Brunette and blonde girls kissing in their lingerie on a bed and hand of a man holding red rose approaching them.
9 months ago

Met A Lesbian Couple On Tinder

Summary: Sometimes it sounds too good to be true when you hear about a Lesbian couple online needing a man. But for me, it became a reality. I couldn't believe it!
Reading time: 6 min

Whilst growing up, I had a habit of doing the whole online sex thing just because I could speak openly to people about my sexual likes without being judged. 

I've always been a man full of many fantasies, but the one that I always thought about was 2 girls having sex with a man, with the man feeling helpless whilst being dominated by both. 

One evening I was alone and bored, so I opened Tinder and had a swipe. Not knowing what I was looking for, I just wanted to look at half-naked women and kind of hoped for at least one Tinder match who I could have a flirt with tonight. 


Two hot girls in great shape. I thought they looked like friends, so obviously, I was curious as to which one said yes to me. 

'Hi guys, we're Gemma and Lauren. We're a lesbian couple, but we want to experience something different. We need one man to dominate. Up for it?'

Their profile looked too good to be true. I thought it had to be a catfish! But being male, I was still excited and curious, so I began to write a message. 

Whilst writing, a message popped up from them. 

"Hi, cutie, Gemma here. Did you read our profile properly? Do you think you can handle us?" 

"Hi, actually, yes, I thought you both looked stunning. Curious as to why you need a man?" I said. 

"Would you not rather ask us that in person over a drink? Why don't you invite us round and see." Gemma said. 

To me, it sounded far too good to be true. I'd read threesome stories online that involved lesbian couples, but did I think it actually happened? Not really, but what's the worst that can happen. 

"Well, if you both aren't busy, I'm on the whiskey, so you can join if you like?" I said.

"Lauren said she is up for a few drinks, let us know where, and we will come round." Gemma said. 

Whilst downing a few whiskeys, waiting for them to turn up, I imagined what my friends would think if I had a threesome with 2 lesbians, they'd not believe me. 

Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on the door, so I opened it in just my shorts and t-shirt. 

"He looks even better in person, doesn't he?" Gemma said to Lauren whilst giggling as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

"Well, pour us a drink then, darling, whilst we get comfortable." Lauren said. 

Gemma was in a nice short dress. She had lovely long legs and a spicy big butt. Lauren, on the other hand, she was petite with plump tits. Between the two of them, she was the mould of a perfect woman.  

I poured them a couple of wines, I had my whiskey, and decided to sit on the sofa opposite them. I was a bit awkward, though, as I didn't know what they expected of me. 

"No, honey, come sit over here between us and let us get to know you better." Gemma said confidently. 

As I sat down, Gemma immediately grabbed my hand and placed it quite high up the inside of her leg. Lauren gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and whispered to me. 

"Relax, we'll look after you tonight." She said whilst she rubbed between my legs. 

At this point, I had a raging hard-on. Lauren continued to rub me as Gemma opened her legs. She pulled my hand closer toward her pussy, she had no knickers on, and it was already soaking wet. She pushed my finger inside with hers, then Lauren grabbed both our hands and sucked our fingers dry.

They smiled at each other and asked me to stand up. They dropped to their knees and pulled my shorts down. A double barrel blowjob? Surely not, I thought! But Lauren started licking my balls, Gemma licking around my shaft, both licking and sucking my cock as they kissed between each lick.   

Lauren then grabbed some oil from her bag and began to trickle some down her body. She lay down and told me to sit on her. She wanted to be tittyfucked. As I push my cock between her oiled-up tits, Gemma squats above Lauren's face and makes her lick her pussy. I was so turned on that I felt like I could have cum, but I didn't want this threesome to end yet. 

"Mmm, I think I'm ready now, Lauren." Gemma said as she let out some gentle moans.

Lauren then sat down on the sofa with her legs spread wide open whilst rubbing herself, and Gemma began to lick her pussy whilst bent over. I was standing there thinking, what do I do now? Do I just watch?

"Come fuck me now!" Gemma said as she continued to lick Lauren. 

I've always thought about threesome positions like this but never did I think it would be with two lesbians. I never thought I would hear a hot lesbian tell me she wanted deep penetration from me.  

So I grabbed onto her arse and slid in slowly. Gemma let out a few louder moans.

"Deeper now! Fuck me hard!" she said. 

So I go for it, my balls slapping against her big arse. She was letting out loud erotic screams as her pussy started contracting around my throbbing cock. She felt so tight now. 

"Ahhhh, I've cum! Lauren, switch with me!" she said. 

I couldn't believe it. But, soon, it was Lauren's turn. But Lauren sits me down, climbs on top, and reverse cowgirls me. Her tits in my face with Gemma behind her licking her enlarged clitoris as she slowly rides me. 

"Make me cum, make me cum!" Lauren screams. 

"Yessss, ah!" Lauren squirts all over Gemma's face. 

"Now let us finish you off. Lauren loves facials too." Gemma said. 

They both started to lick my cock whilst wanking me off in front of their faces, mouths open almost like they were begging for it. That was the final straw I couldn't hold any longer.

‘’Arghhhh, you girls… wow!’’ I said. As I unloaded myself on both of their faces. 

Both of them giggled as they began to clean themselves up. 

"You did well. I told you we'd look after you tonight." Lauren said as she gave me a kiss goodbye. 

"I was impressed. Maybe we'll be back sometime soon, but with extra needs." Gemma said as she walked away. 

As I closed the door and rolled into bed, lying back wondering how that just happened. It was better than any of the threesome sex stories I had read about online. I felt fulfilled.

I wake up the next morning, and the first thing I do is open Tinder to check if they're still showing as a match. 

"Round 2 tonight if you have no other plans, big boy? Love Gemma and Lauren.."  

Of course, I had no plans. I wanted another threesome.