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1 year ago

My Husband Was Spending The Weekend With His Mates

Summary: When my husband decided to go away with his friends for the entire weekend, without giving me any notice.. I didn’t see it as a loss, I saw it as an opportunity to have my own fun and it was definitely worth it!
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When I first met my husband, not only was he wealthy and handsome, but he would always make sure I felt like a priority. He would spoil me with gifts, but he’d always choose a night with me over his friends, mainly because we’d always have passionate, playful sex on a regular basis. But you know how long-term relationships go, the spark goes, and the sex seems to be more of a chore. When it did happen, it lasted about ten minutes. 

Anyway, it was a Friday evening, and I’d just got home from a tiring week of work. I was hoping he might have had a bath run for me and dinner sorted, but I couldn’t have been any more wrong! 

‘’Babe, someone dropped out of Andy’s stag, so I said I’d take their place,’’ he said. 

‘’When and where?’’

‘’Bournemouth, leaving now and getting back on Sunday!’’ 

‘’Thanks for the notice! Okay, just go. I’m going for a shower! See you Sunday!’’ I said angrily whilst walking away. 

The cheeky thing left without even giving me a kiss goodbye, so out of spite, I decided to give my work colleague a call to see if he wanted to come over for a drink. His name was Joe, a little younger, and although he flirts with me a lot at work, we were just good friends.

‘’Joe, he has pissed me off again. Fancy coming to mine for a drink?’’

‘’Go on then, pour the drinks, and I’ll be there in ten minutes!’’ 

I quickly jumped in the shower and got washed. As I was standing in front of my large bathroom mirror, brushing my hair, I heard a knock on the door. I quickly threw on my bathrobe and went down to answer it. 

‘’Excuse the bathrobe. I needed a quick shower! Come on in.’’ 

‘’You should have said so. I’d have jumped in the shower with you.’’ He laughed.

‘’Don’t tease me. I’m not in the mood. Gin and tonic?’’ 

‘’Yes! Make it strong! You look incredible, by the way.’’ As he gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

Whilst we were talking, I was standing in front of the mirror in the lounge, drying my hair. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, staring at my arse. I didn’t mind, though. I was annoyed with my husband and had the urge to have some fun. I felt like I wanted to be a naughty, cheating wife, so I went along with it for now. 

‘’Joe, come undo this necklace for me, please.’’ 


As he stood behind me, we made eye contact through the mirror and froze for a minute. He then stepped closer and kissed my neck gently. 

‘’Oh Joe, don’t..’’ I said whilst holding his head there. ‘’Ah, go on, kiss me again!’’ 

He then kissed me on the lips, I couldn’t resist, so I started to kiss him back whilst I took his top off. My bathrobe dropped to the floor, and his hands started working around my pussy, teasing my clit as well. I then yanked his shorts down and began wanking him off. Within seconds, my hands were covered in his pre cum.  

‘’I’ve always wanted to fuck you!’’ He whispered whilst running his tongue down my neck. 

He stopped at my 36c breasts, which were still as perky as they had always been. His tongue began working around my sensitive erect nipples, which made me force his head down lower.

‘’Eat my pussy!’’ I begged.

I pushed the back of his head in towards my pussy, and he was now gently sucking on my clit. He then began finger fucking me, three fingers sliding in and out. I needed to cum already. Not only could I feel my juices dripping down my legs, but I could now hear the wet squelching sounds as my legs began to shake intensely. 

But I wanted to return the favor… 

So I dropped to my knees whilst grabbing his cock and directing it towards my mouth. I began rolling and flicking my tongue around the helmet of his cock. My eyes began to water as he started to fuck my mouth, I gagged a little bit, but I continued to suck. I had one of my hands playing with his balls, and the other hand was fingering my pussy. 

‘’Fuck me now!’’ I said whilst standing up and placing my hands against the wall. 

He now had me bent over slightly with his hands on my hips. He then slowly pushed his cock inside my pussy, all eight inches of it. I couldn’t help but moan a little as I wasn’t used to that size. My husband was only six inches.

We were now having sex against the wall, and he was pulling on my hair gently. I wanted him to be rougher, though, so I begged for more. 

‘’Pull it harder, fuck me as you mean it!’’ as I began to breathe heavily. 

Some long, hard, deep thrusts and my legs began to buckle. I needed to change position, so I dropped to all fours. 

‘’My husband never wanted anal….’’ I looked back and smiled whilst spreading my cheeks.  

Without hesitation, he grabbed my arse. His cock was covered in a mix of my juices and saliva, so we didn’t need any lube. He just pushed straight in and tried going for it. 

‘’No! Slower!’’ I said whilst trying to handle the pain. 

The only thing my arse was used to was the butt plug I sometimes used when masturbating. I had to start fingering myself as he was fucking my arse just so the pleasure would overtake the pain.

‘’Fuck! I’m going to squirt! Don’t stop!’’

I started to feel a river of juices flowing out all the way down my legs, the orgasm was so intense my whole body was shaking, and I couldn’t do anything but scream his name. 

‘’Joe! Joe! Joe!’’ 

‘’It’s so tight. I need to cum as well. Where do you want it?’’ He asked whilst pulling out. 

‘’Cum on my tits!’’ 

I immediately began sucking his cock again, and just as I pulled away to wank him off, he let out a moan, and without warning, he erupted... I now had thick creamy cum dripping down my face! 

‘’Sorry!’’ He laughed. 

‘’I feel like a creamy dessert.’’ I giggled whilst swallowing and wiping the rest off. 

I walked upstairs to clean myself up properly and put some clothes on. I then came down to finish the drinks we poured and to see if Joe was staying the night. 

‘’Well, how do you feel about dating a younger man now, babe?’’ 

‘’Wasn’t this a one-night stand then? Not sure my husband would approve of an affair.’’ I said whilst laughing. 

‘’A discreet affair, he won’t know!’’ whilst rubbing my leg. 

‘’Well, maybe, cheating on my husband has definitely been worth it! Be careful where you touch now. Otherwise, I’ll be ready for round two in a few minutes!’’ 

Once we had finished our drinks, we both decided it would be a sensible choice if he didn’t stay the night just in case my husband came back early. But I now regularly push the husband to go away with his friends more often, and let’s just say me and Joe have had a lot of naughty encounters together. 

But just as friends… with a lot of benefits.