet 4, narrow waist and nice perky boobs. She would turn every man's head as soon as she walked into any room. On the other hand, I'm quite the opposite, around 5 feet 8, curvy where it matters, and I have more arse than boobs.

As we got back home, we opened up a bottle of wine whilst we were getting ready. Amy dropped her makeup bag on the floor, and I was surprised to see a vibrator and a dildo roll out. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Amy! I expected a vibrator but not a dildo as well!" I laughed loudly.

"Is it my fault men can't do a good enough job?" She giggled.

"True! You know, the last 3 men I've been with, not even a single orgasm!"

"Really? I could make you orgasm in seconds using just this vibrator." Amy said.

"Well, if I don't get my crush tonight, I might need to rely on you."

"Okay, deal!"

So off we went to the party, I hadn't felt this sexy in a long time, so I was confident I'd get my man. As we turned up to the party, we grabbed ourselves a strong cocktail and started to have a little dance.

"Oh no, don't look at the bar now," Amy said.

Of course, by natural instinct, I turned and looked. My plan was ruined. My crush was already kissing another woman!

"I give up on men! I don't fancy staying. Do you mind if we just go and drink at mine?"

"Of course, let's go!"

As we jumped in the back of the taxi and headed home, Amy opened up her bag and began waving the vibrator at me whilst smiling.

"Amy, I've never actually used one before. What does it feel like?"

"Here, it's quiet anyway. Try it now."

In the back of the taxi, I took her vibrator and held it gently against my thong just where my clitoris was.

"Oh my god! That feels so intense, WOW!" I giggled.

As we pulled up to mine, I couldn't wait to get in. I wanted to see what it felt like with the dildo and vibrator at the same time.

"Give me both now, Amy!" as I closed the door behind us.

I ran up the stairs and jumped onto my bed. I opened up my legs and pulled my thong to one side. I began to rub the vibrator along my enlarged clitoris and slowly pushed the dildo inside my wet pussy. Inch by inch, deeper and deeper, I started to breathe heavily.

"Amy!! I don't need men anymore!!" I shouted.

To my surprise, Amy was standing there at my bedroom door. I was shocked for a second but then continued to push the dildo in deeper.

"Let me help you. Lie back, close your eyes, and relax."

I was too horny to even think about what we were about to do. I just handed her the vibrator and dildo. Whilst she began massaging my clitoris with the vibrator, she helped me out of my dress and bra. She began running her tongue around my firm breasts, teasing my erect nipples and giving me a boob grope.

"Amy, suck my nipples and push the dildo in.."

As the dildo slid inside me, she started to gently suck on my clit, my legs began to shake intensely, and I was already close to cumming.

"Fuck Amy, sit on my face as well," I screamed.

I needed something to concentrate on, and the only thing I could think about was pleasuring her at the same time. She spun around and squatted over my face. I began to tongue fuck her, running my tongue from her pussy to her ass. I could feel her pussy tightening up, and she began squirting over my face. The sweet taste just made me want to continue to eat her out, so that's exactly what I did.

"Wow, Ella, you're better than any man I've had, don't stop!" She screamed.

I felt her pussy tighten up one last time as she let out a huge sigh of relief and cum all over my tongue. Although it felt wrong because she was my good friend, I felt so satisfied knowing I had made her cum.

I thought she wanted to stop, but she interlocked her legs with mine, my vagina rubbing up against hers, scissoring whilst our juices were being mixed. I couldn't believe how stimulating it was. We were looking into each other's eyes, biting our lips as we rocked together, rubbing each other's clitoris until we eventually came at the same time.

"Fuck! I'm cumming again!" Amy moaned.

"Arghh, I am too, don't stop. Finger fuck me!"

As she came, she pushed my legs back above my head and pushed two fingers inside me. Gently sucking my clit as she continued to finger me, my whole body shaking intensely. As my eyes rolled back into my head and I let out a huge scream…

"What the… Amy, I have never squirted before! How did you just do that? My legs are numb!"

"Well, I guess we no longer need men! Are we lesbians now?" She giggled.

"All downhill from now on! Never thought I'd have lesbian sex, let alone with my best friend!" I laughed.

"Bedtime now. I feel exhausted after my lesbian orgasm." Amy joked.

We were then invited to another party the following weekend, but as you probably guessed, we ended up having our own little party, just the two of us with a lot of toys.