Blonde woman kneeling on a grey couch with her legs spread apart wearing black lace lingerie and touching her butt.
10 months ago

It Takes More Than Just Being Good At Twerking

Summary: My shy girlfriend enrolled herself in twerking classes and turned into a completely different person. She went from shaking her booty to doing anal within a matter of days. Who knew that twerking was a life changing skill?
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My girlfriend used to be a quiet and reserved person until I encouraged her to come out of her shell. She would speak only when spoken to and get intimidated rather easily. I understand that it’s just in some people’s nature to be that way, but I felt like this was doing her more harm than good. However, when I told her that she should open up more, I thought she would just try being more assertive and make new friends. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that she would join a twerking class!


“Why do you want to learn how to twerk?” I asked one day, and she responded with a question of her own.


“Aren’t you the same person who told me that I should break out of my shell?” she replied.


Well, I couldn’t argue with her there. Even though this wasn’t really my idea when I talked about opening up, I didn’t dare to discourage her because she was determined to take this class. Besides, why would I complain if my girlfriend wanted to learn how to shake her ass?


So, she started taking this class and every day I came home, I would see her in the mirror practicing her moves. She would always wear a thong or tight yoga pants while she shook her big bubbly ass from left to right. For the most part, I secretly watched but one time, I decided to surprise her.


“You’re getting pretty good at this, aren’t you?” I commented.


She beamed with excitement and responded “Definitely, and soon I’ll be able to practice my new moves on your dick.”


“Oh, really now? Where did my shy little girl go?” I said to her.


“She’s still here, but she’s on holiday at the moment.” She coyly replied.


And with that, she continued taking her classes and day by day, she became better at twerking. She was twerking her ass on me every chance she got – especially in bed. Whenever she hopped on top and twerked her ass on my cock, I would fill her pussy rather quickly.


One day, I asked her if she would be open to trying anal sex with me. I always wanted it, but I was too afraid to ask because of how timid she was. I didn’t want to intimidate her, but since she learned how to move her ass muscles, I thought it would be a great idea if she put ALL parts of her ass to work on my cock.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked because I wanted to make sure that she was comfortable with this too.


“Of course, I’d love to do anal with you.” Was her response.


And with that, we wasted no time and took off our clothes right there and then. Then, she pushed me onto the bed and told me to watch as she did her big booty twerk for me. My cock was hard as a rock, and I wanted nothing more than to smash my face between her beautiful ass cheeks. I reached for my phone and played “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj and her hips started moving to the beat. She proudly bounced her ass up and down. Then I reached forward and spanked it, leaving my handprint on her right cheek.


“I didn’t know you were into ass spanking.” she said.


“How could I not be with this amazing ass shaking in front of me?” I replied.


Then I slapped my lap and told her to “bring her ass over here” to which she eagerly agreed.


She slowly walked over and straddled my waist. She ground her hips back and forth, and the tip of my cock rubbed against her wet entrance. I squeezed and slapped her ass some more while sucking her tits. I wanted to fuck her pussy so badly, but I held back because her asshole was meant to be the main star that day.


“You like this big ass grinding against your cock, don’t you?” she moaned as she continued to straddle me.


“Mhm, yes baby – now turn around and bend over for me.” I instructed her. As soon as she was bent over, I spread her ass cheeks to look at her sweet hole. She was tight as fuck, and I knew that my cock wouldn’t fit in her virgin ass easily. So, I ran to the other room and grabbed a bottle of coconut oil. I doused my cock and her ass in oil because I didn’t want to hurt her.


Slowly, I began pushing the tip of my cock into her asshole. She stiffened, but I rubbed her back to comfort her. Inch by inch, I slowly slipped inside of her until my entire cock was buried in her ass. I stayed for a while because I wanted her to adjust to this new sensation, then I began thrusting in and out. I took my time since this was her first anal experience, but as soon as she gave me the green light, I started pounding the hell out of her booty.


With the help of the coconut oil, I slammed her tight little asshole with ease. In fact, it began to form a perfect little “O” because of my thrusts. She screamed and begged me to fuck her harder.


“Fuck my ass!” she shouted to the top of her lungs as she began twerking on my cock. This made me pound her ass at lightning speed and at that point, we were having very rough anal sex. It wasn’t long before I gave her a deep anal creampie and she had her FIRST anal orgasm.


After that, we collapsed on the bed together and I brought her close to my chest.


“Not only did we have sex from behind – you fucked my ass today.” she barely managed to say between breaths.


“Oh yes, we definitely have to do this again. How do you feel?” I asked.


“I feel awesome… those twerking classes really paid off, huh?” she joked.


And with that, we laughed and eventually fell asleep together. Since then, she’s become a social butterfly, and everyone’s noticed the difference. Little do they know that she’s also my ass slut at night.