Woman leaning against a wood railing getting kissed on the chest by a bearded man pushing her against the railing.
1 year ago

A Quiet Date In The Park Turned Into A Public Sex Session

Summary: Things get hot and steamy when a date in the park gets passionate, with a surprise at the end that guarantees another date!
Reading time: 5 min

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach going crazy, and my palms were sweaty. I really liked this girl. I mean, sure, we've only had two dates so far, but there was just something about her that I found irresistible. Maybe it was her charm or her wit. Or how she carried herself with carefree confidence. Or maybe it was her voluptuous tits and sexy curves. Yeah, it was probably that - but the other things, too, I guess.


It was our third date, and the weather had been so amazing lately that we thought a picnic in the park would be a great idea. I had arrived early to set up, and now it was just a matter of time before her curvaceous hips were going to be mere inches from my hand. I wore a loose white cotton button-up and some shorts, no underwear, of course. In heat like this, I liked to go commando.


The spot I chose was under a massive oak tree on the edge of the woods, far away from all the families enjoying their day out. I wasn't planning on it, but if things headed that way, this was one of the most secluded places to have sex. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the dappled sunlight on my face, fantasizing about public sex porn and having sex in public with her. I've always had a fetish for public sex, and park sex was definitely on my bucket list.


"Is that a banana in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

A soft voice woke me from my daydream. There she was, outlined against the blue sky. She was stunning. She had wavy brown hair and twinkling green eyes, and her body was incredible. She wore the right dress for it, too, a short light green summer skirt that hugged every inch of her fit body and made her tits look even bigger. I looked down and saw that I had a raging erection.


"Well, it's not a banana, but I am very happy to see you," I said with a sheepish grin, feeling my face go red. She sat down next to me, put her hand on my inner thigh, and gave me a deep kiss. Her hand slowly moved up and started massaging my cock through my pants.

"You picked a great spot," she said, still massaging me," I've always wanted to have sex outside in public. I have a huge fetish for being watched."


I couldn't believe my ears. This was actually happening! My cock was starting to leak precum from how she was massaging me, and as if on cue, she unzipped my pants and set my cock free. Her fingers traced around the wet tip of my helmet, sending shivers through my body and making me moan. Without hesitation, she leaned over and took me in her perfect lips. Her mouth was incredible, and she knew exactly what to do. One hand massaged my heavy cum-filled balls while the other stroked the base of my cock as she gave me a wet and sloppy blowjob. The occasional gagging sound she made as she went a bit too deep was driving me wild (and did wonders for my ego). I had a big cock, but she made me feel even bigger.


Her tongue slithered all around my cock, and her cheeks massaged me as she sucked me. I reached over and slid my hand down her dress. I felt her rock-hard nipples and gave them a squeeze and a rub, making her moan softly as she sucked me off. I was getting close to cumming when she stopped and smiled at me.

"Not so fast big boy. I haven't had my fun yet! Why don't you be a gentleman and return the favor?"


With a smile on my face and cock still throbbing from being so close to the edge, I pushed her back and lifted her dress. Her pink pussy was soaking wet already and gleaned in the sunlight, just begging me to dive in. I teased her clit with my tongue, flicking it gently and then moving to suck it as she moaned loudly. Her hand went to the back of my head, and she pushed me in deeper, her tight pussy enveloping my tongue and her juices running down my throat. Getting caught having sex in public wasn't really something I wanted to experience, but she was moaning so loudly it was like she was hoping it would happen.


She pushed me off of her and hoisted her dress up around her waist. Keeping eye contact with me, she got on my lap and slowly eased her pussy onto my rock-hard cock. I moaned as her tight lips squeezed over my head and down my shaft. I gave her exposed nipples a nibble as she started riding me. Her breathing became heavier, and as she picked up the pace, I began thrusting hard. I was fucking her deep and loving the wet slapping noises our bodies were making, and she leaned down slightly to kiss me. Our tongues danced over each other as my thick cock slid in and out of her, making her moan and whimper with pleasure.

"Fuck you're going to make me squirt! Don't stop now, fuck me harder! I want you to cum inside me!"

Our bodies were drenched with sweat from the summer heat, but mainly from the sheer exertion of fucking. My balls tensed up, and I could feel the contractions start. At the same time, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as we both exploded. Her pussy tensed around me as her orgasm coursed through her body. My cum mixed with her squirting juices seeped out of her as I slowed my thrusts. I gently massaged her pussy with my cock, loving how sensitive my helmet was in her warm wet cave. I kissed her once more before we collapsed on top of each other.


"Holy fuck, that was incredible," I said breathlessly.


"We weren't alone either, by the way," she said with a glint in her eye, "Look over there."


I turned to where she was pointing, and there, partly hidden in the bushes, was another couple, having sex up against a tree and in full view of us.

"Thanks for the show. Next time we should do a double date!" the man called over as he pounded away at his partner, a look of sheer bliss on her sweaty face.


I looked back at my date and smiled, "I guess we know what we're doing on our next date then!”