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1 year ago

A Big Fascination With Mirrors

Summary: The new girl at work educates her coworker about the incredible fetish of katoptronophilia which leads them both to a sticky situation.
Reading time: 5 min

"We have a new shipment coming in that needs to be put into storage and checked for damage. Do I have any volunteers?"

I looked up from my coffee and saw the new girl across the room slowly raise her hand. It was her first week, and she was still trying to impress. That will go away, I thought cynically.

"Great! Anyone else?" My manager looked at all of our unenthusiastic faces and settled on mine. She raised her thin drawn-on eyebrows.

"Yeah, sure, I'll help out," I said reluctantly. I hated this job. Nobody dreams of working in a furniture store, but I was doing anything to get myself through university. And at least the new girl is providing some much-needed eye candy.

"Okay, you two will stay late this evening and see to it that everything is put in its right place. I'll leave the keys with you, so just lock up when you're done. And don't break anything. This is a massive order of mirrors. You don't want years of bad luck - or for the breakage to come out of your wages!"


I forced a smile and drank the last of my coffee. The rest of the shift passed by in an uneventful blur, and when I looked again, the new girl and I were the only ones left. I locked the front door and made my way back to the loading area. She followed closely behind.

The loading room was normally bare, but it had been transformed into a room of mirrors. All shapes and sizes lined the walls, and my tired face looked back at me from all angles. It also gave me a chance to check her out without her noticing. She was maybe 21 or 22, blonde and busty. She didn't wear make-up but didn't need to. Her trainee uniform was slightly too small, but she didn't seem to mind.


"How do you want to start? Small ones first and then onto the bigger ones?"

"Have you heard of katoptronophilia before?"


She wasn't listening to me. A large ornate gold-framed mirror was in front of her, and she caressed it gently, looking at me in the reflection.

"Sorry, what?"


"Katoptronophilia. It's a fetish - when you have sex in front of a mirror. I've always been fascinated by it, but I've never tried it out."

I could feel my face burning bright red, and my blood started to flow to my crotch. Was this really happening? Was she really about to live out her mirror fetish fantasy with me? Well, I sure as hell wasn't going to say no!


"I've never heard of it, no. It sounds interesting, though. Tell me more. Or you can show me if you're brave enough."


Her laugh chimed like bells, and she gave me a wink. Slowly she turned to face the mirror and unbuttoned her work shirt, revealing two plump breasts. I was impressed to see she wasn't wearing a bra. She maintained eye contact with me as she bent over and slid her pants down. Again, no underwear. She must have taken them off throughout the day. It's almost like she knew this would happen.


"I love seeing bodies reflected in mirrors. All the different types of sex positions people try somehow look even more erotic when there is a double or triple image of it. Mirror porn gets me so wet…."


As she was talking, she sat down on the floor and spread her legs. There was a light patch of hair above her pussy. She slid a finger inside her and moaned softly while watching herself. I walked over to her and unzipped my pants. My throbbing cock was glad to be free of its restraints. Her head turned to me, and I pushed my cock against her perfect lips. I could see my precum glistening in her mouth, and it made more leak from the tip.


She had two fingers inside her now and was fingering herself harder and deeper. I thrust my cock into her mouth, and she took all of it until my balls bounced off her chin. I groaned loudly and reached up to pinch my nipples while her tongue and throat massaged my cock as I pumped back and forth.


While she deep-throated me and finger fucked herself, I looked around and saw us from dozens of different angles. She was right. This was fucking hot. I could see a side profile of her big tits, bouncing gently as I fucked her mouth and she fingered herself. In another, I saw my ass contract and squeeze as I pumped in and out of her, my balls swinging back and forth. And there, in front of us and framed in gold, I could see her perfect pussy and the joy on her face of living out her fantasy.


Our eyes connected in the mirror, and her muffled moaning got louder. One hand had made its way to my balls and was massaging. She was sucking so hard it was like she was trying to suck my soul out through my cock! I was getting closer with everything thrust, and from the way she was working away at herself, I knew she was close too.


With a loud moan that was almost a scream, she orgasmed and squirted all over the mirror. Milky white rivulets ran down our reflection, and she kept fingering, making her squirt more and more. The sight of her making a mess of our reflection set me over the edge, and I grabbed the back of her head, pushing my cock deep down her throat as I came. She could not swallow fast enough to keep up with how much I was cumming, and it ran down the side of her mouth and down her tits.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked the last drop off my sensitive tip, sending shudders through my body. Her wet hand reached up to me, and I licked off her fingers, tasting her sweet cum. Her face had a satisfied but mischievous look on it.


"You know, if we don't finish the work tonight, we're probably going to have to come back and do it again."


I smiled and kissed her on the lips, enjoying the taste of both of us mixing together.

"I think you're right, and I think I have a new fetish!"