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Amateur Pornstar Puts On A Show To Get The Part

Summary: Working as an adult film director certainly has its perks. The biggest definitely has to be interacting with amateurs during casting calls. I’ve met many lovely women, but there’s only been one who left a lasting impression on me.
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I think I have the best job in the world. You see, I am a director for an adult film studio, so I get to interact with hot women on a daily basis. Any sex scene you can think of, I’ve directed it, whether it’s a milf being shagged by her toy boy lover or a tight virgin taking her first cock – I’ve done it all. However, my favorite category of them all has to be casting porn. I’ve met some really nice ladies during my casting calls.

Sometimes, I even get to bang them too. These girls audition for many reasons, the most common one being that they’re just horny nymphos looking for a legal way to have sex and get paid for it at the same time.


One day, I was browsing through our submission book, and there was one girl who caught my eye. Keep in mind we get hundreds of submissions a day. We always ask our applicants to film out a form and attach no more than three photos of themselves. There should be at least one full-body shot in their photo lineup. This really helps to separate the girls with potential from the girls who wouldn’t last a second in the adult industry. 


The girl who caught my eye was nothing short of beautiful. Her name was Stephanie, but everyone called her Steph. She had strawberry red hair that was bone straight and piercing emerald eyes. Her face was covered in freckles, and her lips looked soft and juicy. She was petite in the body but not sickly looking. Her breasts were plump and “cuppable.” She had a small waist and a bubbly booty to match. Her photos gave a “girl next door” impression.

Most of the girls who apply to our studio try too hard to look sexy. They wear the sluttiest clothes with the highest heels you could ever imagine, but not Steph. She could turn heads in a simple t-shirt and jeans.


I knew right away that I wanted to work with her, so I gave her a ring the following day.


“Hello, is this Stephanie?” I asked. The sweetest voice replied and said, “Yes, that’s me.”.


“My name is Mike, and I am calling on behalf of the adult film studio you applied to,” I told her.


There was a short pause before she told me to continue.


“We reviewed your application, liked what we saw, and would like to schedule an audition with you if you’re still interested,’’ I informed her.


She enthusiastically replied, “Yes, of course!”.


And with that, we arranged a date and time. Usually, I don’t have any significant feelings about meeting new female talent, but I could already tell that Steph’s audition was going to be interesting.


On the day of her scene, I picked her up from a park, and together, we drove to a nearby hotel where the cameraman and equipment were already set up. On the way there, she gave her backstory, and my prior conclusion of her was not too far from the truth.

Apparently, she grew up in a strict traditional household where the idea of sex and anything related to sex was frowned upon. She was so excited to move out and finally tried the things she was curious about – one of which was porn.


Shortly after, we get to the hotel, and she makes herself comfortable on the couch while I ask her a few questions to warm her up.


“So, do you think you’re a naughty girl, Steph?” I asked.


She coyly smiled and replied, “I’d like to think I am.”.


My next question to her was, “Why don’t you give me a strip tease and show me how much of a naughty girl you are?”.


She began slowly undressing. Within seconds, she was completely naked, twirling her firm booty around and shaking her tits in front of my face. Just when I thought my cock couldn’t get any harder, she did something I didn’t expect.


She laid down on the couch and started fingering herself.


“Are you sure this is your first audition, Steph?” I couldn’t help but ask. She giggled and said, “Of course it is.”. I watched as she spread her wet lips apart and played with her clit. I couldn’t believe this seemingly timid girl was touching herself and moaning like she was the only person in the room. This was truly one of those “good girl gone bad” moments.


I informed her that this audition required that she works with a male talent, and that would be me.


Her eyes opened wide before saying, “You? You’re the male talent today?”.


“Yes, my dear – will that be an issue?” I replied.


“None at all. I want your cock in my wet pussy.” she said with a look of confidence.


I started unbuckling my pants, and before they were even off, Steph was on her knees in front of me, waiting to suck my cock. She then proceeded to give me a blowjob that topped all the blowjobs I had in the past. Then we started having sex on the couch. I banged her missionary style first before switching to doggy.

I slapped her booty and grabbed a fistful of her hair while I pounded her hard from behind. I usually don’t like pulling hair in sex, but this girl brought out an animalistic side in me.


Then we got into the lotus sex position. Her tits were smashed against my chest, and her legs were wrapped around my waist. She began grinding her pussy back and forth on my cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more pussy grinding, she said, “I want you to cum on my tits.”.


Without hesitation, I pulled out and sprayed her tits with cum while she squeezed them together. Then she took her finger, scooped it up, and ate it.


“Miss. Stephanie, you surely outdid yourself today.” I commended her.


“Does this mean that I got the role?” she gleefully said.


“Oh, you got that and even more,” I replied.


Today, Steph is no longer an amateur, and she’s one of our studio’s highest-rated performers. I haven’t had an amateur perform that well in casting since meeting her. I will never forget how she was able to blow my mind during her first shoot. She definitely set the bar high.