Lower body of a woman kneeling on the floor next to a stripper pole wearing only high heels and a thong.
11 months ago

Stripper Showed Me Her Moves When She Asked To Come Back To Mine

Summary: Sometimes when we go to the strippers, we tend to leave there thinking, did she like me, or did she just want my money? Well, in my case, I got lucky.
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My friends, after a tough day at work, like to pop down to the pub for a beer or two, but I have other preferences. Yes, I like a beer or two, but I like to be surrounded by sexy females as well. The beer tastes better! 

Not sure about you, but one place comes to mind when thinking of beer and women, stripper joints!

So anyway, I woke up on Monday morning and headed to work, one of those days where the boss wouldn't stop nagging! It was the end of the day, and none of my colleagues wanted a beer, so I had two options. Do I just go home, drink beer and watch hardcore porn? Or do I head to the strippers? Of course, the latter! 

So off I went to a strip joint, I'd not tried before. I sat down at one of the stalls by the bar and ordered a whiskey on the rocks. I needed something to pick me up and get me going, something a little more hardcore than just a beer. 

"One of those Mondays, huh?" said the half-naked barmaid. 

"Definitely, I need something to take my mind off it!" I said.

"Well, we will look after you tonight, don't worry!" as she walked off giggling. 

So I'm sipping away at my whiskey, watching one of the girls sliding up and down the pole in her little black thong. One stripper walks over to me, hand on my leg and smiling.

"Hi, handsome. Are you new around here?" she said.

"Yes, first time in here. I needed a change."

She had this short little see-through dress with no bra on. Pretty nice tits and a rather nice arse. Long dark hair and bright blue eyes. Basically perfection! 

"Well, you're in good hands. Why don't you buy me a drink and come to a private room?"

"What's in it for me?" I said.

"Trust me, come. You'll have your fair share of pleasure, don't worry." as she walked away. A nice leather black thong just stared back at me, the way she carried herself. I couldn't resist! 

I go into this small room, lights dimmed down. One seat, a bottle of what looked like lotion or lube. She pushes me down onto the seat and straddles me immediately. Her legs wrapped around me as she took my top off.

"You won't be needing this tonight. Loosen your trousers too. Actually, take them off." 

She grabs the lotion bottle, dripping it slowly down my body. At this time, I have a huge hard-on, and she begins to rub around it, so my natural reaction is to place my hands on her arse.

‘’No, no touching…Yet’’ she said. 

She then takes her top off and throws it across the room. She's pushing her tits into my face, but I'm not allowed to use my tongue. How's that fair? Well, rules are rules, but this feels more like torture, not pleasure! 

Now running her tongue slowly down my body, my erection is throbbing. She pulls her thong down, grinding her bare pussy all over my pants. I just wanted to go down and give her a hardcore pussy eating, you know, when you just want it all around your face! 

As I feel myself leak a little pre cum in my pants, those dreaded words come from her mouth.

"Times up, big boy. I forgot to say my name's Violet." 

"Bad timing. I felt like I was just getting into it!" I said disappointingly. At this point, all I wanted was hardcore sex with her. 

"Well, I finish work at midnight, why don't you wait for me?" she said. 

"Will it be worth the wait?" 

"Would I ask you to wait if it wasn't going to be?" as she walks away. 

So I'm now sitting at the bar, sexually frustrated even more. I grab another whiskey whilst I wait for Violet, wondering if she will keep to her word. 

It's now past midnight. I can't see Violet anywhere, so I finish the whiskey and go to walk out the door. Violet comes strolling out. 

"Let's go. Take me home." She said with a cheeky smile as she dragged me out the door. We're in a taxi to mine. She's looking at me, biting her lip, trying to seduce me. Of course, it was working. All I was thinking was what hardcore sex positions I should get her in at mine. 

I finally get back to mine and open the front door. She pushes me in. I go to touch her for a second time, but once again, she stops me.

"You go fix me a drink up, something strong. I'll go get myself ready," She said as she walked up the stairs. 

As I walked up shortly after her, I could hear some sort of vibration sound and gentle moans. I walk into the bedroom, and Violet is there, legs wide open and her vibrator rubbing against her clit.

"Watch me. No touching. Get naked now and watch me."

I stripped off immediately. I could see the wetness glistening from her tidy-looking pussy. She starts to lick her wet fingers whilst holding the vibrator in place. 

"Come taste me. Bring that tongue here now." She said.

I begin to run my tongue around her clit as she wraps her legs around my neck. She then decided to push me on my back. This is where Violet took full control. Licking up and down my shaft, inch by inch disappearing in her mouth. I've never experienced a hardcore deepthroat like this before. Hitting the back of her throat, she wasn't even gagging!

She then climbs on top of me into the cowgirl position. I placed my hands on her tits as she began to ride me, grinding her pussy up and down, circular movements followed by some twerking on my cock. 

"Fuck me deeper. I'm going to cum!" 

Her pussy tightens around my cock as I feel her ejaculate all over my cock. She then climbs off and bends over, spreading her cheeks. 

"Fuck my arse. Hard and deep, don't be gentle!" she said.

I was kind of shocked, but what Violet wants, Violet gets. I've got her bent over, giving her hardcore anal sex now. Spanking her gently as she's screaming.

"Harder! Slap me harder! Pull my hair and cum inside my arse!"

"Argh, ahh, argh." The sound of eruption after our hardcore fucking session. 

My big creamy load between her cheeks, and as I pulled out, I unloaded a little over her arse too. She then gets dressed, but before she decides to leave, to my surprise, she drops to her knees and gives me another hardcore blowjob to make sure she leaves me empty!