Redhead woman in skimpy police woman outfit posing in front of cell bars with one hand on her hips and smiling.
1 year ago

I Crossed The Blue Line And Apparently It Was Very Thin

Summary: After being caught speeding, the policewoman suggests an unorthodox way to avoid getting a fine.
Reading time: 5 min

I was speeding down the freeway that afternoon, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sound of The Beatles crooning, when suddenly I heard a police siren. I saw flashing blue lights behind me and pulled over straight away. Checking my rear view mirror, the sexiest police officer I’d ever seen got out of the car. 

“Excuse me, sir, do you know how fast you were going back there?” Asked the sexy police woman. 

She was absolutely beautiful, she had red hair, a huge rack, porcelain skin, and bright green eyes. She was just about coming out of her skimpy little police uniform; I didn’t think police officers could show that much cleavage but there she was. I was in trouble; a big tits redhead is my weakness and I felt myself hardening in my pants.

“I’m so sorry officer, I’ve been having a medical emergency,” I replied, gesturing towards my pants which were tenting already from how hard I was getting. 

Her green eyes narrowed as she looked at my lap, then up at my face. I smiled and shrugged, then winked at her.

“A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be working so hard on a day like this.” I added.

Uh oh, she didn’t like that. It seems I had crossed a line.

“That’s irrelevant sir. Step out of your vehicle please, and strip naked so that I can search you.” She said. 

Not one to argue with authority, being dominated is my fetish after all, I got out of my car and started removing my shirt, pants, and finally my underwear, exposing my white dick to the summer breeze. I thought I noticed that her eyes kept returning to my cock, which was making me even harder.

“I really am sorry officer, is there anything I can do to make up for it? Anything I can do for you?” I offered.

She walked over and grabbed my cock firmly in her hand, squeezed it tightly, and said: “You’re going to do what I tell you. No ifs or buts, no questions, and we might just come to an understanding. Are we clear?”

“I do.” I said, and she released her grip. Instead of ruining the mood, I was even harder than before. I’ve always loved a dominant woman, and not only is she dominant but she’s a horny lady as well.

She unzipped her dress, from her cleavage down to her navel, and her beautiful big tits came spilling out. They looked unreal, yet totally natural.

“Lick my nipples.” She instructed. 

I obliged, licking them, sucking them, and flicking them with my tongue. She moaned and I gently nipped them with my teeth pulling at her pointy pink nipples. My cock was painfully hard at this point, and I went to stroke it with my hand – 

“No!” She said, “You don’t do anything without my explicit permission. Now, you may titty fuck me.”

She got onto her knees and offered her tits to me, and I started fucking her cleavage. She watched my cock coming through her tits and spat on it, which helped lubricate me and felt incredible. I was really close to cumming and she gave me a nod, so I knew it was alright to cum on her tits. I shot thick ropes of hot cum over her heaving pale tits, giving her a pearl necklace.

The horny police woman wasn’t done with me yet and took me in her mouth to get me hard again. She had an incredibly skilled mouth, and it wasn’t long before she was sucking on a rock hard cock again. If I wasn’t so afraid of the repercussions, I would’ve cum right then and there, but as it was, I held off.

“Now let’s see what your mouth can do.” She said, lying down and exposing her pussy to me. 

The minx hadn’t been wearing any underwear under that tiny little dress! I started to eat her out, licking her pussy lips and paying close attention to her clit, sticking my tongue inside her and then my fingers. I watched her chest rise and fall as her breathing deepened then got very shallow as I felt her cum in my mouth, her pussy contracting with waves of pleasure. She looked back at me pleased, and then her expression changed and became quite naughty. 

“For this part, I want you at my mercy.” She mused, pulling out a pair of handcuffs which were hanging around her waist.

She handcuffed me to the wheel of her vehicle, my hands above my head as I lay on my back, quite exposed. She bent over me and spat on my cock before lowering herself onto it, in the cowgirl position. Her pussy almost sent me over the edge again, but I held it together as she started riding me, her tits bouncing as she rode me like a true cowgirl. I longed to touch her body, and squeeze her nipples, but since I was all tied up, I had to settle for watching her play with her own tits instead.

She moaned in ecstasy as she bounced on my cock, which was a beautiful sight. She bounced faster and faster, rubbing her clit and playing with her nipple with her other hand, her moans getting louder and louder until she came. The sight and sound of her cumming was too much for me and I came inside her.

I laid there and she fell next to me, reaching up to unlock the handcuffs which gave me a face-full of boobs, which I playfully licked. She settled her head into my shoulder, and we laid there enjoying the post-orgasm glow. After a little while we got up and got dressed.

“I think you should speed down this road at the same time next week.” She looked at me seductively while zipping up that teeny tiny dress. 

“It’s a date.”