Blonde woman in black lace underwear, biting and pulling on the black panties of another woman bent over in front of her.
10 months ago

The Evolution Of Our Office Flirting

Summary: What could possibly happen when two lesbians get locked up in an office by mistake and end up staying the night? These are the series of events that led up to that moment...
Reading time: 5 min

Learning to keep my flirting urges at bay anytime I encountered a hot, beautiful, slender woman was becoming increasingly difficult. I had just turned 30, recently came out to my friends, and only had a few lesbian encounters. I guess you could say I was a late bloomer!

Going out to clubs with friends, I'd always manage to get myself hitting on the sexiest of women, but at the cost of being stupidly drunk. Which in turn scared them away. But this was all about to change when I started my new office job...

"Welcome to your first day, Mia! I hope you feel right at home here." My new general manager said to me as he beckoned me in through the office's front doors.

I had just landed a new job at a big insurance firm, with a staff count of around 50 people, and the office floor was huge. But as I looked around, I couldn't see another woman anywhere.

"Thank you so much! But I'm just wondering, am I the only woman here then?" I asked, feeling slightly crestfallen.

"Oh, don't worry, there's another woman that works here! Robin is our secretary at the back. She barely speaks to any of the guys, so she could do with another female friend!" The manager replied.

"Another woman named Robin, who doesn't like to speak to guys? This could only mean one thing!" I thought to myself as a smile came across my face.

People started to come through to the office floor, as the day had just begun, so I quickly found my desk cubicle near the back of the room. From where I sat, I had a clear view of the hallway, where people would walk through, going to their desks. 

Then suddenly, I noticed the most exotic, alluring, petite woman I'd set my eyes on. It was Robin! In descending order, my eyes noticed she had short blonde hair, and brown eyes, wearing a white blouse and a pencil skirt with heels. Our eyes met for a moment, then she smiled.

"Play it cool, Mia. You've got this!" I thought to myself as I smiled back at her, feeling flustered.

And from this point on, I knew that the evolution of our office flirting had just begun. Every morning she came through the hallway, we held each other's gaze slightly longer than anyone else's in the office as we exchanged smiles. Then the compliments started...

"Well, don't you look dashing, Mia! I hope you're having a great day." She said to me as she walked past me one lunchtime.

"Oh, you're too kind, Robin, but you're the stunning one! My day couldn't be better, thanks." I managed to say to her as butterflies erupted in my chest.

She chuckled to herself as she continued walking away, giving me a glimpse of her peachy, perfect ass. Robin had this uplifting effect on me. I was feeling more confident and comfortable flirting with her. But then the evolution continued...

"How do I look today, Mia? I'm feeling a bit under the weather, to be honest." Robin murmured to me one morning as she came through the hallway.

"You look absolutely stunning as always, hun! Keep your chin up. Maybe a hug will make you feel better?" I suggested with a warm smile and open arms.

She then smiled back at me with her hypnotic eyes and wrapped both of her arms around me in a kind of warm but tight bear hug. I could smell her sweet, intoxicating vanilla aroma. Then she leaned in towards my ear...

"I know an even better way that you could make me feel better. At the end of the day." She whispered to me as one of her hands dropped to my ass. Slightly squeezing it.

Then, she broke away from the hug and walked away to her desk, giving me a fleeting wink as she sat down. My heart was beating fast, my face was feeling hot, and my brain was in a haze. Did she suggest what I thought she was suggesting? 

Throughout the day, I couldn't stop thinking of her smell, her squeeze on my ass, and that final wink. It was making me fall behind on my work, so I had to catch up, resulting in me not seeing her at lunch.

"Alright, team, it's been a pleasure! See you all on Monday!" I heard our general manager bellow across the hall as he had finished early for the weekend. 

Sometime later, everyone else was leaving the office, and before I knew it, there was complete silence. Everyone had almost left. I left my things at my desk and made my way toward Robins direction. She was sitting there, waiting for me.

"Funny seeing you here, Mia! Haha, I've had a burning question on my mind all day, have you ever had lesbian sex?" She seductively whispered as I held her gaze.

"Um, not that I can recall. Why do you ask?" I said, smiling. A ferocious fire erupted in my chest. But I kept my cool.

"Well, there's a first for everything, isn't there?" And as these words left her mouth, she jumped to her feet from her chair and leaped towards me.

We instantly started deep french kissing, tongues frantically stroking one another, our hands running through each other's hair.

"You're damn sexy, Robin. How could I ever resist!" I gasped in-between kissing.

She then broke away from me, and stepped back, where she sat on her desk. She looked at me with fiery eyes and broke open her white blouse, squeezing her small perky tits.

"What can I say, Mia? I just have that way about me. Suck my nipples, sugar!" She insisted. 

I moved forward towards her, one hand around the back of her neck, the other cupping her breast as I gladly sucked it. It tasted divine. 

"I should totally finger her pussy!" My inside voice said as I was already thinking of the next step, whilst I heard her softly moan. I was already soaking wet.

Perhaps she could read my mind because she then grabbed my hand, and slipped it under her skirt, pressing it on her wet, silky-smooth pussy. 

But then, as my fingers were having a party in Robin's pussy, we heard the office cleaner close and lock the office door in the distance. We thought we were alone!

"I guess we'll be scissoring in here 'til the morning." I exclaimed to Robin with a hearty smile.